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SWAT Kats!!

This is one of my favorite cartoon shown on TV when I was young. The designs are soo cool, and not to mention that their jet have 3 rocket boosters at the back. It's 3! Not two!! Looks freaking awesome at that time.

But sadly, my home doesn't have a good reception back then, so, sometimes when I saw this on screen during my visit to relatives's house.... I just dominate the remote... :|

With glee. :lol:

Swat Kats copyright Christian Tremblay and Yvon Tremblay

Art done by me.

**** EDIT:
Apparently, There's a kickstarter offering new episodes of Swat Kat.…

And it just launched yesterday... Wait, whaaa? I thought it was 1 or 2 months old, that's very new! And it's half way there?!
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I just found out that someone from China is selling this piece of artwork as a shirt. Andppk Men 'S Swat Kats Soft Long Sleeve T-Shirt Black XL: Clothing

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Mother of god ... I mean, probably more. but still, this still amazing.

Thanks for telling!

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You're welcome, at least you can report the page and hopefully it gets taken down.

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The Radical Squadron!!!!
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Superb fanart. And, yeah, SWAT Kats was one of MY favorite 1990s cartoons too. :-D
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T-Bone grew giant to battle the giant Dr. Viper. :lol:
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This show was also one of my favourites as a kid, I watched it so many times!
Your fanart of them is really well done! it looks so epic. I love the way you shaded it too. It would make a great poster!
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:lol: Thanks for the feedback!
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Please help support the Swat Kats in their time of need!!!!
Mega Kat City needs YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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lol... I think I will put that in the description =)
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awesome work i just recently got into this like yesterday watching it on the internet on my laptop online its really awesome ive kinda started fangirling over this this morning now i was omg so cool plus cats r my fave animals and i love shows with people who save the world lol not to mention my most fave is jake clawson aka razor hes cool as heck lol 
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Holy moly, that came out great :D
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This is absolutely fantastic
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Fantastic image! I love the lighting, and the SWAT Kats look great!
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You know what, I don't know why this didn't turn up in my deviantwatch, cause this like the first time I've seen this.

Loved the show. Watch it all the time back then. Then again, that was one of the only things on in Cartoon Network: This, The Mask, Tom and Jerry from MGM and a couple of Hannah-Barbera and Warner Brothers Cartoons.
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Hehehe. Same here, my favorite channel back then was Cartoon Network, and I do see alot of those you mentioned. haha.
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