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Cure Beauty and Matto by PurpleAmharicCoffee
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Cure Beauty and Matto :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 3 0
Sketchmas 1: Cure Happy by PurpleAmharicCoffee Sketchmas 1: Cure Happy :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 5 0 Nocturne Pretty Cure Logo: English Version by PurpleAmharicCoffee Nocturne Pretty Cure Logo: English Version :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 2 0 Nocturne Pretty Cure Logo: Japanese Version by PurpleAmharicCoffee Nocturne Pretty Cure Logo: Japanese Version :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 4 2 Cure Sake by PurpleAmharicCoffee Cure Sake :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 11 7 Cure Tej transparent by PurpleAmharicCoffee Cure Tej transparent :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 4 4 Cure Tej Lineart and Flat Colours by PurpleAmharicCoffee Cure Tej Lineart and Flat Colours :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 4 7 Inktober Day 31 Slice by PurpleAmharicCoffee Inktober Day 31 Slice :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 2 0 Inktober Day 30: Jolt by PurpleAmharicCoffee Inktober Day 30: Jolt :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 1 0 Inktober Day 28 Gift by PurpleAmharicCoffee Inktober Day 28 Gift :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 2 0 Inktober Day 29: Double by PurpleAmharicCoffee Inktober Day 29: Double :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 3 0 Fikreselam Tynix transparent by PurpleAmharicCoffee Fikreselam Tynix transparent :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 4 0 Fikreselam Tynix by PurpleAmharicCoffee Fikreselam Tynix :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 5 0 Inktober Day 27: Thunder by PurpleAmharicCoffee Inktober Day 27: Thunder :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 2 0 Inktober Day 26: Stretch by PurpleAmharicCoffee Inktober Day 26: Stretch :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 1 0 Inktober Day 25: Prickly by PurpleAmharicCoffee Inktober Day 25: Prickly :iconpurpleamhariccoffee:PurpleAmharicCoffee 2 3




:iconwinxnextgeneration: :iconstregafataproject: :icondeviantethiopia:


I feel like I've been contradicting myself a lot lately... sorry for the confusion. I'm still working out a lot of my ethics, and they'll never be black and white or squeaky clean. I'll do naughty things and have contrary opinions, but I'll never deliberately try to harm anyone.
Please disregard that last status. I will allow anyone, from any political standpoint, to follow me on all social media. I don't see why I shouldn't be afforded the same. There will come a time in which we must all put our differences aside and find compromise in our world views, and I am willing to entertain new ideas.
When you realise that you don't have a blue Cure and now have to change everything to fit. Welcome, Cure Gin! I have to change the logo, and also Sake and Tej's belts.
Nothing can stop the Nocturne Precure train now! I finally got Cure Tequila done and she's looking positively fun.
Rule Change: I've been a bit more lenient towards more suggestive art, so I have modified my rules to fit. If I get coal for Christmas, I'll get a coal-powered BBQ. :shrug:

Hi all, in the spirit of Christmas cheer, I'm going to take requests for 13 sketches. I would prefer to draw characters, but I'm open to other kinds of design.

- One per person
- Can either be fanwork or original work, any series (it is good practice to try different styles, even ones I'm not extremely fond of)
- No nudity, gore, or things I feel uncomfortable with. Suggestive/alluring/fetish art that I'm fine with drawing is allowed. (I take this on a case-by-case basis.)
- Can be a new design (say an official/one of my fanmade Winx transformations, Lolirock/Precure version etc.) or an existing one.
- People will most likely be drawn in full body. If you would like something else, just ask.
- Be aware that sketches may not be perfect, but I will endeavour to make them look as good as possible.

1. RachelSutherland Cure Happy
Sketchmas 1: Cure Happy by PurpleAmharicCoffee
2. observant-one Reika (Cure Beauty) and Matto.
Cure Beauty and Matto by PurpleAmharicCoffee
3. GeekySiren Cure Mermaid and Talia from Lolirock (Princess form.) Will upload Sunday or Monday- NZ time.
4. Dragonstar78 Cure Sunny
  • Reading: Weetbix and banana
My idea for a fanmade Precure series, based on nightlife with older characters. I will still design Cure Yirgacheffe and Cure Ethiopia for the other fanmade series.

Nocturne Pretty Cure Logo: Japanese Version by PurpleAmharicCoffeeNocturne Pretty Cure Logo: English Version by PurpleAmharicCoffee


Tsubasa Fujikawa is a first year university student who helps out all foreign students. She's a kind and sociable linguistics major, but has an odd affinity for childrens' television and rhymes. She wants desperately to present as a proper uni student, but can't let go of her childhood things. This all begins to change when she goes out on the town for the first time and rescues a litter of eight abandoned kittens. These cats turn out to be neko-fairies in disguise from Nocturnae, the Land of Sundown Entertainment. However, two gangsters-for-hire from the curfew cult (unnamed as yet) try to take the kittens away. This ultra-zealous curfew cult that is draining the nightlife away, and threatens this planet.

Wanting nothing more than to enjoy the nightlife and look after the nocturnal kittens, a Glamour Coin appears from behind the lead kitten's ear, and transforms Tsubasa into the Pretty Cure of Change, Cure Sake. The Glamour Coins are the power source the original heroes of Nocturnae, who were all destroyed during the daytime when they were slumbering. They have been reincarnated as these Cures.


Pretty Cure

:bulletwhite: Tsubasa Fujikawa- A linguistics major who is the head of the foreign student club. She's kind and helpful, but is attached to her past. When she needs to take care of a litter of adorable kitten-fairies, Tsubasa becomes the Pretty Cure of Change, Cure Sake with the power of transfiguration of other objects.

:bulletyellow: Tsehai Mekuria - A hardened student from Ethiopia, Tsehai is a journalism major. As someone who had to flee her country for fear of censorship, she suspects everyone of being a spy. When she learns to open up and show compassion for Cure Sake, Tsehai transforms into the Pretty Cure of Sweetness, Cure Tej with the power of sticky treacle.

:bulletgreen: Maggie Hughes - A caring and air-headed art history major, Maggie has a knack for mixing cocktails. As an only child, Maggie has been pampered from birth by her wealthy parents, and can have anything she wants- so she has an air of arrogant confidence about her. However, due to her caring side, she sacrifices a precious rare collectable glass bottle to help Cure Sake and Cure Tej win, Maggie becomes the Pretty Cure of Warmth, Cure Whisky with the power of fire.

:bulletblack: Lavinia Niranjan- A beautiful Fijian-Indian music student, Lavinia often manipulates Maggie to get what she wants, without Maggie knowing. This is an innate ability, and she supresses feelings of guilt because she doesn't want to end up as paranoid as Tsehai, her rival. However, when she is saved by Cure Whisky in battle and trusts Cure Tej to help out, Lavinia becomes the Pretty Cure of Bravery, Cure Kava with the power of earth.

:bulletred: Allegra Rossi- from the fast lane, a drag racer and psychology student, Allegra has got your number. She is hoping to use the dynamics of the foreign student club as her main project. She is quiet, studious, but can say a lot with few words. When she has to comfort Katya during a time of trouble, she becomes the Pretty Cure of Comfort, Cure Montepulciano with the power of healing.

:bulletorange: Denise Pineau- a sloppy literature major from France, Denise has no care for fashion or tidiness. Sharing a flat with Maggie and her neatly organised tavern-like home, Denise lives in a cave of hoarded books. Shy and retiring, she doesn't come out much until she notices Maggie hadn't come home in the early morning. Looking for her flatmate with Katya, and using her book smarts to save Katya from the curfew cult, Denise becomes the Pretty Cure of Flair, Cure Cointreau with the power of fabric manipulation.

:bulletblue: Elisabeth Rogers - A down on her luck photography student from England, Elisabeth lives in a big flat with too many other people. She also happens to love walking and running- but has an affinity for unhealthy food. Finding it hard to get peace and quiet, she heads out on the town with $10 in her pocket and an appetite for fish and chips. However, she comes across the fight where Cures Sake, Tej, Whisky, Kava, Montepulciano, and Cointreau are studying, and uses her knowledge of the lay of the land to outsmart the enemy and protects the other girls. Elisabeth becomes the Pretty Cure of Strategy, Cure Gin with the power of illusion.

:bulletpurple: Katya Vodovatov- Daughter of an escaped Nocturnae woman and a Russian father, Katya has been in an accident and has a prosthetic right arm and left leg. As a tech genius, Katya is fearful of everything that she can't invent herself. A major in engineering, Katya is best friends with Denise as they both don't fit in with the rest of the foreign student club. When Katya is left alone one night, and she sees Cure Cointreau struggling alone against the enemy, she steps up and becomes the Pretty Cure of Cool, Cure Vodka with the power of ice.

:bulletpink: Juanita Vicente - a lovestruck chemistry major, Juanita is the talk of the foreign student club. Always out on dates, she can't decide who to settle down with. She believes that she is the most talented member of the club, When she has to help her current date with a drag race, and is beaten by Allegra, she is jealous and accuses Allegra of cheating. However, when Allegra becomes Cure Montepulciano and Juanita's life is put in danger because of the cult, she admits that Allegra is better than her and becomes the Pretty Cure of Dance, Cure Tequila with the power of vibrations.


  • Kuro- the lead kitten, very mature, wise, and decisive.
  • Tekur- the cutest kitten, fearful, adorable, and loyal
  • Dubh- the naughty kitten, tricksy, gets into trouble easily, the runt of the litter.
  • Loaloa- the shy kitten with no meow but the loudest purr. Only loves Lavinia.
  • Nera- the fastest kitten. Only Allegra can catch her.
  • Noire- the cleanest kitten. Inhabits the only tidy spot in Denise's room.
  • Blackie - the hungriest kitten. Keeps eating Elisabeth's chips.
  • Cherny- the cleverest kitten, is always helping Katya find her mechanical bits for engineering.
  • Negra- the romance kitten, is smitten with everyone that Juanita dates.

Enemies (Curfew Cult)

  • Miramarella - The leader of the cult, the only surviving member of the royal family. She was responsible for the demise of the heroes.
  • Khandel - The hypnosis expert, responsible for turning Cannon and Creek.
  • Newton - User of portals, but daft as a doorknob
  • Karo - University counsellor, main spy for the cult, the opposite of Ori. Has the power of speed.
  • Ori - The double agent, but on the Cures' side, the opposite of Karo. Has the power of metamorphosis of self.
  • Brooklyn - The con man, boss of Cannon and Creek
  • Cannon and Creek - Muscle-for-hire gangsters, humans, turned by the cult. Their human names are Pete and Tony, and they work as cleaners for the university.

Supporting Characters

  • Madoka Kurosawa - Tsubasa's ever-suffering professional flatmate.
  • Hemi Parata - Allegra's friendly rival and Juanita's drag racer date.
  • Rob Smith - The group's friendly bartender
  • Tsegerida Birtukan - Tsehai's lookout.
  • Alice Williams - Juanita's mentor in chemistry, possibly the only person Juanita respects before becoming Cure Tequila.


  • Nocturne Watch is the transformation device. To use it to transform, the girls need their respective transformation Glamour Coin and need to shout Nocturnal Cure, develop me! Also, this watch can track enemies, other Cures, and Evening Gown Resources.
  • Evening Gown Resources are the collectables of the season and are various magical items to make the Queen's Evening Gown. Whoever completes this dress can control Nocturnae. These appear to the victor of each battle.

More information to come later...
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WARNING: This is opinion. Please take this with several grains of salt.

Hey all, I'm here to share my thoughts on what I think makes a great Winx fan transformation. These are not laws, and I still will favourite characters with transformations that don't adhere to these. If you want to do your own version of this journal, then go ahead.

1- The name sounds appealing to me.
It should, essentially, sound good in English. However, I understand that these transformations come from many languages- so if I don't like the name but the concept and drawing is amazing- I still love it.

2- The transformation amazes me in some way.
Like music, the outfits and wings can be simple yet beautiful, or complicated and a good challenge to draw.

3-  It adds something to the overall narrative and differs majorly from the show.
There are a few that are so close to in-show transformations that they don't appeal. But I can see how this can be a good thing for others.

So that's it for my wee rant. I'm pretty sure that half the fandom hates me anyway because of my opinions. :shrug: 
  • Listening to: Nightwish
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  • Drinking: Coffee
Here are my ideas for the fairy (and witch) animals of my characters.

Fikreselam: Digmole
Even the KalsharaDigmole was in Ethiopia. That's a sign.

Leros: Lovebird

Emilia and Angelo: Quillcats
Element of Music.

Chips: Crycry
Element of Water

Some kind of chaotic monkey

Hamrawit: Some kind of bee.

Vila: A kind of cuddly bear, reminiscent of CareBears.
Because power over sweetness connects with cute.

As for Clifton and Austin- I'll check with Dragonstar78 if he has thought of anything. I thought a pegasus would be fitting for Clifton, with some kind of ice-dwelling critter for Austin
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  • Watching: The Infographics Show
  • Eating: Potato, kumara, pumpkin, and chicken
Hey everyone.
Sorry that I haven't been very active on the site recently in regards to posting art, I have had a lot of work on my plate and I'm also packing to move to Waikanae, a town with a regular train service to Wellington.
I will post all of my Inktober drawings in one big image. You can see the individual images over at my Facebook page.
So, there will probably just be a lot of crickets and tumbleweed from me for a few weeks.
Thanks for understanding
  • Eating: Potato, asparagus, carrot, parsnip, and meatloaf


New Zealand
Fan of: Doctor Who, Winx Club, Lolirock, Rick and Morty, Huntik: Secrets and Seekers, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Steven Universe, American Dad, Futurama, Adventure Time, The Simpsons, Pretty Cure, Sherlock, Mahou Sensei Negima, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Coffee, W.I.T.C.H and Sailor Moon.

New Zealand English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Italian language level PASSIVE COMPREHENSION by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Amharic language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

1: I am a European blooded New Zealander. (Because people keep asking me if I'm Ethiopian or not.)
2. I drive a red Volkswagen Beetle named Poppy.
3. I enjoy coffee in the morning and early afternoon, and tea at night.
4: I like cartoons as silly as they can get!
5: I am a Timelord in my dreams.
6: I own a tabby cat named Almaz and he has three legs.
7: I like to believe in God, but I'm no religious nutjob. I'm not going to force my opinions on everyone else.
8: I study animation, specialising in backgrounds, but I post mainly still images, mostly containing characters. This keeps things nice and separate. (Oh shoot, that's been spelled wrong for months and I've only just spotted it!)
9: I don't hate any new episodes of cartoons such as the Simpsons. I'm a simple person with a simple craving for animated cartoons.
10: I despise Cartoon Network for adding Live Action shows. Shame on you, shame on you all!

My Sims 3 studio:…

I was a time lord button by TwinEnigma Flying Through Space and Time by PurpleAmharicCoffee Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - The Doctor by jamescorck


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