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Honestly, I'm not going to make this hard for anyone, because I really don't like the idea of restricting my work any more than I have to.  :)

Here's what you MUST do to use my stock:
:bulletpurple: There's not anything... :shrug:  :D

Here's what you CAN'T do:
:bulletred: Claim any of my stock as your own
:bulletred: Put this stock into a bundle or on a website that charges money for its use

Here's what you can do if you feel like it:
:bulletpurple: Give me credit when/if you post your art somewhere
:bulletpurple: Comment or message me with a link to your completed work
:bulletpurple: As incentive to share your completed projects with me, I promise to :+fav: any DA art featuring my stock.  I will also create a journal entry to promote uses of my stock outside of DA.  :aww:

For Commercial Users!!!  Please read!!!

So, due to the suspicion that I have misunderstood the CC license I chose, I had to go through and make EVERYTHING in my gallery "For non-commercial use" only.  However, never fear!  Here are the rules for those of you interested in using my textures commercially.

:bulletred: If you have used my stock to create an original piece of art, you are MORE THAN welcome to sell that art commercially.  I WILL NOT hunt you down for it, I promise.  :aww:
:bulletred: You may use my stock to create backgrounds, buttons, banners, images, etc for commercial websites.  In this situation, I would especially appreciate a link back to my gallery somewhere on the site...but again, it's not required.
:bulletred: You may use my stock to create promotional materials for your musical group - this includes t-shirts, CD covers, posters, brochures...and just about anything else.  :)
:bulletred: ANY OTHER commercial use of my stock MUST be discussed with me first.  Please don't be afraid to ask - I don't bite.  :aww:

See, wasn't that easy?  Have fun with the stock!  :D

Also, please note, most of my scans are VERY hi-res, so the best way to see what you're getting is to download them and get a good, close-up look.  :aww:
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Thanks a lot to let me use your work! (Lined Paper 6) :)

lumberjacksnackpack's avatar
Is it alright if I use your stock for a cover of a book? I'm playing around with a few ideas and this stock : would be perfect. The only thing I'm gonna add is a title and author's name, but I'm not sure it will be the final cover. If it is I'll credit your dA account and even you by name if you feel comfortable.
Is that okay?
Pamplemuss's avatar
hi can i use one of your paper textures for a game of mine on a website? there's no profit for me from the game. i can credit you also, however it will be hosted on someone's else's website so i am not 100% clear on their profit, but to my assumption, I don't think they are making any money off of that website. thanks!
qubodup's avatar
Prohibiting to " Put this stock into a bundle or on a website that charges money for its use" clashes with Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License, which I saw you at least use for [link]
purpledragon42-stock's avatar
Hmm...perhaps you can better explain it to me then, because that's not the way I read "share-alike" license at all. It's share and share alike - I'm sharing it with others for FREE; therefore if you want to share it on another website or in a bundle of your own creation, then you must also share it for FREE. If you can show me where it says this is not the case, then I'll be happy to alter the license my images are under, because I DO NOT want someone charging someone else for my image, when I'm offering it here on this site for free.
qubodup's avatar
It's actually possible to charge for the "free" art under CC-BY-SA but it's not possible to take away to freedom of sharing it. So nobody can legally put it in a pack and prohibit people from re-distributing it again, for pay or for free. The license also requires informing the people that they can take and share the art freely.

But I saw you changed the license to a -NC variant. Oh well. Sorry, for bothering you with annoying license talk. :)
purpledragon42-stock's avatar
No, it's okay - thank you very much for pointing it out! :) I truly appreciate it. :nod: Obvious I was not fully understanding the CC license I selected. :hmm:

I don't mind my stock being used to create art that people plan to use commercially, but I very much dislike the idea of someone else tricking an artist (or anyone else) into paying for a stock image that I'm offering for free. That just makes me all kinds of angry! :x

Anyway, I'm honestly grateful that you took the time to "bother me with annoying license talk." :D
qubodup's avatar
The "trick" scenario is annoying but I strongly hope that all the CC licenses prevent this from actually happening, because credit and license information has to be included with the art, even if it is being sold.
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