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The Blades will shine.

Just wanted to draw because one of my most favorite character,Youmu Konpaku, will be a playable character in Touhou 13

And, I'm so sorry what happen in Japan right now.

Character (c) ZUN
Tools : SAI
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Would you allow me to use to use this as a mat? 
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wow, this has been my wallpaper for several months that i downloaded from google. and today i joined deviantart and somehow came across your artwork.
just wanted to say nice drawing :D
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Thank you so much. :D
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That grin tells me she's up to no good!
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Looking awfully badass there, Youmu.
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Recently I was thinking about drawing a scene where are Reimu Hakurei VS Youmu Konpaku, so I started to search pics of Youmu to apreciate her expressions and her clothing so I can start to think about how can I draw her...... This would be my first drawing about a fighting-scene, and I don't know how to draw so good as you... I wish I could draw like you. You don't have any idea how much I envy you... do you take classes or do you draw alone just by hobby?

I think I'm missing millions of essential techniques... I'm in dispair D:

I wish I could draw those shadows... your drawing is just Perfect.
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I didn't take any classes, just my hobby. I practice by myself, and ask for some advices from my friends.

Thank you so much. :)
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Would you allow me to use this as background for my release of a fifth icon pack please?
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I'm just going to look at your art.
All day.
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Thank you. > w <
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this looks so BADASS :love:
I'm not a fan of touhou but they always get the best fanarts haha
I liked Flandre's design~
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I like Flandre too. Somehow, Every Touhou's characters they have charm.
Thanks a lot. :D
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I like the light in this pic.
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Thank you so much. :D
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though very late, but still I had to say: you're welcome!
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I don't know the game, but the sword surely is heck detailed, lol
The pose and the coloring rocks!!!
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So cool :icondroolplz:
the color and detail are so awesome
and I'm also hyped for touhou 13 :la:

may I ask what tool you used for coloring?
I'm still new to SAI
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Thanks a lot.
I usually use "brush" for painting, set blending at 50%, Dilution 0, and persistence 80.
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