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November 16, 2010
the lighting, the details, the shapes, the textures, the clarity, the functionality, the overall appearance, the impact... do i really need to further elaborate why XDJ II by *Pureav is featured as a Daily Deviation? everything, really everything in this skin cries out one thing: Perfection!!
Featured by OtisBee
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XDJ II - Updated

EDIT: Old work now...some pretty embarrassing details here. Heh.



I had a word with the Xion developer and he has whipped up a new release fixing a ton of bugs. You may have noticed the following while using this skin:

* Album art not updating properly.
* Save states not working (DSP and VIS resetting on each load).
* Pausing after scrubbing the position resumes to where you scrubbed to.

All these have now been fixed so download the latest install (build 126) here:…

Hope you enjoy!


Hehehe. Yeah I'm happy with this :)

Aight so this is a follow up to my original XDJ (which was created like 2 years ago or something). This time around though, I aimed for a more natural DJ setup including CD decks as well as vinyl. For those who have experience with this stuff, I'm sure you'll find your way around nicely.

Some Features:
* Vinyl and CD deck modes.
* Animated vinyl and CD deck rotations.
* Dragable tonearms and joggable CD wheels.
* Realistic peak meters.
* Natural DJ layout.
* Looks sweet when streaming the latest epidode of ASOT :)

Download the attached .zip and UNZIP it first! The skin file is inside, not the original .zip itself. Also, please read the .txt file included for some useful info.

Latest Xion build required (as of Oct 2010)

That's about it me thinks. Turn up your vol and blast some bass porn.

Peace, Lance
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download evil orb 2 (edited by mojtaba salehi)

Xion Player Evil Orb 2 (Edited skin)

direct: DOWNLOAD
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Any chance of turning one of these turntables to a wallpaper 1920X1080? I was thinking of a Blackbox theme, with your permission and full credits to you, of course...
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Yep, pretty sure it was this one that first introduced me to Xion
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Have to see this player this is awsome!
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Is there away to make it like a real turn table, one side play a song then other side play another?
I already love it and glad i found your page, but any ways it is just a thought.
stating it's like really already there just needs the coding+.
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Hey man. Unfortunately no, this can't be done. This is simply a skin for an audio player, it's not actual DJ software in any way. I also don't work on the Xion coding either, just design and animation :)

Thanks a lot for your comments and fav bro! Great to hear of people using this :D

Peace, Lance
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Well in that case because i love your animation and design, is there any pacific tutorials you could direct me to, i'm trying to design an UI dj software but looking for a coder or something, but main thing is just need design ideas.
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This is a damn good design, can't wait to use it!!!
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Sick. Brilliant design.
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Thanks very much :)
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how long did it take you to make? im wanting to create my first skin for Xion, i want to make it as detailed as this, but not sure if i can manage because of all the layer names you have to use for it too work :\ i'd get too confused haha sick ! using it right now :P
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Very good Photoshop work. Bravo.
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amazing work
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in what software did you make this?
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Everything you see in the gallery is Photoshop unless otherwise stated :)
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Outstanding! Don't suppose you'd consider doing one for the AIMP2 also?
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Can't believe I never commented.
Lame of me.

I love this. It's brilliant work.
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