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[See video link below to see it in action =D]

Super, SUPER proud to finally present this thing! Over the past three years, I've had the pleasure to work with audio plugin developer Steve Duda on brand new monster of a software synth. Today, it was released to the public for the first time. The hype has been huge. The official product page can be found here:


Also recommended, here's a video walkthrough of its core features from John Lehmkuhl of PlugInGuru:


About the GUI
Over three years, the GUI has been through many, many variations. This is the first VST GUI I've built from the ground up, so I had the freedom to also exercise my brain in layout and usability - something I wish I had with standard bitmap replacement skinning. For those of you who come to use Serum, some areas may seem a little cramped, which is due to last minute ideas that weren't a part of the original design. Also, the WT Editor popup is the ONLY page I haven't touched (4:51 in the video above). It was put together by somebody else to help get it out of the door while I worked on other things. I'll no doubt tackle that page in a future update.

That's about it for now. Sorry for the shitty resized thumbs of the other pages. I'll eventually get around to putting full res of each page once I've tidied any remaining bits and pieces.

- Lance
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I love the interface for Serum, AND the way it sounds. Easily my fav synth plug in. I was very excited when the new updated was reskinnable! Question on customization;Ive seen two methods of editing the skin, one with colormap.PNG, and one using a folder full of bitmaps. Is it possible to combine both of these techniques? I've managed to make a subfolder full of bitmaps in my serum presets>skins folder into a sweet purple, but I can't figure out how to edit the waveforms. Alternatively I've tried editing the colormap.PNG and only been successful in editing the color of the waveforms, wavetables, envelopes, LFOs etc, but can't change the color of the body. Is it possible to use both simultaneously?