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Pure's Netflix addiction

Tue Sep 25, 2018, 2:54 PM
It's been almost a year now since we ditched out satellite account and got Netflix. Since then we've watched a LOT of things on it. Sure, it gunks up our internet if to many of us are using it at once, but hey. It's worth it.
Bonus: I'm generally up later than everyone else and at home for the better part of 5 days a week while everyone else is at school/work. Unfettered access to Netflix.

I get recommended stuff all the time so now it's my turn to toss around some of the things I really enjoyed. In no particular order

While many might be put off by the Simpsons art style, I have many fond memories of watching Simpsons reruns in Japan with my husband, so this didn't bother me as much. There are a few things about it that are slightly cringy, but that's just an issue I have with the creator's humor style. In general, I really liked the first season and I'm really looking forward to the next one.

Final Space
I discovered this one right after Disenchanted. It's not immediately clear what's going on and the hero is a bit of an ass, but again, it's an enjoyable sci-fi romp. Need season 2.

The Hollow
I feel weird recommending this one. The initial premise was intriguing and I enjoyed it right up until the show revealed what was going on and...they lost me. If there's a second season of this I hope they redeem the story otherwise what started as an interesting premise will have been for nothing.

My husband described this to me as 'Vikings meets The Office'. I enjoy both those shows so I gave it a shot today. It's ridiculously silly while still being about vikings doing what they do. I'm still making my way through this one but so far so good.

More later

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Con prep to do list

Wed Sep 12, 2018, 2:19 PM
I need to do this so I don't freak out over how much crap I have to do before I leave for Saskatoon on Friday.

*Seal paintings
*Buy new printer (Thursday morning)
*Get new tires on the car (Thursday morning)
*Finish printing and sealing stickers
*print inventory list
*Print price list
*Deal with Dance registration (Thursday night)
*Pack my clothes for the weekend (Friday)
*Deal with laundry (Thursday night)
*Make sure I have all my signage ready

To do:
*cut out new stickers
*Write down hotel address
*Fill gas tank
*Charge square reader and fitbit
*Get my float ready (Thursday or Friday)
*Finalize Square inventory
*Pack the car (Friday afternoon)

Snowleopard-draws do you have anything to add?

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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Aug 26, 2018, 4:57 PM
Over the years I've drawn art of other people's characters as if they belonged in my stories. It's fun for my friends, it's a good exercise for me. I was thinking about this while driving down the highway yesterday and wondering if anyone with art of their characters in my worlds would like those to be made into official characters. The original creator would be fully credited as the original owner and such.

The world of Keverynn:
Darkrider Jateshi by purenightshade Nomad Lalita by purenightshade Darkrider Dira by purenightshade Wolfrider Kimi by purenightshade Tower Master Aquila by purenightshade Firemaster Mene by purenightshade Nomad Flynn by purenightshade
Dragonrider Michi

Stars of Destiny:
Spirit Guardian Nathaniel by purenightshade Sehashi Vulpecula by purenightshade Sehashi Freya by purenightshade Hero SunHeart by purenightshade Sehashi Champion Aurora by purenightshade Hero Orcus by purenightshade Sentinel Telesto by purenightshade Guardian Gaia by purenightshade

The world of An'katerr:
Tiger Warrior Terra by purenightshade

The world of Melphor:
Nightlord Arancio by purenightshade

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Sticker Commissions

Tue Jul 31, 2018, 2:17 PM

What you get:

  • A custom sticker of your character sent to you in the mail

  • A high resolution copy of the image made for the sticker

  • The .psd file if you desire

  • The file will be saved should you wish to order that sticker again. Reorders are at a discount as the image is already made.

Available styles:


Half body

Full body


Will do:





Closed Species

Existing characters (Sailormoon, Batman, Steven Universe, etc)

Quotes (silly, mild profanity)

Won’t do:





Ask about:





Stickers are priced by size and style. Also keep in mind that I also need to draw the art for the sticker and that factors into the cost. All stickers are printed on sticker paper, coated with sealant, and cut out by hand.

Sticker Prices by purenightshade

I can also print stickers of your art, art I’ve done for you previously, or of anything in my gallery. All I need for that is a decent quality image file. Pricing for that is as follows:

1 inch - $1.00

2 inch - $2.00

3 inch - $3.00

4 inch - $4.00

Prices don’t include shipping (usually $1). Orders of three or more stickers are eligible for free shipping.

Assorted stickers by purenightshade Sticker samples by purenightshade RPG Cats - Classes by purenightshade RPG Cats by purenightshade

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Stars of Destiny - Book 4 and beyond

Wed Jul 11, 2018, 2:26 PM
With Book 3 complete and published, book 4 is well under way. The thing with book 4, though, is that once it’s done I can plow on to books 5 and 6 as they’re already technically written. That’s where the series began in the first place. So really, this quiz isn’t just looking for one cameo. There could very well be three grand prize winners. These cameos have a varying level of importance to the story.
In book 2, professoroak’s Abenti provided some much needed encouragement to the main characters during a fight. She also made a brief speaking appearance in book 3.

In book 3, riribelle’s Ayla humanized the enemy’s attacks and gave Teir someone to talk to.
Will these girls show up again? Probably, but who knows exactly what demands the story will place on me?
The answers to the quiz can be found in the Stars of Destiny section of my gallery and on my website.

Grand Prizes (up to 3)

The entrants with the most correct answers will receive:

:bulletblue: A major character cameo (with art of your character drawn in SoD universe clothing)
:bulletblue: Gift art for you
:bulletblue: A free copy of the book your character features in when it's completed

Other Prizes

Runners up receive the following:

:bulletblue: Art of your character drawn in SoD universe clothing (your choice of school uniform or sehashi style)
:bulletblue: A free portrait of your character

As a special thank you to everyone who enters I’ll be making a page doll for every entry I receive. Along with your quiz entry please submit a reference to the character you would like a page doll of.

The Quiz

Send your answers to me via note.

professoroak and riribelle are unfortunately barred from this contest as they already have character cameos in this universe. Sorry, loves.

1. What is EVHS’s animal mascot?

2. Name the river that flows through Elysium Valley.

3. What is Knight’s primary colour?

4. What are Hyun’s two hair colours and which of her forms has which colour?

Bonus points: What length is her hair in civilian and sehashi forms?

5. What style of clothing does Hatemi like best?

6. Why do Teir and Kousei call Yan ‘blondie’?

7. What’s the name of Teir’s favourite comic book store?

8. What Canadian province is Elysium Valley supposedly located in?

9. Which Olympiad has made a cameo in the ‘Stars of Destiny’ books? (Civilian or sehashi name. Bonus points for both.)

10. There’s a universal symbol for Earth’s sehashi. What are its four colours?

11. Which school has the Ki’lin as its mascot?

12. Where does Dionne live?


August 20, 2018

Best of luck to you all!

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Art Fight 2018

Mon Jul 2, 2018, 8:17 AM
TEAM COFFEE 2018 by artyfight

The Art fight site is down but I want to draw. So show me your AF characters.

Sehashi Archer by purenightshade Sehashi Pyre by purenightshade Sehashi Fate by purenightshade Sehashi Shield by purenightshade SoD - Knight and Kousei by purenightshade
Young Llyr by purenightshade Keverynn silver by purenightshade
Bio - Toef by purenightshade Bio - Sahiren by purenightshade

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Positive Vibes

Thu Jun 7, 2018, 8:01 PM
Shamelessly swiped from Wildnature03. I wrote out a bunch of positive vibe thoughts a little while ago but have never been brave enough to post any of it. I'm in a sad place right now so maybe posting this stuff helps?

Rules are basic -
Star! This journal is to comment on the person themselves~ (not about art or fiction, etc).
Star! For each comment they receive, they can (or at least try) to say something nice about you (the one who commented).
Star! Remember, positivity~. If you don't know the person well, say something you think about, feel, or get inspired by... really, it can be anything as long as it is POSITIVE Heart.

Let's see how far this can go (here's hoping~, we need to have more positivity in life so help us out~).


Watching Stef grow from her really early days on dA to where she is now has been awesome. She’s always been what I think of as brave. Where I would leave something without a background, she put on in. Her art displays a great variety of poses and you can see the love and thought that goes into each image she puts up. She tries a lot of different, new things and its really cool to watch.

I know she’s been through a lot of rough stuff in the last few years, but somehow it hasn’t taken that amazing sparkle off her personality. I’m glad to have met this sweet lady and am proud to call her friend.


What to say about this tremendous goofball? Her art growth has also been crazy fun to watch, going from traditional to full on digital. I get a lot of enjoyment just watching her sketch in her streams, knowing that there’s no way I could do that. I just don’t have the skill to free hand on a tablet like that. I really admire all the work she’s put into her comic world

She’s really varied in her art: digital, pixel work, and her awesome comic.

She’s a really great person, even though I can be kind of obnoxious with my own art in her streams. (Sorry about that!) I don’t have a lot of people that I regard as friends, but she’s definitely one of them.


Hoo...boy. I’ve admired her since the super early days of the Sailormoon fandom. Sakky’s Senshi Circle was one of my most visited websites. Then I discovered the Tower of Time. Not gonna lie, I fangirled so hard when I found out Sakky was there. We eventually became friends and spent a lot of time talking in AIM and in her streams.

I’ve been following her stock account since its creation and it’s helped me so much.

Sakky is the most positive, loving, and encouraging person I know and I cherish her feindship so much.


Shuu is another person I’ve known for a long time. Her art was always cool to me, but looking at her newer stuff it’s almost like looking at a different artist.

I don’t know Shuu too well outside of the few RPGs we were in together which is a shame. She’s someone I feel like I should get to know better.


I haven’t known him for very long, but he seems really nice. I really enjoy his art from the cute to the really cool. I love how he draws skirts and clothing folds. Just...guh!


I can’t get over how much I love Mako’s art. I only wish I could draw guys half this well. I don’t catch all her streams, but the ones I get to are fantastic.

Like the GrinningCat, I haven’t known Mako for very long, but also seems like an awesome person who I want to get to know better.


I think you're a bright, creative person with a lot of different stories to tell. I don't know you as well as I should but I'm glad I know you at least a little.

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Book Give away

Sun Jun 3, 2018, 6:34 PM
With the recent release of 'Children of the Fox' I thought I'd do something fun. I'm going to raffle off a complete set of my 'Children of An'katerr' e-books and a bunch of other fun things.

Book giveaway


Grand Prize Package

Digital copies of all An’katerr novels

All short stories and drabbles 

High resolution book cover art

High resolution map

Comic .pdfs

Character bios

The Myths of An’katerr (previously unreleased)


Runner up

Digital copies of all An’katerr novels

High resolution map

All short stories and drabbles

More prizes could be added later depending on participation


 How to enter:

- watcher? 1 point

- like this journal: 1 point

- quiz answers: 1 point each

- share/promote: 2 points

- gem screen shots: 1 point each

- write a review of any of my books here:… (10 points each)


1. What colour of shirt is Chounen usually seen wearing?

2. What is Sahiren’s weapon?

3. What kind of background does Nalshen come from?

4. Kal Berash is the patron of which country?

5. Nuren is originally from which country?

6. People from Shanshiire are called what?

7. Karath is the capital of what country?

8. What shape are Doval’s Sacred Gems?

9. Who is the Water Sage?

10. What is Shinjaloye’s job?



Image gallery scavenger hunt

There are a number of gems hidden in the description of An’katerr images. Each screenshot of a gem is worth 1 point. The screenshot needs to show both the gem and the title of the image where you found it.
Look for this image in the description:

Sg Button by purenightshade


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ACEO exchange (again)

Wed May 30, 2018, 2:48 PM
I really miss sending art to others and getting art mail back from people. I have no idea when the ACEO group I belong to is going to get going again so I think I'll do some trades with friends.
These are 1 to 1 ACEO trades. Multiples are totally ok, but if you request (say) 5 from me I naturally expect the same number in return. I'm not good at multiple characters in one card, so for now these will be single character cards.

I'm ok to draw original characters, fan characters, closed species, and existing characters from shows (ex: Sailormoon). Anthro is ok. Ask before requesting animals as some are more difficult for me than others.

Gore, porn, and mecha are not ok. Light nudity is fine.

ACEO - Naledi by purenightshade ACEO - Purple dragon by purenightshade ACEO - Star Dazzle by purenightshade ACEO - Fluttershy by purenightshade ACEO - Naevalia by purenightshade ACEO - Sailormars by purenightshadeand so many more

Finished trades:
ACEO - Marilasse by purenightshade ACEO - Selene by purenightshade ACEO - Tarren by purenightshade ACEO - Taru by purenightshade ACEO  - Seren by purenightshade

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Guidance requested

Thu May 24, 2018, 12:46 PM
I ask this question a lot and feel like I'm shouting into the void. This time for sure?


I'm looking for help to improve my art. I'm starting to stagnate again and I don't like it. My Mermay art all kind of looks the same and it bugs me. Everything from the last few months except for the few commissions I've done all feels bland.

What do you like? What don't you like? What should I work on? Honest and helpful critiques are super welcome.

Recent-ish Faves
Commission - G1 Monoceros by purenightshade Path of the Warrior by purenightshade SS - Cassiopeia by purenightshade ACEO - Ms. Marvel by purenightshade

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Ethical quandry

Wed May 23, 2018, 12:58 PM
Back in February, I ordered a Body-chan on eBay. The estimated shipping had it's latest arrival time at May 3rd. Ok, fine, the seller's overseas, so whatever. Stuff never takes that long. Right?


May 3 came and went and it didn't show up. I waited. Finally, yesterday I sent the seller a message to let them know that the item hadn't shown up. The tracker they had listed for the item hadn't updated since Feb either, so  I was kind of at a loss here as to what to do. Two hours after messaging them, it shows up in the mail.


Last night, I get a full refund for the item.


No response to my message, just a full refund.

So here I am with both my item AND the money. And I have no idea what to do about this.


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Drabble drabbles

Wed May 16, 2018, 12:54 PM
I've gotten back into writing some quick little drabbles lately, working off a prompt list I've had for years. I'm actually almost done but there are some I just can't figure out which character to use for which prompt. So I'm opening the floor up for suggestions.











Open characters:
Stars of Destiny
Angels of the Night
Other Project characters

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Children of the Fox

Wed May 16, 2018, 9:32 AM
Children of the Fox officially launches on Saturday! You can preorder the e-book at Smashwords. Print versions are forthcoming.

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Women's Day

Thu Mar 8, 2018, 10:40 AM
To celebrate this year, I'm opening art trades for today. Female characters only!

Characters I'm looking for art of:
+WIP+ Ashrinn by purenightshade Inktober 07/16 - Jiyandi by purenightshade Chibi Drianna by purenightshade 66. Ophalia by purenightshade Chibi Mikia by purenightshade Chibi Yakima by purenightshade 69. Autumn by purenightshade The Ryuutenshi Queen by purenightshade +Keverynn+ Winter by purenightshade Chibi Spring by purenightshade Chibi Summer by purenightshade Chibi Quicksilver by purenightshade Chibi Lithayann by purenightshade Chibi Tnethrann by purenightshade Cheers by purenightshade Chibi Batruss by purenightshade

Comment or note if you'd like to trade (and who you'd like me to draw for you).

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Emergency Commissions

Tue Jan 30, 2018, 4:44 PM
So it's gotten to the point that if I pay all of my bills this month there's basically no money for food. This is ludicrously bad. Bad enough that I'm having a panic attack.

If you can't help out, please spread the word.

I'm offering reduced prices on all of my commissionable works until the end of February.

Sketches: $1/100 points (Patreon reward - Tesni)
ACEOs - $5/500 points ACEO - Assassin
Chibis - $3/100 points Chibi blue dragon
Bust - $3/300 points ACEO - Corona Borealis
Full body - $5/500 points +Commission+ Cynara

All art will be drawn on cardstock. Except for sketches, art will be inked and coloured with Prismacolor pencils. Shipping is free with the purchase of multiple items. Otherwise shipping is $1.

Chibis - $3/300 points Chibi Kal Sharash
Portraits - $3/300 points Glamour Shot
Page dolls - 2 for $1/100 points Pagedoll
Bust - $5/500 points Headshot exchange - Kaimana
Full body - $7/700 points Pakkeli
Paintings - $15/1500 points Corgimancer

All art except page dolls will be fully shaded.

Add simple background: $1
Add complex background: $3

Other things I can do
Acrylic paintings Chibi Kloe
Cross stitch New patches
Concept art (character, species, objects)Species concept Keverynn's coins
Scenery View from Aramore Tower
Outfit designs Outfits
Maps Map of An'katerr
Character sheets Bio - Aldiara
Sprites  Ghya Sprites by purenightshade

All plush prices are  50% off the prices listed below
Plush commission info by purenightshade
Shipping of plush items varies depending on their size. On average it runs $10 for a doll.

All commissions are eligible for my points program
Rewards Card by purenightshade

Other ways to help out:
Picking up my books on Smashwords

Finished Commissions:
The Fashionable Corgimancer by purenightshade Commission - Elle by purenightshade Commission - Bernard by purenightshade Commission - G1 Monoceros by purenightshade Commission - Elleram by purenightshade

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Visual novel - Tales of Feralia

Tue Jan 23, 2018, 9:02 AM
I'm super excited to announce that the first demo of 'Tales of Feralia' is now live! It doesn't take long to play through. Right now I have it set up as a browser game on my website:

Tales of Feralia

Minor note: Just to avoid any confusion, once the character gets to the forest, that's all there is. I'm working on getting more content.
My husband played through this last night and pointed out a few minor issues that have since been corrected, but not uploaded. Those corrections will go up with the next bit on content. They're minor, cosmetic changes.

Art from the story:
View from Aramore Tower by purenightshade Erith Woods - entrance by purenightshade

Patrons have had access to pretty much all of the preview art for this project, including character designs, expressions, and scenery. For only $1 a month, you can get access to all those previews as well as what's to come.

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Worlbuilding stuff + resources

Sat Jan 13, 2018, 8:00 AM
Organizational Tools
The Guide

Worldbuilding Generators
Questions to ask
More resources
Name generator
Calendar generator
Chaotic Shiny
Roll for Fantasy
City map Generator
Another city map creator
Kingdom demographics
Kingdom generator
Realm Creator

I'll add more as I find them. Resources are sometimes hard to find (especially good ones).

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MCS - March

Tue Jan 2, 2018, 2:32 PM

Raffle Winner: professoroak 
Since you're the only entrant, you've won the Special sheet. Note me with who you would like and image references.

March is portrait month! $2/200Points
Sadiyah by purenightshade Keverynn characters 01 by purenightshade Seraphina by purenightshade Locsa by purenightshade

Payment: $/Points

Slots: **unlimited**

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Time to let go

Fri Dec 22, 2017, 5:26 PM
These characters haven't seen the light of day in literally years and serve absolutely no purpose anymore. It's time to let go and see if someone out there wants any of these.

Some characters come with profiles ready made (although feel free to ignore those if you'd prefer to make your own) and some have other art attached to them that you'd get along with the character.

All characters can be bought with money, points, or by trade equivalent to their value.
:bulletblue: Has other images by me
:bulletyellow: Has images by others
:bulletred: Has a bio

Senshi Characters:
:bulletred:Ambisagrus - - $5
Anuenu - - $1
Ariadne - $2
:bulletblue::bulletred:Sailorbaraquiel and Asmodel (come as a set) -… - $7
:bulletred:Barbiel - $5 ($1 if purchasing with Baraquiel and Asmodel)
Caloris - $2
:bulletred:Cernunnos - $3
Earth Senshi - $2
:bulletred:KnightErurus- $5 ($15 if you buy all four)
:bulletred:KnightNotus- $5($15 if you buy all four)
:bulletred:KnightZephyrus- $5($15 if you buy all four)
:bulletred:KnightBoreas- $5($15 if you buy all four)
:bulletred:Sailorgliese - - $5
Hecate - $4
Neptune - (middle girl) - $1
Imhotep - $1
Inana - $5
:bulletred:KnightValgor - $15
Lillith - $1
Mars - - $1
Mercury - - $3
Moon - - $3
Neith - - $1
:bulletyellow:Pluto (in the middle) -
Agartha -… - $1
:bulletred: Atlantis -… - $3
Mu - - $1
Lemuria -… - $1
:bulletred: Kilvar - - $15
:bulletred: Tilarra -… - $15
:bulletred::bulletyellow: Uranus - - $15
Venus - - $2

Winx girls:
Fauna - - $2
:bulletyellow: Zephyr - - $1

Blue haired elf: Fire Alpaca $1
Misc characters: Adoptables $2 each
Creatures: Adoptable creatures 1 $2 each

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2018 Goals

Wed Dec 6, 2017, 1:36 PM
I've never really done one of these before, but with things settling into a kind of rhythm in my life it's time to do this.

Art goals:

More body shapes
Add more backgrounds to my art
Character interactions (DotT, SoD primarily)
More comic stuff
Work on my paintings
Stream more
Make some prints/stickers/etc
Finish my Reinked art books (get them printed?)
Visual Novel

Writing goals:
Finish Stars of Destiny book 3

Finish Path of the Master
Edit Children of the Fox
Get my book covers made
Submit books to publishers
Book of poetry (?)
Write more short stories - I've done a couple so I guess that counts?
Finish Myths and Tales

Life goals:
More fundraisers for my library
Save money for the trip to Germany
Keep my house cleaner
Work out more - I started an adult tap class this week.
Read at least 1 book per month - I've been ordering a lot of books through the library: comics and art books mainly. 

Books of 2018
Dragon Age: The Masked Empire by Patrick Weekes

This is kind of a cheat because I started reading this one early last year and only just now finished it. I really enjoyed it even though I'm not big on reading about politics. It's full of background for the game Dragon Age: Inquisition which is really great.

Pillage by Obert Skye
I'm only including this on the list because it's something I tried to read and just couldn't. I find first person stories difficult at the best of times but I just couldn't get in to what the characters were doing. 

Same but Different by Holly Robinson Peete
It's one of my many job perks as a librarian that I get to order materials for the library's permanent collection. This book popped up in one of the more recent catalogues and I couldn't resist. It showed up two months ago and I immediately checked it out. It took me an hour to read, roughly. The book itself is narrated by a set of twins. The boy is Autistic while his sister isn't and the short stories inside go back and forth from their points of view. I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed it very much. The boy is more severe on the spectrum than my son, but so much of what he experiences is all too familiar. I recommend this book to anyone who knows someone on the spectrum or is just plain curious as to what life is like in my house.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Initiation by N.K Jemison and Mac Walters
I tried. I really did. I've had this book out pretty much since it hit the library system and I just can't bring myself to finish it. 9 weeks I've had it out and I just can't. Cora is a barely tolerable character in the game and reading a whole book about her backstory? I was hoping it would help make her more interesting the way the Dragon Age novels did with all theirs, but no. She's still dull. I'm sorry to everyone who really likes her, but I just...can't.

Fruits Basket
I really enjoyed the anime for this so learning that the manga is in the library system here...couldn't resist. I've made it through 8 volumes so far. I'm not talking the regular editions either but the Collector's Editions. They're HUGE!

Dragons of Autumn Twilight (graphic novel) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
I'm still not entirely sure how I stumbled on this, but I found it burred in the library system. Utter curiosity made me take it out as Dragonlace was a major influence in my teen years. As with all graphic novels based on longer works, it was missing things from the novel but it had enough of the original source material that it was still recognizable. The art didn't disappoint, but I am disappointed that there aren't more of these in the system. I know they exist in the world, but somehow our library doesn't have them. Hmm....

Dragonlance: The Annotated Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
I've read the Dragonlance books often enough that the only reason I took this book out in the first place was to read the annotations. As a writer myself it was hilarious to read through some of their thought processes and inside jokes. 

The Violet Fox by Claire C. Marshall
So, I was at SaskExpo this last weekend and I stumbled on the author's table more or less by accident. As a writer myself I'm always drawn to tables full of books. I had a pleasant chat with Ms. Marshall and wound up picking up the three books in the series that she had for sale as it was a good deal.

What I didn't realize until I cracked the first one open a few days after I got home was that the series is written in first person. Usually this is an automatic nope for me. I abhor first person perspective books. I've only ever read one that was any good. But, I bought them, I liked the author from the brief chat we had, so I decided to just try.

I was relieved to learn that the first book is quite good. It took me about a day to plow through it as it's an easy read. Given that it's YA, the resolution to the plot was relatively easy to see coming, but that's ok. You expect that sort of thing in certain genres. There was one twist I did't see coming and that was nice. I like surprises.

I started on book 2 last night and I hope it's as enjoyable as the first.

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