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Looking for Starting-Out Guidance

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I don't know who all checks here, but I kind of wanted to throw this out there in a generalized kind of way.  Hubs is wanting to get a little bit more serious about digital art.  Some of of you may know he's doodled around a bit in the past - usually just about enough to get frustrated - then throws in the towel for several months.  This cycle has repeated itself several times over the past 5-10 years.  More recently he has had some good success in other areas of his life where he's just kind of "brute forced" it, struggled, gotten some help, and just kept on.  I think he wants to apply that same sort of mindset to this, but at the same time we're searching for a community that can provide friendly but honest and helpful criticism, tutorials to help improve sketching and various other aspects of the process, and I suppose most of all motivation - basically either an active sort of community he could join (preferably something smaller and friendly) or some kind of one-on-one support or someone willing to take him under their wing.  He is very driven and just gets a little frustrated and down on himself sometimes.  I think we all do.

Can anyone here point us in any direction?  I know some of the good folks we follow post helpful videos and step-by-step tutorials and stuff like that is always helpful!  Whatever help, guidance, mentoring, advice, links, etc. - it's all good.  He's got his own dA account but has been unwilling to post any of his sketches to date, but I think that's going to change very soon.  :D

Thank you! :la:  (and I got his blessing to post all of this lol)
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