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For an art trade with =Furisutairu. It is her OC, Freestyle, sleeping.

Hope you like!
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This is very similar to my character! Cool!
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Do you take requests for sleeping ponies right now?
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Awesome color, not to mention cute! 8-) :heart:
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Does this mean Rainbow Dash has a twin? ;P
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Awww, this is so cute! I love everything about it, it's perfect! Thank you so much!! I've been busy lately, but I should have your half done soon :) Thank you so much!!! :iconfreestylelaplz:
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You're welcome!

Glad you like it! ^.^
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So very cute. =)
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I'm improving on my skills, but not too sure If I could try to do an art trade, but would you like to at least meet my Pony if you haven't?
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I am not currently accepting any more art trades at the moment, but I wouldn't mind learning more about your Pony. I always love seeing what other people come up with ^.^
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I can understand, seems like you did a ton of them.

Well here's my OC when I made him with the pony creator - [link]

And here's one of my first good pics of him I made myself - [link]

*If you would like his bio, just say and I'll give you a note of it.

Right now I'm working on him with his outfit for the Gala and having a bit of trouble with trying to do his mane from the front.
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Ooh, I like his design :)
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Thanks. =) (Would you like the bio?)
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