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Butterfly Brush Set

2nd butterfly brush i've made, this one is higher quality with a mere 52 different brushes, some are repeat species but not repeat poses. they are rather larger in size (only 14-26% of their original size in the preview, zipped file is over 13MB) than my previous brushes and will hopefully be more useful this way, and have their antennae this time too! some also have legs if they weren't flying.

use the brush sizing tool to resize brushes smaller, and you might be able to make them a little bigger without it looking bad/pixilated. if you want to change the brush, open it as an image, adjust, and save. then refresh the brushes and use the changed image like normal.

i wanted to get more poses than just the open winged shot that is seen at museums, as well as a variety of species, so special thanks to all the stock artists whose images i used:


do NOT redistribute as your own brush work. it took me a lot of time and effort to make these brushes, and I'd love it if you would comment on the brush with a link if you use it. the stock artists probably wouldn't mind a note either. Favorite-ing would also work, and would let me know they are liked.

Credit in the artist's comments is a must!

EDIT: the almost solid red/orange butterfly in the bottom right corner has been removed from the pack (originally 53 brushes) due to recognition issues from that stock deviant that couldn't be resolved to his/her satisfaction. i didn't feel like remaking the entire preview to exclude that one butterfly.
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Thank you for these lovely brushes

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Thanks for the lovely brushes used here  The Butterfly flapped its wings by AshaanHK
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Thanks for the lovely brushes!  Used here  The Butterfly flapped its wings by AshaanHK
I'm using GIMP, but I can't get them to show up in color. Any idea why not? Thanks in advance!
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wow - clearly I'm not on here enough!  I'm not sure - they may be outdated for the new software.  Were you able to find an answer elsewhere in the last, like, 4 months?  lol!
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I think photoshop brushes but not they'nt
these look just beautiful, thank you so very much 
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They look so pretty! But my ps won't recognize the format. :/ Which version are they for?
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Solid job... the varieties... nice different flight angles... you are thinking it thru and on track!
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Used your brush here: Page 1 by TeamXComics  Thank you!
I love these brushes and I did favorite them.  I also used them and here is  the link.
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Used your beautiful brushes here Fields Of Gold.. by Alz-Stock-and-Art Thank you :)
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Hi! :heart:

I used your brushes here:

Great work btw! 
They are very useful!
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you gave me wings!
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