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Spongebob Controversy Meme

Hehe, well I've recently gotten a bit of a Spongebob kick thanks to me playing "Battle for Bikini Bottom" (and rewatching some favorite episodes, old and new), so I thought I'd finally get around to filling this out~ ;P

Favorite Character: Patrick Star! :D I've always loved this big ol' doof... not only does he have some of the BEST quotes in the series (from "Wumbo", to "The Ugly Barnacle" :XD:), but also how in spite of him being so dumb, he can (usually) still be counted on as a true loyal friend to the main hero Spongebob. No matter what, I'll always love him :aww:

Despised Character: Puffy Fluffy... *shudders* >< why the heck did Spongebob find this thing cute? Even BEFORE it mutated I found it just so creepy and ugly... and it's conflict with poor Gary didn't help matters either -_- glad this thing never appeared again... 

Favorite Season: 3 :la: While the first two seasons were pretty solid as well, I think the show was REALLY starting to hit it's mark following the start of the third season. The jokes were always funny, the animation was crisp, and the episodes were all memorable and fun. I can't find much to complain about here ^^

Least Favorite Season: 7 :no: While I can't say I completely hated this season (since there were some episodes I actually kinda liked, such as "Love That Squid", "Gramma's Secret Recipe", "Growth Spout", "Greasy Buffoons" and "Enchanted Tiki Dreams")... there were just too many bad episodes in comparison ("I Heart Dancing", "Someone's In the Kitchen with Sandy", "A Pal for Gary", "Rodeo Daze", "One Coarse Meal", "Big Sister Sam", etc.) that it unfortunately couldn't make up for it in my eyes. Outside of the couple good ones I mentioned, it's best to just skip this season tbh :shrug: 

Overrated Character: Squidward Tentacles ^^; Now BEFORE anyone gets mad at me, hear me out! I DON'T hate Squidward, FAR from it! He's actually one of my all-time favorites from the show... it's just that in recent times I've noticed that he kinda gets a little TOO much sympathy tbh. When you think about it, alot of the misfortune he ends up in tends to be mostly his own fault (ex: "House Fancy", "I Heart Dancing", "Good Neighbors", "Funny Pants", "A Day Without Tears", etc.)... yet for some reason alot of fans tend to just ignore that and immediately blame Patrick and Spongebob for everything... even in times where they don't even mean to hurt him on purpose. Again, I still love Squidward and all but come on people... he's no angel :no:

Underrated Character: Sandy Cheeks :saddummy: Now Sandy's another one of my top favorites and I always enjoyed how she had so many diverse qualities and traits to stand out from other female cartoon leads at the time (being a proud Texan, a cowgirl, a scientist, an inventor, a karate master, etc.).... yet for some reason she just seemed to vanish entirely from the show to just a mere background/side character :( seems unfair if you ask me... she totally deserves more respect and love :aww:

Favorite Couple: Patrick x Mindy :heart: Now while most would be all about Spandy (which I actually love too lol), my main favorite ship was always Patrick x Mindy :meow: Idk, I always found Patrick's crush on her SUPER cute and funny... even if they didn't spend as much time together it was also cool how Mindy was so patient and friendly to him (whereas most would probably just find him annoying lol). It's also kinda cool how they made a little comeback to this during "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle", when Patrick found himself attracted by those mermaid girls. Guess he might still remember that sweet princess after all :giggle: 

Despised Couple: Spongebob x Patty :facepalm:, seriously? You're gonna make Spongebob fall for a sandwich? I know the guy's passionate about fry-cooking but that is just... WAY too ridiculous, even by Spongebob-standards. If this was Patrick (or even Squidward, if we're going by that little dream sequence from "Just One Bite" lol), then sure... maybe it could've been a little funny... but having Spongebob not only fall in love with food and then also abandoning his own FRIENDS in favor of it? ...Yeah no, I ain't buyin' it :/ 

Favorite Song: "Goofy Goober Rock"! :w00t: Such an uplifting and hardcore rock number... a perfect way to celebrate the climax to the first Spongebob movie. Plus those visuals were super fun to look at~ :la:

Least Favorite Song: "We Got Scurvy" :| ...well, I can't say I really HATE this song... as much as I just find it kinda pointless. Like, sure it has a decent little beat to it and Pink still sings it well but.... seriously? Of ALL the things you're gonna make a celebrity like HER sing about... it has to be about a common mouth disease for pirates? Lame... :/ 

Favorite Episode: "Chocolate With Nuts" :dummy: Agh, such a hard pick but this episode is just...SUPER solid from start to finish. You can easily make a meme out of ALL the jokes and scenes from this episode, it's THAT funny and entertaining! :thumbsup:

Despised Episode: "A Pal for Gary" :X Blegh... what else can I say that others haven't already said about this episode? It was unfunny, uncomfortable, and totally cruel to a innocent character (Gary) for seemingly no reason other than cheap shock value. NEVER watching this again... Disbelief 


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I love season 3 of Spongebob too^^ I grew up with it.