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Fluttershy- made of felt :iconfluttershylaplz:

Inspired by MLP:FiM Season 2, Episode 18, A Friend in Deed.

Just a quick piece I made in between studying. It was fun, I should do this style more ^.^
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This is simple, yet ASTONISHING!

Nice job! :D
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Approved :D

...although if it was Twiiiiliiiight.... just saying ;)
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And nooope :P
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I thought this was real for a second. But still, awesome anyway.
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how you do the texture?
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I start with one of the default textures in photoshop and manipulate it until it looks felt-y.
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How did you manipulated them?
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Oh, lol. I used color overlay, pattern overlay, bevel and emboss, and drop shadows, among other things... it's hard to explain simply, sorry ^^;

Honestly, it was mainly just "let's mess with things until it looks right!"

However, for an easier way of doing it, I would recommend just downloading premade textures for photoshop. I'm sure there are plenty here on DA that you can use.
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You should try a version using real felt. Equestria Daily's holding a contest. You've definately got the technique down.
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Thank you!

I thought about it, but I'm not sure I have enough time to put into it. Also, it started snowing again where I live, so I'm restricted to going to places I can walk to (no driving :( ), so it would be hard to get my hands on some felt.

Hopefully they decide to have another one in the future ^^;
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Very nicely done. But if I can make a small suggestion. It might work better if for the lines of her wing feathers, her mouth and her nose if you made them a darker color. The color they are right now make them kind of hard to see. A darker color would make them pop a bit more.
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Thank you.

And thanks for the suggestion. I will try that next time.
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Look a dancing tree.
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Incredible ^^
who knows? If you play your cards right, HASBRO just might hire you for its MLP Division ;)
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Thank you!

I doubt that would happen, haha, but it sure would be awesome.
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Well, just keep it in mind for the future.
After all, you'll never really know unless you try :)
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