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Dear writers of the Renegade Tribune:

Thank you for exposing Racial Marxism’s evil nature (somewhat like The Epoch Times exposing the evil nature of Communism and its incarnations, Postmodernism and Identity Politics), so at least men and women of Indo-European descent can make their own judgement to abandon the Racial Marxist religion (with sects intended for different ethnic groups), clean out Racial Marxism’s evil elements from their lives, replace those elements with wholesome and wholistic ones, and eventually usher in a new era for humankind in general.

The heavens will eliminate the Communist groups for deeds, that the latter have done. The reason? It’s a law of the universe, that good is rewarded and evil is punished, so only if one abandons the elements of Racial Marxism can one survive. (This applies also to any other iteration of Communism such as Cultural Marxism, or Identity Politics, or Postmodernism, for that matter.)

In Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,

Esther Bunny Brown

If the following petition gets 99,999 signatures by the 24th of May, 2017, the States' White House will review it and respond!…

As quoted there:

"Corporations and Scientists are destroying the human race by creating foods, products, chemicals, and electronic devices that damage human DNA, in the pursuit of their own agendas. Their selfish projects endanger everyone on planet earth.

These corporations and scientists must be permanently punished for these crimes.

The punishment must include dissolving all corporate limited liability protections, dechartering the guilty corporations and all related parent and associated corporations and confiscating their assets and depositing these assets with the Social Security Trust Fund for the benefit of all citizens.

The individuals involved must serve jail time related to the severity of the crimes committed.

Please sign this petition and share it with your senators and representatives."


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It has been about a year since I made a German-language map of Michigan. Now I would like the help of people like :iconarminius1871: in compiling literal German translations and adaptations for the following of Idaho's municipalities:

  • Boise [Bonn - Arminius1871] (I feel, that Armin should have used some word to do with trees, since the place name is derived from French.)
  • Twin Falls [ - ] ("The city is named for a nearby waterfall on the Snake River of the same name.")
  • Kellogg [Eseldorf - PureTassel] (Since local legend has it, that a donkey helped discover a couple of mines there, I figured that the Ortsname could have Esel in it. Interestingly enough, the place name "Eseldorf" could be seen in one of Mark Twain's literary works.)
  • Coeur d'Alene [Ahlenherz - PureTassel]
  • Sandpoint [ - ] (Theodore Roosevelt described the area as a rough-and-tumble environment.)
  • Lewiston [ - ]
  • Saint Anthony [Sankt Anton - PureTassel]
  • Idaho Falls [Adlerfels - PureTassel] (Initially "Taylor’s Crossing", then "Eagle Rock" after an isolated basalt island in the Snake River, then "Idaho Falls" after the rapids that existed below a bridge)
  • Pocatello [ - ] (From an Indian chief of the Shoshone tribe)
  • Soda Springs [ - ] (Named for the hundreds of natural springs of carbonated water that are located in and around the city)
  • Caldwell [ - ]
  • Moscow [ - ] (The Moscow area was named "Hog Heaven" at first, then to "Paradise Valley" and finally to the present name.)
  • Salmon [Lachs(dorf?) or Salmen - PureTassel]
  • Stanley [ - ] (Could have Stein in it, since Stanley is "stone meadow".)
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(The following is from the International Justice Mission's account of a triple murder in Kenya, based on the prayers of the rex deus church.)

Put Shields Around Yourself

      Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to please send as many trillions and trillions of legions of angels as you think necessary, to surround and encamp around myself and all those hearing me and I ask you to setup impregnable, impenetrable, invulnerable and invisible shields and protective devices around us and cause all attacks and evil workings sent at us to be dissolved into nothingness and to not effect us in any shape or form. In Yashua's name I pray, omein.

Put on The Full Armor of God

      Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now put upon myself and all present the full armor of God, the armor of Light, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Shield of Faith, the Helm of Salvation, the Sword of the Spirit, the Battle-Axe of Yahuwah, the Belt of Truth, the Garment of Vengeance, the Cloak of Zeal, the Robe of Righteousness, and any other part of the armor of God that I do not know about, and my feet shod with the gospel of peace.
      We pray in the name of the Lord Jesus for Samuel M. Arachi, and justice for Willie Kimani, Josephat Mwenda, and Joseph Muiruri and their families.

Remove Samuel's Soul Ties

      In the name of the Lord Yeshua Ha Meschiac, Father in Heaven, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – אהיה אשר אהיה Almighty, I break, crush, smash and destroy all ungodly soul ties, hooks, links and connections of every type between Samuel M. Arachi and every group, thing, person, being, object and place he is connected to and from every group, thing, person, being, object and place back to Samuel M. Arachi, in Yeshua's name we pray, omein.

Loose good Spirits of God

      In the name of the Lord Yeshua Ha Meschiac, Father I loose the spirits of love, courage, goodness, compassion, discernment, sound mind, sound body, truth, nobility and honor upon the family members of the three murdered men. In Yeshua's name we pray, omein.
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If what the website Prepare for Change says about what they call a worldwide reset is true (or will be true), then I'm taking that things will get interesting, and so will be the 21st of May. (WARNING: I read, from Dooney, that Prepare for Change contains some New Age-y stuff.)

A week ago, I attended what's called a Primordial Breathwork Session that's hosted by two people from the Paititi Institute. (The word paititi is from the Quechua language instead of either Sanskrit or a language from India.) I also got two DVDs from them; one on Amazonian Avatar Breathwork, the other on QiGong for healing and spiritual purposes.
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I came across information on the book titled Nova Europa by Arthur Kemp. I haven't bought the book about proposing a European ethnostate for the 21st century, but here's this review by Oswald Cobblepot.

My message to at least some opponents of the European ethnostate: "If you think that all White men, women and children should be dead - or at least impoverished - so that peace, wealth et cetera could thrive for the rest of mankind, you might just be a Satanist."

My made up quotation of a Satanic memo: "We'll know our anti-White disinformation campaign is successful, when everything the world populace believes about the White peoples is false."

In Yahshua's name I type...
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I have read this article and I have this to say: A legal rule - of spiritual sorts - states, that the evil ones have to tell us of their plans before they carry them out; hence an online video that partly depicts random violence towards European-looking individuals.

Therefore, pray to a divine power and intend that the mass murders do not happen. Pray to break, crush, smash and destroy all ungodly soul ties, hooks, links and connections of every type between the underground soldiers and every group, thing, person, being, object and place they are connected to and from every group, thing, person, being, object and place back to these "soldiers."

(For ideas related to prayer, check out the website for the rex deus church - and their beliefs and lawful status in particular.)
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The last time, I proposed a bilingual community of German and English speakers in the American Midwest. For sometime, I started a map of Michigan that will use made up German language names for some municipalities (as inspired by Arminius1871 and his usage of the proper substantive Großensee, or Grossensee under Swiss rules), just for the fun of it; and of course, I have yet to give it the names that I haven't coined yet. One example could be Frankenstadt for Monroe (which is between Detroit and Toledo; also, I understand that Frankenstadt was used for the Hungarian city of Baja). If anyone has any suggestions for the following municipalities below, post them. (The list goes in alphabetical order, first for Michigan and then for a few other states as well.)

  • Alpena [ - ]
  • Ann Arbor [ - ]
  • Battle Creek [ - ]
  • Bay City [ - ]
  • Detroit [ - ]
  • Escanaba [ - ]
  • Flint [ - ]
  • Grand Rapids [ - ]
  • Holland [ - ]
  • Lansing [Lanzing - Arminius1871]
  • Ludington [ - ]
  • Marquette [Marksburg - Arminius1871]
  • Muskegon [ - ]
  • Port Huron [ - ]
  • Sault Sainte Marie [ - ]
  • Traverse City [ - ]
  • Chicago, Illinois [Hermannsburg - Arminius 1871]
  • Gary, Indiana [ - ]
  • South Bend, Indiana [ - ]
  • Toledo, Ohio [ - ]
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin [ - ]
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin [ - ]

Happy researching, readers!

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Ever since I came across Arminius1871's map of New Dutchland, I'm having thoughts about a German language nest somewhere in the United States part of the Northern Turtle Continent. Besides, as a Westerner and Middle-Westerner hybrid, I'm part German, and I would like my #GermanLanguageHeritage back, even if it means being at least bilingual (or perhaps trilingual or quadrilingual). Who's got thoughts about the idea of a German language nest in the continent, like there's a Hawaiian language nest or a Maori one? What could the German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA think of that initiative?

If Turner Classic Movies were to air a movie as a German-American Day special (German-American Day is on the 6th of October, FYI), I think it could be the 1959 version of Old Heidelberg (German: Alt Heidelberg), directed by Ernst Marischka. What do you think?
I never thought about how fast the community has evolved over time, so I may want to share this lexicon in a home-grown manner, to help clear out some confusion in the future (at least beforehand).
I never thought I'd type this, but ever since my discovery of the word "iatroculture" (read: the culture of medical professional workers), I thought, why never the word "iatro cultural" anyway? Isn't that what subcultural fashion design is all about? At least I could redesign my display of prints.
For those liberal artists who are too scared to even contemplate suicide or any other moral incident, I decide to provide with three basic URLs (trust me, for I never thought about the HTML code before, much less Unicode itself): one from Shareable, The Seasteading Institute, and Mission Galactic Freedom (all because of a single mercury amalgam filling).
Now I am against the usage of the DSM and its translation-versions, ESPECIALLY when it comes to real or imagined "mental disorders". Here's this documentary should you ever need to turn to YouTube for any meta-physical problems.
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Since my father seems quite energy-sensitive as far as I'm feeling/thinking about it, why not THIS riddling kind of haiku?

Purple Ice-Cream Cone
Cherry-Tree Blood-Stone
Since to-day is Sunday where I live, I thought about giving the Chakma language and script some kind of intellectual love by announcing this kind of contest (just ask the duo behind the font I carry for the Chakma script, if needed). Please keep in mind that the Chakma script is similar in appearance to the Burmese script (maybe like a gear/wheel in appearance, just in case...). Look at the Omniglot page for the syllabic alphabet should you feel confused.
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In case no one has heard about the Rivière aux Raisins (river of grapes), it's located near a battle field. And in the event that I need to explain my cabin fever, I could just state that my father collected cars and that my mother collected recipes. Now, to some playing at hand...
Due to various incidents a few days/weeks after the delivery of the tower-buster to our home (I'm also unsure where it is, at least right now), I came to realize that if my parents and other family relatives are unable to change due to some if not any sorts of mind control (be it the brainwashing monopolies of any if not all facets of life) that could keep them in the past (and possibly in fear of any future and even imagined misfortunes; besides, would you rather focus on remaining precise, or just remain safe at any and all times). After all, trauma, stress and karma are a trio, so I could practice by making literary fluff that combines steam-punk and sea-punk influences.
I was in a sort of very large spaced library (or something else) that has gold columns, white and gold domes that are evenly spaced, and a floor that was made of cubes that have different colors; the lighting was dim to some degree, but got darker as I went further from its "entrance". The black "figures" there look, appear, and move similar to those from the indie game SCP-087-B, and they were covered in black cords, having glowing yellow eyes; avoiding them could involve running away from them, not looking back. At a few points, a woman showed me different dresses, and one was all black with ribbons similar to those that one could use on a Christmas present. The domes had Christmas themed decorations at one point.
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I got this unsettling dream, and I don't know if I could call it a nightmare, so the following description could be my approximation. It started when I was restrained in a dark, empty library. (I think; and I don't remember whether a scary apparition appeared.) Then suddenly, I was in the presence of my parents (maybe a few other adults, maybe my Idaho relatives?). Then at one point, as I may have died and turned into a spirit, walking along other souls, we were strapped to a sort of conveyor belt that even submerged us in a tunnel full of water (I think it was to kill any apsaras or something, how disturbing...); the atmosphere there was mostly dark with a hint of dark green light. At the end of that ride and into a wide chamber, a giant figure who I think is Zeus greeted us, saying that he wanted us to work out because he wanted (physically?) strong mortals living on Earth. (Whether we were reluctant to exercise or did so, I don't remember.)
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Lucky me; my parents will let me stay at home while they're on vacation at Idaho. (Do I write little? If so, should I turn to micro-blogging?)
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