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Taking a more personal look at the people behind the deviantART admin symbols.

How did you first discover deviantART?

:slow: Like millions of others, I found deviantART while searching for desktop wallpapers.

What was it about dA that made you want to stay?

:slow: I first joined from wanting to compliment wallpaper creators. I stayed when I realized the potential of an art-based social networking site. I started sharing my photos, got a few positive comments and figured I'd stick around.

What is the story behind your username?

:slow: Not much of a story. It rhymed! I went by Blacksheep for years, but it got to the point where it was always taken, so I brainstormed for a few days and came up with God of Odd. It's sort of an ironic name, as I am one of the most ordinary people you'll meet.

What do you remember of your childhood in regards to art?

:slow: I remember watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off as a kid. There's that scene where they visit the art gallery and Cameron has his reflective moment with that one painting. Having never been to an art gallery, I recall being very excited by the look of it and wanting to see one myself. It was probably a couple of years later, I finally made it to a gallery and was fascinated with the method of presenting art. I think I can safely say it was that point in my life where I became an art appreciator.

Was there anything or anyone in particular that prompted your choice of art form?

:slow: Lacking anything even remotely resembling talent, I fell to photography. That's not to say there isn't a great level of skill and understanding required to be a great photography, but even the worst of us can get lucky now and then.

Who or what motivates you to continue creating?

:slow: While I don't do much by way of art these days, my growing family is all the encouragement I need to continue taking photographs.

Of your own work, which has the most meaning to you and why?

:slow: I'm particularly fond of Discarded by godofodd I was really excited to find the shot and be able to capture it without interfering in any way. Now, if only I could find the original to do a high-res scan and get rid of that terrible border...

What are the duties and title of your role as an admin of deviantART?

:slow: I couldn't tell you what my title is these days. I was recently reassigned from Prints staff to a more general role with the Help Desk. I also continue to do quality control reviews for deviantART Prints.

What are the most challenging and most rewarding aspects of your position?

:slow: The biggest challenge revolves around the technical aspect of running a website as large as deviantART in conjunction with the rest of the 'net. Our genius tech guys have built a very solid system, but we regularly have to interact with third parties (Paypal, for instance) and that's where kinks come in. It can be rather grueling having to figure out where something went wrong when you're dealing with outside sources, beyond the reach of our awesome team of geeks.

What can you reveal of projects you are working on for deviantART? Personal projects?

:slow: Not a thing! It's all very hush-hush. That, or I don't know anything. I'm going with the option that makes me sound like a secret agent.

What would you like to achieve in the long term and short term on dA? In life?

:slow: Long term on dA? World domination? Death to other social networks? Too much?

Short term, I'd love to see a bit more understanding, a lot less drama. The Internet tends to lend itself toward hyperbole and exaggeration and it makes it very tricky to see the truth in any situation.

In life, my short term and long term goals are all about family. I'm a family man, through and through.

What movies did you enjoy most?

:slow: There are hundreds of top movies, but I'll always narrow it down to The Big Lebowski. Classic comedy. I'm also a Superman fanatic, and that stemmed partially from Christopher Reeve's portrayal.

What type of music do you listen to? Specific groups/artists?

:slow: I'm partial to the singer-songwriter genre (is that a genre?) Give me a soft-spoken artist with a guitar, singing their own songs and I'm a happy guy. I have Canadian artists Hawksley Workman and Blue Rodeo in constant rotation these days.

Which books could you just not put down?

:slow: Cryptonomicon was an amazing read that I always recommend to anyone who enjoys a literary challenge. That said, I'm big on bestsellers like James Patterson novels, because they're quick and entertaining, like an action movie. I can read three or four at a time and not feel overwhelmed.

What foods can you never seem to resist? Drinks?

:slow: Pizza and Slurpees, my two edible vices.

What are your pet peeves on dA and in general?

:slow: Drama, dArama, drama, both online and off. I don't like gossip, I don't like lying and I don't like exaggeration. I'm a fan of honesty and compassion.

Something random about yourself that you wish to share?

:slow: I sleep with one eye open. Sinceriously.

What tips can you offer to better oneself in his or her art? In

:slow: The same can be said of both art and life; don't give up on something you know you can do. Don't ever let someone else dictate your abilities.

What does ART mean to you?

:slow: Art is personal expression at its core. A lot is said about what does and does not constitute art, but only the artist themselves is free to make that distinction.

Is there anything else you wish to say?

:slow: I like monkeys.

Thank you godofodd for your secret agent godliness.

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Mentioned in The A,B,C's of Literature: H article

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Thank you
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..dude, I was listening to Hawksley Workman when I got to the question about your favorite artists.
Freaked me out.
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Wow we really do have some wacky Admins ^^;
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Informative interview. I just wonder how many people have "found" deviantART looking for wallpapers. For months I would just look at art or find wallpapers until Tina talked me into getting a site five-years ago. She already had one but I just felt like I couldn't "compete". At some point I realized dA was about community, not competition, so I finally created my site :nod:
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Chirp, it's been twittered. :)

And he's a fan of monkeys!
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That was a hell of a nice-e-ey interview. World domination ftw!:la:
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You sleep with one eye open? And you call yourself ordinary? :lmao:

I'm a big fan of honesty too... but I like gossiping when I know that what I'm saying is true.:iconteheplz:
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:shakefist: I shall achieve world domination long before you! I've already wrote it down in my book of things to do! :work:
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Hmm, monkeys, world domination, sleeping with one eye, secret agent.. you're not that ordinary. lol XD
This is an awesome interview :D
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