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Isabella Star Nefarious (Nefathryn next gen)


Sooooooo, yep! As you've been watching me show the journey of me and my alien husband Dr Nefarious having our baby girl Isabella, I suppose it's time to finally introduce her to you all! X3 And please note, this was drawn before I changed from soft to cel shading sooo yeah
Now, Isabella, also known as Izzy, is the half alien half human child of us; having the larger head, eyebrow muscles, ears and smaller number of digits from her father, but with brown hair like her mother's. Her skin tones and eye colour are a mix of her parents' and her freckles come from the spots on her dad's head and my own IRL freckles X3

Now, for the quick details
As a little baby/toddler, she was raised by her father while I went to work; so the two aliens could be safe hidden in our home. Nefarious adored being a dad and did all of the research on how to take care of her. Whenever I was around to start taking care of Izzy or when she was napping, Nefarious would spend time in his lab spaceship to work on her disguise necklace; however, the necklace in the end was too big for her so it was decided that when Izzy's necklace fit her, she would start going to school.

Once she was old enough for school and got good that changing appearance into human and alien, Izzy started to study there with her parents being slightly worried for her as they were both victims of bullying. But surprising the two, Izzy actually got on really well in school, taking her mother's art talents and applying them to her educational prestentations; having great confidence to express herself. Izzy was never bullied in school but maybe a incident involving a shrinking ray had something to do with it~ (and yeah, it was the glasses)

As a eye contact teen, Izzy longed to do more performances; sure, she had a slight indepent singing online account, but she longed for more. Mainly, she wants to learn more about space and where her dad came from. So, she decided to study hard and become an astronaunt; to travel into space and prove that aliens and humans can exist together with no war. And while me and Nefarious support her lovingly, they're afriad to tell her the truth of her dad being a criminal, a certain chairman finding them and enacting revenge or if she's discovered for being a half alien...

Hope you all love her as much as I do!
cause she's my shooting star!

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Isabella Star Nefarious, story and art belong to :iconpuresthope125: 
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OMG,she is adorable!

She totaly got those ears from her dad XD

She deserves nothing but love and protection!!:la:

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Awwww thank you!

XD Yes she did!

awww yeah! X3

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Omgggg we have the same name shes so cute

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Again, I can’t get over the fact that she’s named after me.

and even has the same nickname

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Well again,

it’s just a coincidence

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i think it’s more like “share” name or coincidence

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Oh my gosh she so adorable and pretty! ;w;

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thank you so much!


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You're very welcome! ;w;

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