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[NOTE: This is now very old work of mine and doesn't reflect my current abilities. I know that's a silly thing to say but I feel I should mention it anyway. Thank you for your support peoples!]

Hello again. Alright so here is my second DA submission.

I have always loved music production and audio creation which ultimately lead to the love of audio player skins and interfaces. So this piece was a way to express my love for audio, through a design.

All comments welcome!

Peace, Lance
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My language :-)
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I love the look! Nice!
Wasn't this on reddit no too long ago? Hmmfph. Now I'm finding it just by browsing for icons. Nice.
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It was on Reddit? LOL. It's appeared in a few places over the years, I don't keep track though.
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This is very cool,, please show me the download link.. :)
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where the hell can i download this PLAYER ???????
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You can't :( It's simply a piece of art but no function, heh. Thanks though!
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I think it an AMAZING work of craftsmanship, even if it is an older work......such clean curves, detail, precision! Blows my mind.
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Thanks a lot man! Aye it's quite a classic :)
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Very beautiful indeed, Lance. Are you working on anything new (Xion)?
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Got a ton of projects on the go at the moment, mostly client based though. New Xion default is just around the corner though :) I'll be uploading some more GUI stuff soon, it's been a long ass time...
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For sure.....Glad to hear the news, and glad you're staying busy and on top of your game!:D---I'm watching a very good YT vid on the pentool in PS, trying to get a good feel for it. I know it's a must to master if I want to create my own shapes and effects for interfaces. So far, I've just made do with the little I do know, but I'm ready to get out of this rut and get serious about design.....Getting tired of logon-screens and round/rectangular shapes.
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Pur - "most impressive work and still stands strong even today against other comprable works - well done friend !!"
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Great work! Love it!
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p - "this is also brilliant & breautiful work !!"
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awesome skin! you have very good skills in gui creation.
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Looks Familiar :P

fav+ for this great work man ^^
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Thank youuuu :)
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Love that old-school volume slider! :)
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Thanks man! :)
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