BITE Model Exam of the Post-Modern Marxist Culture

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"Wise is the man who knows how to recognize his mistakes." - Ragno Nero

"He who runs with aggression, walks without dignity. ... He who wears a mask, cannot see what lies within himself." - Samurai Jack, Episode XLII (42): Samurai vs. Samurai

A basic definition from the Society of Classical Poets is as follows:

"Communism, including its first phase (socialism), is an ideology based on destroying harmony among social classes and eliminating traditional beliefs and moral values."

For those who are unfamiliar with Steven Hassan's BITE Model, it's about control over one's Behavior, Information, Thoughts, and Emotions. Note that it isn't necessary for all the items on the list to be present. Here, it's about forming and maintaining, with at least perception management, an anti-White cult personality and identity.

("...‘perception management,’ a term which comes from military propaganda and information warfare: if they can control what it is you perceive, then you are unlikely to ever believe anything outside of this grid of manufactured perceptions that they have constructed for you." - "From Near Death to Quantum Living")

Steven Hassan may be Jewish, but in this case, this is an analysis of the deceitful, malicious, and repressive nature and culture of Post-Modern Marxism (from the Epoch Times' editorial treatise How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World).

Deprogramming Whites from the Cult of Anti-Whiteism

Disclaimer: I share sources that are against National Socialism (like saying that it has influences from Communism) and sources that are for National Socialism (like saying it is based on racial survival), for I have yet to come across anyone who does that (somewhat like the ideological Turing test). Besides, regardless of how National Socialist Germany may be viewed, the Sabbatean-Occupied Governments are incredibly evil.
Being Duginism (or Neo-Eurasianist Third Worldism as blogger Thuletide put it) or Islamism or Zionism or anything else doesn't matter too much to the Communist Cacodemon as long as people see things through the paracommunist lens.

"Do you want to live in a social order, where you cannot say any truth, nor do anything good or useful to anyone and anything the Party doesn't like or even to yourself?"
(Based on a befrain of a Vietnamese man who fled Communism at the Epoch Times)

* Behavior Control

* Information Control

* Thought Control

* Emotional Control

Couldn't the laws against "hate speech" and "Holocaust Denial" and Indo-European folk religions, inter alia, be part of the evidence of an evil and secret quasi-governmental group, that has been challenging the genuine divine beings for the right to rule over the different human racial groups?

inter alia = among other things

Thanks for studying!
May the Dysgenic Social Order collapse under the weight of its degeneracy and misdeeds.

(Including but not limited to the suppression of dissent, like the National Socialist kind of dissent; see the article "Suppressing dissent guarantees disorder and collapse" by Charles Hugh Smith)

I state that, because who in the human world would ever admit, that we have been lied to and kept in the dark about so many things, people and ideas?

The scientific dictatorship, or the Technate, may separate me from my kith and kin, and ruin them and my life. The same deed could happen to anyone of everyone else, even the Technate's own dupes. However, no one can force me to denounce and renounce my ethnoreligious heritage, nor can anyone force me to conform to the Technate's dictates.

I'm not afraid of being torture-murdered for my ethnoreligious heritage and mentality, since the folks who are behind "anti-whiteness" have likely also a plan to kill every single person, that doesn't accept their world domination over any racial mixlings anyway.

Nota Bene by Andrew Hamilton at National Vanguard: "Hassan utilizes a very flexible, racially- and ideologically-loaded approach to what is and is not a “cult.”"

To give credit, where it's due:

Telltale (a former member of Jehovah's Witnesses) provided the following item for the section on thought control: Overreaching or exaggerated importance placed on events or ideas

And myself, such as for providing the item for the section on emotional control: Instill within you constant anxiety about anyone or anything

Any suggestions are welcome.
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In a nutshell, this document is basically a 'how to create an npc'.

ps: ''the folks who are behind anti-whiteness have likely also a plan to kill every single person, that doesn't accept their world domination over mixlings anyway.''

Big yes. It doesn't take much to already know this if one has the eyes to see, unfortunately too many people have been blinded...and programmed. And God forbid you're a 'poc' that doesn't embrace their "victimhood" let alone spew hatred to 'white' people (except jews ofc! or rather, zionists ugh..). You're also automatically demonized and a bigot if you happen to not agree with any ONE of the tribe's many other agenda narratives (vaxxing, lgbt, immigration, feminism etc, etc etc..)

So many points here, if not all, I'm nodding at, but thanks for putting it out there.

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Thanks, this and other documents of mine may well be anathema to those, who are too docile and petty for their own good. I update them, when I'm in the mood to do so. Do you have any suggestions for the list of cultural resources regarding at least Australia?

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Honestly, it's pretty much the same issue over here. Our gov is a puppet like many other nations, that answers to the CIA and what have you. So we are forced to adopt the same doctrines that are going on over in the States/UK. It's like a blueprint. I guess that's why I can see your points as they are becomming more real over here in sleepy, slow, outdated Australia. The degraded mentalities being pushed currently are being slowly implemented here. However... i would say that it's mostly the white Australians that are more susceptible to the brainwashing, whereas the migrants are less likely to care about all the media hysteria etc. It comes down to the presence or absence of logic and common sense. is a bit confusing and conflicting in the police issue. There's a lot of hate for police now, but here it's nearly the opposite. The liberal/leftists (blm,lgbt etc) support the police, and the conservatives (really, just normal people that want their lives back) are pushing against the tyranny. And as always, the media propagates outright lies to con people into hysteria/scaring people into doing/believing things they wouldn't necessarily do

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excellent points. you know, i was on reddit ~2012 flat out telling them that the us isn't viable in the long run because of racial diversity, and that tptb would leverage cultural differences against us for political purposes. The libs ran amok with that comment. All kinds of silly tripe was thrown at me including "racial diversity is what made our country great to begin with", "you're a silly conspiracy theorist", yada yada. I was aghast watching it unfold, and it began when Trump gained frontrunner status in 2008. You are absolutely correct - they want to eradicate white america as a collective voice, next comes culture and then ANY race of people who oppose big govt agenda. This constant villification of nazi germany is absurdly hypocritical- THEY are the ones who want a 1000 year reich. cheers.
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The Zionist regime of Israel has never cared about the well-being of the peoples living in the Western World, native or otherwise; yet its lackeys tell the native Western people, that they should be proud of the "alliance" with Israel no matter what it does to the Western World's living standards.