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A Rock

A rock?! That's my destiny?!
MLP: FiM Episode 23 The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Poor filly Rarity. Destiny has brought her to a rock. Albeit a large one.
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I love the similarities baby Rarity shares with her sister.
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I'm sorry, I can't restrain: rrrrrr....... DUMB ROCK !!! ;)
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:icontomtherockplz: Come to me baby...
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Awww! rarity is so cute as a fillie! :love:
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Rainbow Dash: I got to perform a legendary stunt! Awwwww yeeeeeah!

Twilight Sparkle: I got to study under out goddess/ruler!

Fluttershy: I, um, got to discover an entire world of loving creatures that don't intimidate me!

Applejack: I got a sign that showed me where I really wanted ta be!

Pinkie Pie: I got an epiphany that changed my life forever and let me see my family smile for the first time!

Rarity: ... I got a rock.
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It was a big rock...
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At least the rock was shiny? :giggle:
Lol, I guess that's something.
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That face cracks me up every time.
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It just looks priceless.
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Love this scene soooo much! =P

Mind if I whip this up in a wallpaper? And, if possible, could you make a bigger version?
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Thank you :)

And sure, as long as you credit me, it's not a problem.

Unfortunately, what is uploaded is the biggest size I have.
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Any chance of creating another vector of Rarity as a filly, only seeing her in a positive mood like when she found her special talent before the cutie mark appeared on her?
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