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I found out that Eclipse is gonna be dropping soon..and I really dont like the look tbh and that the old site is gonna be retired..

So I'm just gonna flat out say it. once Ecplice drops, I'm leaving, possiably sooner.I still rp this lovily ass in other places.

You can see me in the following places..

Discord, toyhouse, and Secondlife.

If you want any of these Pm me, I'll be checking back here every day up till the drop of Eclipse to get people. word of adivce..

To get me easier.. secondlife and Discord are your friends.

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What is secondlife?
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You know the pictures I used for Vincent's remodel, that's Secondlife
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Ahh okay is it a free game?
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to get it, yes, but to get the curency it does cost money, but like 2.5k is like 11$
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Ah good to know thank you.