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I'm not dead I promise I've just been bored and not really motivated to do anything other than play games on the Xbox. But I do have art work that is finished I just need to post it. So hopefully that will be up soon, So look forward to that and if you want to support my art as a creator then become a patron or patreon and help me earn money and continue to make art.
I have a lot of art work I need to get done but i'm getting there so hold on 
I was thinking on making a discord server just for my followers so they can talk to me and share their art to me an each other.
i'm thinking of bringing my youtube channel back from the dead deleting the old videos and changing the whole thing so that it looks nice but what should I make it as.

New post on patreon just pay $1 and become a patron and get to see high resolution pieces and patreon exclusive art.
I'm going to be updating my social media so that everything is in order 
Would any of you want to buy commissions? If you do please comment below or email me at
Sorry for being so Inactive lately I've been busy. Don't worry their will be new work posted soon and if you want to see this work early check out my patreon and become a patron. I know I have new followers/Watchers and I bet they're like where's the art but don't worry I'm working on It so don't worry.…
So as you guys may know I haven't really been posting anything for a while well that is because for a while I have no internet and I haven't really been in the mood to do anything but if i'm going to get my project started I need to start working cause it going to be a long project and I hope you guys will enjoy the start of whats to come if you want to see some screenshot of some stuff i'm working on check out my tumblr Vincent-McElroy 
I have a patreon and I who be happy to have some support so I can make this a Full time thing so check out the link and support what I make and love 
Sorry guys I've been busy with my classes and I have no Internet at home so post will be low for a bit but I will finish the projects That I've started and post them when I can. but most of the art will be on patreon so If you want to see sketches or work in progress shots click on the link below and take a look at the reward tiers and support what I do and love.
I'm very behind on goretober so I said fuck it and draw them at my own pace so if you want to see them of my progress become a patron at…
PaintToolSai is pissing me off cause It crashed and I lost progress.
I'm skipping day 6 and 7 cause i'm behind on day 4 and 5 and i want to finish them. I know Its weird that I made and list and am skipping days. But don't worry i'll be going back and making the ones I skip on a later date so they are still going to be made don't worry.

so sorry for the skipped day and see you on the 8th with torture.
Just a reminder that I have a patreon and I would love if you help by supporting my art and the time I put into it.

Days 4 &5 for my goretober 2017 challenge will be delayed because i lost day 4 and need to redo it.
this challenge takes a lot of time a effort and its tiring but i'm determined to complete it.
I made a picato. tv account cause i wanted to live stream my art work so check it out follow me or whatever 
I finished my day one for goretober so that i have an early start gong to be working on more soon so if you want to see day one a week early pay a dollar and become a patreon. link below…