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Tea Time with the Devil
Hello and welcome!
Glad you could make it- tea time with the Devil!
Sit down and relax
Enjoy the repast! It's a lovely revel!
Go on, my boy, and lap it up- a different taste in every cup!
Don't look so scared! Relax, my pup- it's tea time with the Devil!
Where are ya goin'? There's no escaping tea time with the Devil!
Don't look so surprised now - you seriously thought I was on the level?
Stay down, my boy, and suck it up - a wicked twist in every cup!
I'll tell you when you've had enough-
It's tea time with the Devil!
Smile, my victim!
Hope that you're enjoying tea time with the Devil!
You're gonna make it! You've got the mettle for this bloody revel!
You're bloody, bruised, but do get up
And sip another deadly cup!
What's that you say?
You're giving up?
It's tea time with the Devil!
:iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 0 1
Stronger than You (Gino version)
This is Gino, back together, and I'm never going down at  
the hands of the likes of you because I'm so much better
and when I want to I can be a go-getter.
I don't like how you're twisting the rules, all the tricks  
And how you try to play us all for fools. See, Nyx, I've  
had enough, and now your time is up.
Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able, you're just  
vengeful 'cause you're mentally unstable. Now you hate  
the world and say you want to end it, but you're just  
pissed at what your old friend did.
If you are the darkness I'm the light, my ambition now is  
just to make things right. Unlike you I know that I’ll get  
through this, cause I’ve got my friends to help me do  
I am made
The people who I know are part of who I am and if you think you’re winning then you need to think again.
Ambition is a fire, and memory’s a gem. I won’t let you
:iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 0 1
Cosmic Egg by PurpleChaos Cosmic Egg :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 2 0
Antequat Convivium (Before the Party)
"Stop playing with your collar!" Billy Thatcher snapped. The young grandmaster threw a sharp look at the curly-haired boy across the room. Curio froze then awkwardly yanked his hand down, placing it above his right knee.
"Sorry, Billy, it's starchy. I haven't worn a suit like this since my grandfather's funeral."
" Tyler! Give me that! Didn't anyone ever teach you how to tie a tie?" Cypher, his red mane tied neatly into a ponytail, his ever-present Courage Wolf shirt hidden beneath a green blazer, shrugged.
“Too much work! Why bother wearing a noose around your neck?- and doesn't Francis do yours anyway?" He paused. "I've never seen you so stressed out. I thought you liked the spotlight."
"Not like this- never like this. Going in front of a bunch of mages, being displayed as a pet project at someone's birthday party? This is new."
"You can handle it, Billy!” piped Curio. “I wonder what the girls are doing?"
Billy snorted. "Probably spattering on about dr
:iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 2 9
Gemstar Dyson by PurpleChaos Gemstar Dyson :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 1 0
Our speech it falls into a pattern
And meaning it falls by the wayside.
And I hear the rhythm of your words, dear,
But not what you actually mean.
And you've asked for a second opinion,
But I'm not sure that I have an answer.
Your patterns of old you've forsaken,
Your new ones scarce solid you make.
And you've asked me to give you my blessing
As you wander off in new directions.
But I just don't know what to say, dear,
And that is the end of the road.
:iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 0 0
Snarlbear Theme
Snatched from the boredom of an ordinary life
Now you're embroiled in magical strife
Having adventures you've never had
But sometimes you think you’ve gone totally mad!
Your life was dull; time to punch it up, Daisy!
Let it all out, ‘cause it’s time to go crazy!
This world’s so prismatic, so wild and strange
But it’s far from perfect; it seems some things don’t change!
This Rainbow Dimension feels like where you belong
A place where you can be courageous and strong
Where is the line between Maid and Beast?
You really don’t give a f*** in the least.
You shan't be a monster or tremulous maid,
You'll fight 'cause it's fun, and the bills will get paid.
So bring on the Boojums, for you’ve got the snark
But please watch your step as you explore the dark.
Give free rein to your anger, so wild and feral
But remember that nothing is quite free, Ms. Carroll.
For there’s peril lurking in this Wonderland
Darkness all around, intrigue stealthily
:iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 1 0
Death May Die by PurpleChaos Death May Die :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 0 1 Orbis Title by PurpleChaos Orbis Title :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 1 0 Dark Moon by PurpleChaos Dark Moon :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 2 1
Born from my head, my children
Who walk in worlds of paper
According to my will.
Sometimes I wonder
If you'll forgive me
For all I put you through.
:iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 3 2
Chaos Bifrost by PurpleChaos Chaos Bifrost :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 5 1 A Month of Serenity by PurpleChaos A Month of Serenity :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 1 0 Half a Second without Embarrassment by PurpleChaos Half a Second without Embarrassment :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 0 0 Trancly universe by PurpleChaos Trancly universe :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 1 3 Alien Moonscape by PurpleChaos Alien Moonscape :iconpurplechaos:PurpleChaos 6 3


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Deconstructing the idea of ''Toxic Masculinity''
Up until last year I hadn’t heard this term before, and now it seems to be everywhere. So, I’ve been looking into it from all sides and I want to say my piece. When most people talk about men’s issues it’s phrased in the way of “toxic masculinity” or at the very least, the term is brought up. So, what is “toxic masculinity” as it’s defined? The only definition I could find that wasn’t some vague concept “men behaving badly or getting screwed over for being men” is that it refers to the attitudes of the negative aspects of the male gender role/negative stereotypes of what “being a man” is: violent, hypersexual, aggressive, etc.
I have… many feelings based on this. Let’s start with my kneejerk reaction. If you define all negative aspects of being a man as “toxic masculinity” then you do not get to say it’s because of “toxic masculinity” that being a man has negati
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 194 85




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I was looking at Somdude424's art only yesterday- even a bit today- and am suddenly notified that is has been suspended .What happened?
(When i get back from my upcoming  trip to Israel I'll share a few photos.)


Joseph Singer
United States
I'm a gay gamer, abstract artist, and writer living in Virginia- not that I don't appreciate sexy girls , mind you. :P


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