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* Raymond Lee Meyers II needs help in reuniting with his children in Michigan. In fact, The Free Thought Project mentions a plethora of saints and sinners to boost.
* The Chakma people of Bangladesh and surrounding lands
* Assistant Principal Dr. Zach Ruff(s), for rebuffing pro-life activists
* Toronto woman Margaret Davis, for she needs assistance
* Leah McLaren, for turning her son "into a proud princess"
* Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, who got Satanically inducted into the demonic realm of drag queens as "Lactatia"
* Thom Browne, for introducing a subversive line of men's clothing
* Nathan Kirsch, a Jewish billionaire who funds the Economic Freedom Fighters - the South African party who want to 'cut the throat of whiteness' (a Racial Marxist thing to say)
* Gunnar Hassard


* The Renegade Tribune and its sister websites
* The Suidlanders, the world’s largest non-state civil defense organization located in South Africa, which represents and seeks to protect the country’s minority Christian white population in the event of an ethnic civil war (even though I'm no fan of InfoWars, their article may be a useful background that will explain why I included the defense organization, regardless of whether or not it's just controlled opposition)
* Any people or groups of people who you know to hate white people like the Suidlanders. While it may look as if the genocidal ANC government of South Africa and the false god of racial hatred towards white people have all the power, in fact, I have three things to state:
** First, I've read that cancer is a manifestation of longstanding resentment, hatred (I think any kind will do), or both according to Louise Hay, well-known author of the book You Can Heal Your Life, which discusses the emotional causes of cancer. (source)
** Second, what the Suidlanders will most likely deal with is the Satanically infantilized refuse of a world that will soon go the way of all flesh (pass away).
*** My reasoning and I quote: "Anyone who has read a few orthodox ancient prophecies will know that everything that they prophecied has come true today and the world is facing the cataclysm of all ages due to our corrupt rulers having destroyed all traditional culture, divine faith, the nuclear family and morality across the whole world. It´s as if a gang of extreme criminals are the highest rulers of the world and all good principles are upside down. This is also the natural state of the world just before it passes away – just like a human body is full of evil organisms just before death. Norse mythology and other great prophets told us that this earth will pass away and a new earth will be created, much more wondrous than the one we have today."
** Third, the ethnic civil war will most likely be seen by sane people as a blot on the South African government's image, and even if the Suidlanders and their allies get wiped out and the ANC win, the ANC (and most likely funded proxies) may have a Pyrrhic victory anyway.
This is my personal list of targets to boost, or send energy to someone or something according to a woman from Montana known as Dooney. (Hence P.B.W.L. being short for Personal Boosting Wish-List)

To those of you who are unfamiliar with boosting, I would recommend her guide on basic boosting.

The list will be updated at any time, and as Dooney says, nothing can withstand the pure energy of the heart cakra/fourth cakra/anahata.
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