We Can't Escape The Basic Facts

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I know you didn’t realize
That the city was gone

Dead City by CreepyRabbit

You thought there would be advertisements
To give you something to go on

Zombie Walk 2012 by AbigailLarson Wrigley's 5 - Pulse by he1z SCIENCE BUILDS THE FUTURE Poster by PaulSizer

So we search the sky For any flashing signs


We’ve gone too far beyond The border it’s just you and I

water couple by teobalin

And if this is the end It’s the best place I’ve ever been
It feels so good to just Get lost sometimes

at the end by HeretyczkaA Lost by toerning

Only the horses
Can find us tonight

Scissor Sisters by murtaghj Scissor sisters by Stahlerlikedollar Only The Horses by Pontimus

Only the horses
Can bring us back home

:bigthumb37745470: Eclipsous Sleipnir by Exileden

Our tracks they will follow They’ll hear us calling
And save us by morning light

Morning Mist by DSent the morning by 0BO

Only the horses
Can bring us back home

Home by Sidiuss :bigthumb186436128: Home by SadSaturn


Horses by flemmens

We can’t escape the basic facts
How cold it can get

:bigthumb184513071: Opinions and Facts Stamp by Spikytastic Cold by Bory-Einfrost

There’s nothing to protect ourselves
When the rain gets us wet

Wet Kiss by Lianne-Issa


Community Relations Stamp by communityrelations :thumb111729829: I heart Creative by creative FILM VIDEO ANIMATION on dA by deviantartfilm Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582 I Support CR - Blue by electricjonny Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld DDs.... by UnicornReality Support Love Stamp by elicoronel16 Stroke Mini Stamp by PoetryOD
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This is a wonderful way to do a feature journal :D