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Alice In WonderCreepy ( characters open )
Alice In WonderCreepyn [ Demons, Creepypasta, Horror OCs, as Alice in Wonderland]


* No humans however only human is Alice
* I prefer that they male characters
* If you have an OC base on Alice in Wonderland however in horrific version I would allow to be added
* Only choose one of characters and OC’s must suit as their role [ ex, An OC that is childish and insane however can be Mad Hatter or an OC that is sleepy, lazy would be Doormouse, can look like that OC haven’t slept in weeks]

Open = !

Taken= #

Open ( 8 )

1. Alice = !
2. White Rabbit = !
3. March Hair = !
4. Mad Hatter = !
5. Doormouse = !
6. King of Hearts = !
7. White King = !
8. Cheshire Cat = !
9. Tweedldum = # by me for Trickster Twins
10. Tweeledee = # by me for Trickster Twins
CrimsonEternals OCs Trickster Twins
CrimsonEternals Belongs to Ghosty-Doodles [ do let me know that of any rule that I broke ]

Trickster Twins Belongs to me, Trickster Twins are still WIP } 

Name:  Pesudaisthisi and Pseftis
Alias: Pesudai ( just shorten nickname), Trickers Twins ( given themselves), Troublemakers ( by other demons )
Current Age:  Unknown ( they don’t care of their age, however they don’t know who’s oldest or youngest)
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: 9th Circle of Hell [ Treachery- round 4 ]
Species: Demon
Demon's Class: High Ranking

Both are actually like bit of copycats, they would copy each other both having same personality which both are trickster, untrustworthy, troublemakers however They would never cross line to their king, Satan. As they both enjoy entertaining however behind the mask are venomous ruthlessly demons that should never be trusted. They can be respectful towards Satan however they always be childish and playful,  always causes problems just for their entertainment, sometimes they would have demons turn against each other however they truly not wanting to cross line towards Satan.

Sexual Preference: Both don’t care
Relationship: both are single but both hated love because both not understanding love and both think love is just too boring
Occupation: Entertainmers 
Place/Type of Residence: Hell
Languages Spoken: Greek, Latin, English
Fears: Satan Punishments 
Interests: Lying, Entertaining, Tricks 
Good, Neutral or Bad?: Chronic Evil
Official Backstory: 

Trickster Twins both grow up in 9th circle of Hell however later on they had interest of creating chaos, causing trouble everywhere they went. Soon both becomes Jesters to entertainment other demons then later they became royalty court jesters to entertainment Satan. 

Official Theme Song:
Special items:  -

Weapons: none

Magic/Special Abilities:

Pesudaisthisi as being demon of illusion, he can create realistic illusions which if use on human, the human will harm themselves by the illusion ( ex, if there was something clawing under skin the human will try to starch out of whatever crawling under their flesh this human will died slowly from blood lost ) Pesudaisthisi does use this for entertainment demons or Satan 

Pseftis ability is similar to his brother’s illusion ability, his ability can create nightmares or dreams into reality can effect on humans however not highly class demons ( when a human is trap in “dream state” which the human died can died in reality )  Pseftis does use ‘dreams’ to entertainment Satan or other demons. 

* Parents: Unknown
* Children: -
* Relatives: Unknown 

* Friends: 
* Allies: 
* Rivals: 
* Enemies: 
* Neutral:

Quotes: -


- Their mouths do split open as teeth on the sides as well top and bottom ( nine rows of teeth )
- Pesudaisthisi is demon of illusion and Pseftis is demon of lairs
- There was a rule that had to change something so they can tell apart, they had their hair on opposite sides and their mask change however they do change their hair and mask to look each other just trick people
- They both hated black however they didn’t have a choice but they did change by adding colours to their outfits
- They are royalty court jesters as their job to keep Satan entertainment
- They prefer to keep Mask on unless they swap their masks just for fun
- They also thieves only reason is of course to cause trouble for entertainment
Fallen War was name after fallen angels, this war was the biggest war through out history the war unknown of why Fallen Angels fight against Underworld and Heaven this was first only time that Devil and God work together however when war ended numbers were unknown of how many died but one thing is that all fallen were all kill however there was one left, this young boy was only fallen because his mix of black and white was taken to God and Devil. God along with Devil was confused to see incomplete fallen however Devil didn't care that much, Devil can't allowed incomplete fallen to live and order Death to end the incomplete fallen as Death obeyed he rise his scythe then strike down however young girl wearing white had her hand to stop Death's attack she was in a lot of pain with tip of scythe stab into her hand. Devil was in rage however God ask the girl why she save the incomplete fallen the girl answer " pure heart shine bright however slowly fading, this young boy is only a child and misunderstood, my God, show mercy on the poor innocent child or are you forgotten the rule that child under 12 shall be innocent, God this young child just needed help to choose right path, it's not his fault that he ended up in war " the incomplete Fallen was surprised but doesn't show it, God agree on the girl so the incomplete fallen live. The girl reach out to him " I'm Pandora, Goddess of Pure , don't worry I'll take good care of you " as years went by the incomplete fallen grown up as pure heart young man, grow up with Death along with Pandora and Life. The incomplete  fallen soon had his own halo, becoming first incomplete fallen  as given title as was he Angel of balance. The incomplete fallen soon fall with human white hair girl that shine like moonlight without knowing this human was only using incomplete fallen sad thing the incomplete fallen already deeply in love want to keep her happy so one day the white hair girl shattered the incomplete fallen's halo and even took his wings the incomplete fallen no longer can go to heaven so he was left on earth as years went by the young man meet a child with red hair however this young boy wasn't like any humans because of his left eye mouth, the boy spoke " are you my Guardian Angel ? " the young man was surprised but seeing the boy with red hair looked beating up so the young man answer " I'll shall be your Guardian Angel " the red hair boy hug the young man. The red hair boy given incomplete fallen a name “ Guardian “ the incomplete fallen stay with child. 

Death and Life belongs to NoBunSu 

Lilth ( girl with white hair ), Jasper ( boy with red hair ) Belongs to Ghosty-Doodles 

Guardian ( Incomplete Fallen ) Belongs to me 
Replace Part 2 (WIP)
Guardian, Comic Belongs to me

Death belongs to NoBunSu 


7- Death:  “There’s a another way however will be a risk “
    Guardian: “ Death, look who you talking to “

8- Death: “ Don’t you know of how many times that I had to save you, I can’t look away without you in danger “

Guardian: “ I’m not that reckless “

9: Death: “ If I remember correctly you owe me 100,000,000 from past centuries “

Guardian: “ That’s not fair ! “

Death: “ Stop acting like a child “

Guardian: “ you enjoy taking care of little me “

Death: “ You can’t act your age “

Guardian: “ Don’t be mean, you hurt my little heart “

Death: “ I sometimes think about our friendship “

Guardian: “ there’s no need to act so cold “
Replace Part 1
Short Comic of how Guardian become Jasper’s Guardian Angel [ this is my first time making a comic, I’m trying my best and hopefully you guys like ] 

Comic and Guardian Belongs to me

Jasper belongs to Ghosty-Doodles 

Death Belongs to NoBunSu 


1 - Guardian: “ Death “

2- Death: “ I can’t help you with Jasper “
   Guardian: “ it’s not about Jasper “

3- Death: “ You wanted to take his place, don’t you ? “

4- Guardian: “ I know that I’m asking a lot but please! “

5- Death: “ It’s faith, not my choice “

6- Guardian: “ Death, as friend, I’m begging with all my heart “


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Hi, I'm Kaylah, I'm single, I'm straight I also love drawing, creating stories and creating OC's

I'm Creepypasta, Five Nights At Freddy, Anime, Yaoi ( Boy X Boy ), Dramatical Murders. Fans


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I love your OC’s they are interesting, I would like to use Astanon for my story called Pure and Sinner ( this fanfic story of my friend’s Churchveres AU about humans against monsters but took in by priest) 

Pure & Sinner is about Goddess of Pure that has been killed in different timelines however on this timeline Goddess using so much of her energy that she becomes a boy and losing his memoirs from other timelines. Devil’s Left Hand, Soul Sinner plan out making this timeline more interesting by using his allies as pieces for his twisted game, taking out the Devil. 

Soul Sinner is similar to Astanon, both enjoy making others suffering [ Soul Sinner have this “bad side” that anyone does step over line he will become very merciless, a female demon cross the line for punishment he forcefully rip one of her horns, not caring of her nails digging and cutting his flesh < if you want to read more that part it’s in Ch 4 Don’t Cross The Line -  Churchveres AU Fanfic Pure and Sinner CH 4Pure and Sinner Chapter 4 Don’t Cross The Line
:The heat was like fire surrounded me , the smoke filled up in air that my lungs burns getting difficult to breath, I choked and coughed on that horrible smoke even it hurts I continued coughing, tears running down my eyes that is filled with fear as difficult to see when being blinded by smoke when wind came enough to blow smoke away breathing clearly the blurry sight clear up to see a man wearing black sheep mask only cover top of his face, the man had cruelty smirk that he looked like he’s gotta laugh as stood up straight with hands behind his back then turns around started walking away the wind blowing through my hair and my dirty white dress the flames rises up within seconds I call out but no sound, I scream but no sound, I try to beg out for mercy with all my might however no sound only tears running down my face didn’t took long feeling my flesh slowly being melted by flames, the pain was too much to handle as con
 > ] both dislike Boredom and both are unknown spices, making them bit mysterious also both hidden their eyes. 
Shadow4kuma Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I really appreashiate that you like him so much and I feel honored because of that offer but I have to decline. Astanon is my OC and he has a story, a place in a world, where he lives and I'd feel really uncomfortable if you were to use him in this fanfiction.

So please DO NOT use my OC's for any purposes. You are allowed to draw fanart of them but you are not allowed to claim them as your own or to use them in any way without my permission.

I hope you understand. ;w;
PurpleGuytheKiller Featured By Owner Edited Dec 1, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I'm not kind person to steal your or anyone's OCs, I'm kind and understanding person.

I understand clearly, my friend
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