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greetingsOwOi dunno if we ever rp'd before but if not have a random~! - if ya wana)

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[we have not so this will be fun~]
Vincent watched the female from the shadows of the area they both are in, holding a dagger in his hand as he starts to plan out how he was gonna attack the female.
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heuheu let the chaos commence~!]

Rain looked around scared, her abnormally blue eyes having a slight glow to them, she could sense another presence but could not pinpoint where they were, unaware of the danger she was in as she walked on slowly, lost and scared, appearing around a young adult, or late teens. She held her hands close to her chest uneased.
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"What's a lady like you doing out here so late~?" He says as he watched her more before he moves his foot slightly and pounced out of the shadows, swinging to strike at her.
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Rain gasped startled wanting to awnser but barely managed to dodge when he struck holding up her arm getting sliced across it and stumbled back with a small wail of pain.
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He lands on his feet and turns towards him, walking up towards her slowly, her blood dripping from his dagger as he grins. "You gonna answer me miss?"
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She breathed shakily backing up blood dripping on the floor. "I...i..i got lost......" She stuttered swallowing hard.
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He lifts up the dagger, aiming at her. "Lost eh? tsk tsk..." He says still walking towards her more.
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