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Nothing Wrong with a LITTLE Rudeness lol

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Heeeeey, anybody want another quickly-made stamp~? :la: Well, here's a new one for ya....with the point being that JUST because a fictional character is portrayed as being "mean", does in NO way make them automatically unlikable and that every fan should HATE them. If the character shows off more interesting traits to balance out the meanness, and the narrative doesn't try to justify every single mean act they do, along with other stuff, than I think I can say that they are truly likable characters :nod: Besides, if every fictional character was just plain "nice"...then it'd get a little boring, don't you think? :shrug:

Stamp belongs to Me, Free of Use for anyone who wants to ^^
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Eh, I think that is better worded as "Mean =/= Unenjoyable". To me, a likable character is one who is a nice person with traits found in good people, but an enjoyable character is one is a pleasure to watch in some way (eg: the things they do or say, they have many great or memorable moments, they are properly written characters with good stories, etc.). A mean or evil character cannot be described as "likable", but they can most certainly be described as "enjoyable" when done right (like Bender from Futurama, Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, and Mr. Burns from The Simpsons). That said, likable and enjoyable are not separate, and SHOULD overlap (after all, how are you supposed to like a show if the characters are both unlikable and unenjoyable?).

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:shrug: Didn't think there was much of a different between "likable" and "enjoyable" tbh but I see what you mean here.

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I find villain characters to be really interesting.

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Exactly. I heard from some object show that mean characters keep the show interesting.
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Well, there were some characters who were, well, Jerks but they had moments that made them entertaining.

Dr House, Tony Stark in some of his moments, Bakugo to name a few.
I think the deal is that they had a way to be charming and while they were jerks, they coculd still backup their behavior with their intellect or skills or just the actors portraying them making them a blast to see.
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In the immortal words of Ferb from "Phineas and Ferb"

"A Hero is a Hero, But everybody loves a great villain."

And That's why I love to play around with the Decepticons Decepticon Bullet.

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Luci is a good example because even though he teases Elfo and Bean (mostly Elfo), but he's a good friend to them nonetheless
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Your welcome. 
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Well relates to Three from Numberblocks, she's mean but I like her
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As much as I like Rei in the 90s anime Sailor Moon, Yeah sure she can be a total b!tch at times but at least she cares about Usagi, whom she got into her throat at times, and the rest of the Sailor Guardians.
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oh and i have more

pacifica northwest(gravity falls)

buttercup(yeah she might be mean,harsh and careless but she still has feelings



most south park cast(i swear cartman isnt the only jerk in the show)

most loud sisters
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You're welcome
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yes here are characters that are mean but i like them


helga(hey arnold)

sailor mars(sailor moon)

angelica pickles(rugrats)


trixie troubleby(lazytown)

helen brownstein(brandon rogers)(to be honest i want her to be our schools hall monitor XD)
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I know I have commented here before, but I’d also like to add more examples of these kinds of characters.

Zim (Yes, he does have a seemingly strong hatred towards humans, but he also has his moments where he comes off as sympathetic, like the time he was often rejected by Tak.)
Max Goof (He can be a jerk sometimes, but he at least has a good reason to be frustrated with his dad Goofy as he doesn’t want him embarrassing him in public. Despite this, he also shows appreciation towards his dad regardless of what he does to him.)
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Totally. For example, there's Helga from Hey Arnold. Mean but very complex.
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PurfectPrincessGirlHobbyist Digital Artist
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Dr-N-CortexHobbyist Digital Artist
I can mention some characters that are hated just because they are "mean"
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THIS especially applies to me. LOTS of my favourite characters actually fall under the 'jerk' category- Bender, most of the South Park cast (I can admit Cartman's not the only jerk in the show LOL), LUCI from Disenchantment (as of recent), Impmon from Digimon (Rika from Digimon as well if you are counting human characters), Jibanyan from Yokai Watch (honestly he does count too- as well as several cat characters LOL), Beetlejuice and my ALL TIME favourite CN character, Dexter Boy Genius (yes he is my all time fave CN character and will ALWAYS be. Mainly cause he doesn't suffer from the whole 'designated hero' syndrome so many main protagonists tend to get and actually gets Karma when he's being a jerk. Plus I've always thought he was adorkable, despite his anger issues). 
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stephgomz04Student Artist
Agreed.  While I happen to dislike some characters who are mean and have no good qualities, there’s some whose traits are good enough for me to like them.

Daisy Duck (I know she’s not entirely mean, but just because she gets angry with Donald sometimes, it doesn’t mean that she is unlikable. Plus she still loves Donald no matter what he does.)
Minerva Mink (I can understand why some people dislike her, but despite being shallow, there’s some redeeming qualities about her i.e. her being happy to see that Dot was alive.)
Trixie Tang
Rita the Cat
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Good points
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