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Short Circuiting the Doctor (Art Trade)

Character  Dr NefariousCharacter  Mira 
My half of an art trade with :iconpastelltofu: 

So, fellow Nefarious simp Pastell announced she was planning on doing some art trades and since we're friends due to our shared love for the robotic doctor, we decided to do one together and so here's what I drew for her!

Obviously, my half of the trade had to be a drawing of Dr Nefarious and her Ratchet and Clank OC Mira, a android cat who ends up being a loyal follower of the doctor after he unintentionally saved her from captivity. I really loved her oc's design for being her own spieces and due to some slight mindreading, I knew it would be perfect if I drew some shipping between her oc and Nefarious X3

Now, I did take some big inspiration from her first shipping pic of the two, where Mira is happily hugging Nefarious who's a flustered mess since he's not used to affection. For my version, Mira decided to surprise Nefarious with not only a hug but also a big kiss on his top robot lip which left a noticeable lipstick mark~ This sends the doc into love struck shock, where he goes into his classic "Lance and Janice" breakdowns with the smoke and freezing in place; leaving a giggling Mira hugging her robot love even tighter as the doctor accidently has the audio accurately confess his love for her XD
and yeah, the background was slightly inspired by her original shipping pic too soooo yee

I hope you adore this pic Pastell

Mira belongs to :iconpastelltofu: 
Dr Nefarious belongs to Insominac Games
Art belongs to :iconpuresthope125: 
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Oh god no! Can´t describe how happy this made me

after the long and painfull day I had today!! Boa Hancock (Luffy Fangirling) [V1]

Like this entire scenario you described is perfect and

you drew Mira so freaking cuteeeeee I can´t,daaaaaaaaaaaa!!Daisy claps Fangirl 1

Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!Let me hug you!

Im so sorry that im so slow, but Im barely at home atm

Probobly won´t be able to finish anything until some time next week:doh:

But I´ll try to get your part done as fast as possible! bunneh icon14

puresthope125's avatar

Awwww, I’m really glad this was able to cheer you up! ^^

Awwww that’s really lovely to hear


And that’s ok

just get it done when you can ^^

I can be patient and wait :3

PastellTofu's avatar

I kept looking at it over and over again since yesterday!

Had a long week and it just makes me happy to look at

thats how much I love it!:love:

Came up with something that at first was just one picture but

somehow now turned into a small comic page XD

I thought the idea was cute and I think its something you´d like

...or at least I hope so XD

puresthope125's avatar


well I really love that you enjoyed it so much!

idotechicallyhaveanotherpicfeaturingyouroclol ;3



Can't wait to see it then!!!

PastellTofu's avatar


ImalreadyputtingyourpersonaonsomethingelseIworkonaswell D:!!

I kinda trying to finish 5 things at once now

with one having a time limit so I have my work

cut out but I´ll send you a small part of the sketch

I did so far for your part so you can at least see a bit of it!

Trying to finish it as soon as possible! :nod:

puresthope125's avatar



oh my… that’s a lot…

yeah, I’d say focus on the one with the time limit first and then go for the trades

omg i’d love to see a small WIP OwO

PastellTofu's avatar


Here is a small snippet of the trade.

20211116 020701

The full thing is about 7 panels long.

What is the white part?

The best part in my opinion wich is why I

drew over it, we need to keep some surprises ;)

Also: The sketch is traditionaly done since I did it

while helping with a renovation all week long, so I

drew it on paper first to at least get some things done.

The finished piece will be digitaly done tho!

puresthope125's avatar



I LOVE IT SO MUCH ALREADY!!! I’m gonna treasure it until the final product!

And that’s fine, I tend to do that too ^^ I even did that for my half of the trade so I get it ^^

xXJunktasticXx's avatar

Awwww so cute! ^w^

puresthope125's avatar



thank you so much!

xXJunktasticXx's avatar

You're very welcome!

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