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Blood of Skyrim: Part 11
As everyone quietly stepped inside with their weapons drawn, Onmund saw that they were in a small living room of sorts, with a fire burning off to the side and a few tables and chairs set up.  Ahead of them was a larger, more spacious chamber, and they could hear voices ahead.  Galmar put a finger to his lips and gestured for everyone to move forward into the large chamber.  There was a large, stone pillar that had fallen over near the back of the room and Galmar ordered everyone behind the pillar, which they did.  Onmund and Danielle quietly crept up behind everyone.  They listened silently for a while as the voices ahead of them echoed around the chamber and they could see figures moving around about thirty paces away.
“Pick a man and put him down,” Galmar whispered.  “We attack on my signal.”
Onmund heard Ilfhild whisper to Simon, who was crouched next to her, “Time to show what you’re really made of.”
The arche
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Blood of Skyrim: Part 10
Going past Nightgate Inn, they reached Korvanjund by mid-afternoon, and they found a small camp where a group of Stormcloak soldiers were hanging out.  As they neared the camp, some of the soldiers stood up from where they were sitting to stare at them.
“Are those the mages that were sent?”  one of them whispered.
“We’re here!”  Simon announced as they approached the group.
“Are you the newest recruit?”  a female soldier walked up to him and asked.
“I am,” he responded.  “Simon Bear-Skinner of Whiterun.”
“I am Ilfhild,” the soldier said.
“She’s our leader,” another soldier explained.
“You will stay close to me and follow my orders, do you understand?”  Ilfhild asked Simon.
With a grin, Simon replied, “Yes, ma’am.  I’m good at following instructions.”
Ilfhild just continued to give him a cold and hard glare, obviously unfazed by his attempt to turn on the c
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The Masterful Puppeteer
I hear an ethereal yet distinct melody emanating from the midst of these musicians
Where are those vivacious notes coming from?
Believe it or not, it is coming from the guy standing in the back corner
Looking like he’s just pushing buttons.
That quiet and gentle soul hidden behind the bright beacons that are the lead singer and guitarist
Is actually a masterful puppeteer- a mindful manipulator of the limbs of musical refrain
Not only are the sounds that he produces like an embellishing flick of the wrist or hypnotic sway of the hips
But they are also the very essence of its persona.
Who is he?
This man whose voice is like someone taking a bowstring to a high-quality cello and playing a rich and inviting tune,
Whose smile is like cotton candy
Light, fluffy, and sweet
You just want to take a piece of it home with you to lock away and preserve forever
But you know that it is better to consume on the spot
In the short carnival ride of a moment
Who is this man whose boyish charm and w
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Blood of Skyrim: Part 9
The next morning, when both Onmund and Danielle woke up, they felt slightly more refreshed than they had the previous morning.  They got dressed and went out of the inn straight to the Palace of the Kings.  They didn’t bother to look for Simon, first, to go with them.  When they went inside the palace, they saw that the great hall was nearly empty again, with only two guards and Jorleif present.
“Come forward, mages,” Jorleif said to them.
Onmund and Danielle walked towards the front of them, and as they neared the throne, they could hear voices in the side room again.  Ignoring them, Onmund said to Jorleif, “We have killed the Ice Wraith.”
“Ah,” Jorleif responded, crossing his arms.  “And I take it your third friend didn’t make it?”
“Oh, he made it all right,” Onmund replied, thinking of Simon and the lie that they had to tell.  “He helped us kill the Ice Wraith, too.  Dani
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Blood of Skyrim: Part 8
“Aghh!”  Simon cried out as a cloud of frost seemed to engulf him.
Onmund and Danielle sprang into action and ran forward to unleash their spells on the creature.  Simon fell to the ground on his knees, desperately struggling to wipe all of the ice off of his face as the two Adept mages fought the Ice Wraith.  Onmund struck it repeatedly with Lightning Bolt as Danielle unleashed a stream of Flames every time it flew by her.  Soon, the creature exploded, sending ice crystals flying everywhere, and Onmund remembered to turn around and shield his face as the crystals flew at him.  Now with everything quiet, Onmund and Danielle ran to Simon and helped him off the ground.  His lips, eyebrows, and the tip of his nose were covered with frost and Danielle quickly cast a light healing spell to melt it off of him, and Simon busily wiped away the melted ice off of his face.
“Are you all right?”  Onmund asked him.
“Yeah, yeah, I
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Blood of Skyrim: Part 7
After they crossed the threshold into the palace, it took a while for their eyes to adjust.  The hall before them was huge.  There was a long dining table in the middle where a row of empty plates and goblets were set.  At the other end of the room, there was a set of steps leading up to the throne, which at the present time, was empty.  In fact, it was now that they realized that the three of them were all alone in the hall.
“Where is everyone?”  Danielle whispered.
“Let’s go see,” Simon said and began walking towards the front of the hall.
Onmund and Danielle followed him, and as they neared the throne, they heard faint voices coming from nearby.  Onmund turned his head toward the door to his left and he could distinctly tell that the voices were coming from in there.  Danielle followed his gaze and they exchanged uncertain looks.  As Onmund turned his head to look all around the hall, he finally looked back at the
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Blood of Skyrim: Part 6
He continued walking and went into the Hall of Elements.  His class had already started so Faralda was speaking to J’zargo and Brelyna when he walked in.
“There you are, Onmund,” Faralda proclaimed and everyone turned to look at him.  “I was just telling the students that Simon has left the College to go pursue other endeavors.  Where’s Danielle?”
Without looking up, Onmund answered, “She’s still talking with Tolfdir.”
“Well, please stand with the other students and we’ll begin class,” she instructed.  “We’ll get Danielle caught up when she gets in.”
“Faralda, I have to tell you something,” he started.  “Tolfdir gave me my leave.  I am no longer a student here.”
“What?!”  Faralda, J’zargo, and Brelyna all cried simultaneously.
“Were you expelled???”  Faralda asked him.
“No…not exactly,”
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Mature content
Blood of Skyrim: Part 5 :iconpurple256:Purple256 1 2
Blood of Skyrim: Part 4
When they got inside the College, Danielle opened the door to the Arch-Mage’s Quarters and let Tolfdir in.  Onmund followed them in and they climbed up the stairs into the entryway.  They stopped there and Danielle said to Tolfdir, “I shall return with the staff.  Let me go get it.”  She then rushed off, leaving Onmund alone with his former professor.  There was a reason for following this secretive protocol, and it all started after the Psijic monks whisked the Eye of Magnus away months earlier.  When Danielle was named the new Arch-Mage, she was put in charge of safeguarding the Staff of Magnus, and that responsibility hadn’t been relinquished from her since, even after she had stepped down from the position.  She kept it locked away somewhere, and no one- not Tolfdir, and not even her own husband, knew where it was.  It was a security measure.
Sighing heavily, Tolfdir asked Onmund, “Do you think it was a sound cho
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Mature content
Blood of Skyrim: Part 3 :iconpurple256:Purple256 1 4
Blood of Skyrim: Part 2
The next morning, all of the Destruction students gathered in the Hall of Elements for their class, including Simon.  Several months ago, Faralda had taken over Tolfdir’s job of teaching the School of Destruction.  She started off the class by informing them of an assembly after lunch at which Tolfdir was going to go over the state of affairs at the College.  As far as what had been going on, Onmund had last heard that the Thalmor were making threats to shut down the College with the Empire’s help and that Jarl Korir of Winterhold had suddenly taken interest in these events because he was afraid that an Imperial attack on Winterhold would be forthcoming because of this.
Ever since the Eye of Magnus Disaster, as the events of several months back was infamously called and where two Thalmor agents lost their lives as a result, the Thalmor had been pushing hard to put restrictive sanctions on the College and all of its members.  However, because the College
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Mature content
Blood of Skyrim: Part 1 :iconpurple256:Purple256 2 0
Fire and Lightning: Part 33
The next morning, the four Adepts headed out from Ivarstead and walked to Riften.  For Danielle, Onmund imagined that it must’ve brought back a lot of memories going back to the town she had spent a considerable amount of time in prior to joining the College.  But for him, it was just a town that he had heard rumors about but had never really gone to.  For one thing, he knew that the Thieves Guild had a prominent presence there as well as the rich Black-Briars.
They arrived in Riften by evening and went straight to the Temple of Mara.  Danielle had an emotional reunion with everyone there and Onmund got to meet her former mentors in person.  Maramal was the head priest along with his wife, Dinya.  He found it interesting that Maramal was a Redguard and his wife was a Dunmer.  For some reason, it made him feel like he had something in common with them because he was also in love with someone of a different race.  He also met Briehl, another
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Fire and Lightning: Part 32
For the most part it was a sleepless night.  The party going on upstairs seemed to last all night long, with singing and dancing and other loud noises.  Everything seemed to die down sometime during the dark hours of the morning and the two mages finally got a little peaceful sleep.  At one point, Onmund lay awake in his bed, wondering if it was time to get up.  He heard Danielle stir in her bed on the other side of the room, and she finally sat up.
Onmund turned over to look at her and said softly, “Good morning, beautiful.”
She turned towards him but it was too dark to see her face.  “Good morning, handsome.”
He smiled and then slowly got out of his bed.  She followed suit and they converged in the center of the room to greet each other with a few kisses before gathering up their stuff.  “Well, shall we head out now?”  he asked her when they had everything.
“Yes, let’s go,” she replied, and
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I know...I've been somewhat...MIA...

I've been absent on some social media circuits (this one especially), but I'm never ready to hang up the hat on drawing...ever.  In fact, I've been wanting to get into drawing heavily again, as I've found some new inspiration, but I've just been procrastinating on actually doing it.  The reasons are kind of stupid really.  I was never any good at drawing with a mouse, so my go-to technique would be to draw stuff on paper, scan it, and then color it in Photoshop.  But I'm sick and tired of that technique now, as it's slow and tedious.  I am seriously thinking of getting a Wacom tablet as I think it'll be a great fit for what I want to do.  I still have the non-cloud-version of Photoshop and Adobe can pry it out of my cold, dead hands if they really want me to move to their cloud.  Seriously, after that and the shenanigans with Flash, Adobe just needs to go away...

:::Ahem::: sorry I I've been inspired by Patrick Nagel art to draw some 80s-style drawings of my own, and of course who else's face and physique is better to practice with than Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran?  I am a hopeless die-hard Duranie, I know...

Speaking of, as I mentioned at the beginning, I've been severely out of touch on a lot of social media outlets, but that doesn't mean I'm completely off the grid.  These days I've actually been spending most of my time on Tumblr and Instagram- the latter where I'm running a daily DD-centric blog called Flim. Flam. And Judy.  Check it out at your own (sanity's) risk!
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