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Unwanted by purplepawpads Unwanted :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 2 0 Sprinkles' duster by purplepawpads Sprinkles' duster :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 3 0 Spring pixel warm up by purplepawpads Spring pixel warm up :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 3 2 Lacey cake by purplepawpads Lacey cake :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 6 2 Lattia Reference by purplepawpads Lattia Reference :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 4 4 Summer Samantha by purplepawpads Summer Samantha :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 6 4 Bunny Alice by purplepawpads Bunny Alice :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 6 6 Cookie by purplepawpads Cookie :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 8 4 Posh by purplepawpads Posh :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 8 4 Sweet 'n Sour by purplepawpads Sweet 'n Sour :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 7 2 Tiny Onett by purplepawpads Tiny Onett :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 7 5 Gummi by ariamisu by purplepawpads Gummi by ariamisu :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 12 4 How cold have I become? by purplepawpads How cold have I become? :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 2 0 New Year's 2018 by purplepawpads New Year's 2018 :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 0 0 Christmas goodies by purplepawpads Christmas goodies :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 17 14 Warm Wishes by purplepawpads Warm Wishes :iconpurplepawpads:purplepawpads 2 0
Please ignore the fact my number of artworks is glitched.

Art status:
Requests: never
Art Trades: open
Commissions: not yet
Collabs: rarely ever, friends only
Kiribans: never


:iconforgottenwinds: :iconkainthefox: :iconstippee: :icongimiko: :iconpharaonenfuchs:


  i can't take my life anymore.
  june was a tough month. to begin a summer with no family or friends is horrible. to have an entire life like that is a travesty. i wish and pray every single day things will change and improve. yet, my prayers go unanswered. all of my life, i've imagined having at least one friend to be there in life. that's all i want. someone to be my shoulder to cry on, and that bit of praise to keep me going and to know i am on the right path.


  "In your eyes, who is it that's reflected?
  Both love and dreams are forgotten somewhere.
  In your heart, who is it that's miserable? Your tears abruptly flow and fade away.
  Even the pain of your grieving heart you hold onto and cannot throw away. Your tears have dried up,
  and so has your voice.
  The agonizing pain in your heart is fathomless ♪"


  please, do not even try to talk with me about this. i will not respond.
  not that anyone cares about me anyway.
  Finally, I cleaned my inbox.
  There are still things that need comments and attention, like a stack of 4 deviations from MoggieDelight. Though, my messages have finally been sorted. It took a while because I was lazy =u=
  Also, the past few days have been rough. I haven't been able to do much because of stress and bad moods. Hope everything will be figured out soon enough.
Anna Avvie
  Edit, June: This icon has been bothering me for a long time. I finally fixed it. ^w^ I adjusted some of the colors, cleaned the shading, and changed some shapes. Also, removed those rather ugly thick lines and fixed every mistake that was visible. I can't believe how many errors were hiding in this that I did not see/decided to leave.

  :bulletred: This icon is for my exclusive use only! :bulletred:

  I have an old laptop at the moment, so I can do some pixel things. Here, I made a little avatar of my first official fursona, Anna. She is a bat Meow :3 I made the icon a bit larger, so everyone can see the details.
  I desperately needed an icon for myself on dA. I'm enjoying it so far. <3

  I hope you like it. c:

  Anna and art belongs to me.
Sprinkles' duster
  Here is my second and most likely final entry for eellie's contest.
  What we have is a feather duster for Sprinkles. It has a blue handle with a yellow/gold ring on the top and bottom. It also has a pearl with a heart. That part reminds me of a magical girl's wand. :3 Now, Sprinkles can banish cobwebs and such in style. For the feather part, the duster has a bush of white feathers and scattered yellow, pink, and blue ones.
  I am pretty proud of this design. ^o^


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Laura and I am a simple girl from North America. You may call me Laura, Luka, Paws, or Samantha. Sam is my fursona. She is a Lyox (lynx + fox hybrid) and is basically myself. Her main form is a Taur.
As you might see from my greeting at the beginning, I am German. :3 I am also Polish and Italian. English is my first and native language, but I grew up speaking quite a bit of German. Thus, I speak a little of it.
As an artist, I enjoy and specialize in pixel Kemono and Kemonomimi with cartoon touches. I do draw humans as well. Although, I'm not the best at drawing animals, though I try. Expect each and every picture uploaded here to have a lot of heart and care put into it. I adore art and drawing... they are things dear to me.

A few miscellaneous facts about me:
I admire anime, but I don't watch as much as you think. I do watch a good series on occasion. I enjoy drawing in the style for the most part.
I play video games and consider myself a fairly casual gamer. I do complete my games 100%, though. My favorite series is Kirby. I also like Pokemon, Hamtaro, Spyro, and Mario.
I love music. I do not judge by genre. However, I'll most always be listening to something Electronic or Metal. My favorite languages to listen in are Japanese, Finnish, German, and Korean.
Going off of the topic of music, I listen to Vocaloid quite often. My favorite vocaloid is Lily. I also like IA, Luka, Miku, and UNI. I enjoy utau as well. But, not too often a lot of the time because I like to keep it special. That, and good songs are a little harder to find. My favorite utauloid is Ritsu Namine. ♥
The subjects for drawing I like most are anthros, feminine and/or crossdressing boys, and food themed characters. Those are usually drawn in a chibi or otherwise petite style.

My birthday is the 25th of August.


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