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Dear writers of the Renegade Tribune:

Thank you for exposing Racial Marxism’s evil nature (somewhat like The Epoch Times exposing the evil nature of Communism and its incarnations, Postmodernism and Identity Politics), so at least men and women of Indo-European descent can make their own judgement to abandon the Racial Marxist religion (with sects intended for different ethnic groups), clean out Racial Marxism’s evil elements from their lives, replace those elements with wholesome and wholistic ones, and eventually usher in a new era for humankind in general.

The heavens will eliminate the Communist groups for deeds, that the latter have done. The reason? It’s a law of the universe, that good is rewarded and evil is punished, so only if one abandons the elements of Racial Marxism can one survive. (This applies also to any other iteration of Communism such as Cultural Marxism, or Identity Politics, or Postmodernism, for that matter.)

In Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,

Esther Bunny Brown

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