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Purple elf - Commission by Hyanide
:FanArt: Keqing by MeguBunnii
Purple by Marion-Aurore
Seryse by Solaice
EQG Nyx by pokeneo1234
FNaFUSED Charlie Emily by nr0r
Noble by ChiVun
Street Elf by ChiVun
Nyx EQG style by pokeneo1234
ACEO Lamia by nickyflamingo
Ohuhu markers test piece - Creamy Mami Fanart by Retr0Neko
Crystal Portrait Xena by nickyflamingo
Me and Ian Hanlin by TaionaFan369
Me and Zoe Saldana by TaionaFan369
Wanna Play? by sarifromwonderland
Octokuro (Russia) by TheGodofCities1967
Photomanips, Mixed Media, Dolls, etc
Hydrangea by 92GRIFFIN
Amethyst Elf by Kadaj777
Viola the Reborn Witch by YuiHarunaShinozaki
ZUSHIE: Good Riddance 2020 - 1/2 by Sunny-X-Ray
Daily Deviations
Iris on her motorcycle by LeoQueval
Sacred Sword Janna cosplay by DarayaArt
Star Guardian Janna! by Fabryei-fabryei
mermaids by evrenti
Digitally full
[CM] Kishi by Reillie83
Art payment 1/2 by cinn-greyy
Sugar 'n Sass by silkhoney
Something to protect by Tiny-Doodles
Digitally full
Kyrie Nethergloom by jennyshiii
Ayumi Fullbody: Back in Business (Again) by XxAyuChuxX
Unlikely Fall: The Hood and the missing Princess by Omnipotrent
Yuuki Konno - The warrior girl [Sao ll] by hansels


We only accept affiliates from related groups! For example: other hair groups, groups about characters with purple hair, and general art groups. Your group also has to have at least 100 members so the advertisement has some mutual benefit and we know you at least care about your club enough to recruit people. Groups also need to have the affiliate widget on their page because that mutually advertises.

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We want to celebrate the art that features people with purple hair!
Founded 11 Years ago
Jul 15, 2010


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2,388 Members
1,945 Watchers
61,363 Pageviews


Rules for the Club
:bulletpurple:Membership open to anyone
:bulletpurple:2 submissions a day for members. Members of affiliates can submit one to traditional or photography a month. If you have more than 1 image or digital images you want to submit though, feel free to join!
:bulletpurple:Can be any medium/original or fan character/guy or girl
:bulletpurple: Humans only or humanoid characters. No animals or furries.
:bulletpurple:must be a finished work-no sketches, wip's, adoptables, no work on lined paper, and if you are scanning or photographing your work it must be of a decent quality
:bulletpurple: Please submit to the right media category, it's up to you what you think fits best. "Daily Deviations" is ONLY for work that has earned a DD. If you see a DD that has a purple-haired person, please submit it!
:bulletpurple:must have at least one person with purple hair, but can have other characters, the person with the purple hair must be in the foreground and about equal in importance to the other characters in the piece
:bulletpurple:hair can have other colors in it, but purple should be at least have half the color, or if highlights they need to stand out above the base color and be the main feature of the hairstyle. I know sometimes pink and blue look purplish, just use your good judgment.
:bulletpurple: Mild nudity is allowed, but no explicit sexual theme including fetishes
:bulletpurple: If you remove a deviation with no warning, you will not be allowed to submit again. This isn't a "get page views then ditch" group. It's not fair to the other members. If you do feel the need to remove a piece, let us know why FIRST.
:bulletpurple: going forward, only works 100% done by artists submitting the work (except photomanips which can only use cited free use stock)
:bulletpurple:have fun!

:bulletpurple:Why was my deviation declined?
--We really don't decline a lot but there are a few reasons:
1)Wrong category. Most frequent. Sometimes I just add them and move them myself, but that gets annoying and it's much easier for you all to use the drop down menu than it is for me to add, go into the gallery, and constantly move pieces around. We will no longer be telling you it's wrong and to resubmit as the right category. If you read the rules, you can figure it out yourself, if you don't bother to read the rules, you shouldn't be submitting to groups. Only submit to the media that you used when submitting the image in the first place.
2)-The quality of the scan/photo was too poor. If you can see lines on the paper or the background behind the work you photoed, if it's not straightened or it's blurry, it just shows you don't care. Which is a shame if you make a really nice drawing and take a lousy photo of it. Be proud of your work and pay attention to presentation!
3) The hair isn't purple! I know colors look similar but some people have submitted work where the hair is not even possibly purple.
4.)It's really just too sexual. I know art is subjective, but there are some images I don't feel comfortable promoting. There are plenty of clubs that specialize in those though.
5.) Expired images --I never let this happen, but it IS possible when I approve an image I accidentally click it twice and one image gets deleted from my inbox that wasn't approved/denied. This was a mistake and please submit again!



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