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The Vet

Bring me a dog, I got a diagnosis in seconds; Snake, even faster.
-Mane Goodall
MLP: FiM Season 2 Episode 10 Secret of My Excess

According to the MLP Wiki, this pony's name is Mane Goodall. I appreciate the sentiment (who doesn't love Jane Goodall?), but I don't think it quite fits. Besides, it sounds a bit strange...

Oh well. Hopefully she makes a reappearance and gets a canon name.

Anyway, I digress. I love this pony and I am miffed at why there isn't more fanart of her. She's such a great character. Pony artists: I think you guys should give her a shot! :nod:
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I agree on the name...what kind of a name is Mane?
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I might have to re-watch that episode (or recall if I ever did)
She seems so nice :) You did a good job
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I think Misty, the vet, Allie Way, and Vinyl Scratch are related somehow
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Her name is Doctor Pawla and it will be forever.
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Great work! There is one thing that made me love this character from first appearance: she's a vet. I would definitely like to see her in future episodes.
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if their world is only inhabited by animals, then arent all the medical doctors vets ???
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This is really really cute! great work :)
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She should totally be friends with FLuttershy.
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may i ask what software do you use?
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Thank you!

I use Photoshop CS3.
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She is pretty need looking, and funny :D Not sure about the name, Mane Goodall. Jane was more a researcher than a vet, and focused mainly on Primates after all. I would say maybe Fauna instead could work, as in talking about animals. But anyway, the art looks great so good on you ;3
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