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♦You can't make a character of the species, you can get other peoples who have one, events, DTA, raffles and sales. {There is no sale of MYO in this species, we rarely do free myo events.}
♦If you won any character free, you can only sell case if paid at least one commission, so you will be able to sell for the full commission price, if it is more than one, total price of all the arts.
♦Can trade your characters /Trade/ Raffle / DTA ou Give away.

♦Do not disrespect other people and group members.
♦Do not sell characters for empty accounts.
♦You need to be keep with your character for a week before you can sell / trade.
♦We do not accept Art on: Any hater, NSFW {You can draw, just don't send to group}.
♦Do not make art with these themes: hate against another culture or country, meme about politics / war / gender insult / religion / virus.
♦Do not send arts, journals helping theft / hacker.
♦Do not steal any things from other people.
♦A character can only have 3 co-owners.
♦Do not use your character for commercial purposes.

♦If you bought / got character, you can make small changes, but keep the traits used and ask the designer, if you can change.

♦You can change: Gender, objects, age, name, colors, history, and more.
♦You can create fanfic, comic, manga, memes, music, animations and games of your characters. {Not for commercial use}
♦If you are moving account, let us know.
♦If you have deactivated your account and created a new one, we will only pass the new ownership, tickets, items and characters, just upon proofs of your ownership.

Purifying has two forms: Feral Quadruped/Biped or both.
Can I draw in human/anthro form?
Can I draw my character in different clothes?
Yes, keeping only one official design, you are free drawing your character with various clothes.
Can purifying lantern marry other species?
Yes, but they cannot have children of other species.
Can I draw my character with other species?
I don't want my character to be more a purifying lantern, can I keep it?
Yes, but just don't keep the traits of the species.
About gender and Born:
The genders of the lanterns are neutral, that is, they have no male x female reproductive organs, they choose what they will be. However, if they wanted, they could undergo genetic mutations in their bodies to have babies biologically.
Purifying Lantern, are born in two ways.
The energies together can create an egg. (Any couple)
Or literally biologically too (male and female couple)
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