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Deviation Actions

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I usually tend to pimp/promote/feature others and whatever I am asked to via this space but from now till whenever I am going to offer a different option as well.

This is your chance to takeover my journal to pimp/promote/discuss ANYTHING you wish. I'll post up 1 or 2 per week, perhaps more, pending on how many I receive. I reserve the right to reject any that I feel are intended to cause negativity or stir up drama or is simply a giant cluster of thumbs.

The name of the person taking over will be clearly indicated at the top. Requests to be anonymous will not be granted.

By default, I will use this CSS but the sidebar will be removed (some links may appear at the bottom).

Guidelines To Follow:

:wizardhat: Send in your takeover message via note with a subject of "Takeover".
If the information is time sensitive please add this to the subject of the note; for example- Takeover by 3/29/2010
:bulletpurple:If you wish, include what you'd like the title of the journal to be; otherwise, I'll make one up. :)

:wizardhat: Your message must be formatted exactly how you wish it to appear as I will copy/paste directly into the journal. (Don't worry if it does not appear properly in the note. ;))

:wizardhat: If you do not wish to use this journal skin, include the CSS code for another layout or a link to your preferred skin from the dA Journal Skin gallery.

:wizardhat: Coding options on this skin that you can use:
<div class="headline">TEXTdiv>
A nice, centered headline.

<div class="lilb">TEXTdiv>

<div class="big">TEXTdiv>

<div class="blink">TEXTdiv>
Excess use of these are discouraged.
Sadly, it seems that this no longer works. If anyone knows of a fix, please let me know.

Each will stay on my front page for at least one day.



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Thanks so much!!!! :D:D:D:D