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GUIFX Elements Pack 'Dean'.

NOTE: I am not in charge of the price tag so please don't post messages regarding it! I'm just the designer.

I started working for GUIFX at the beginning of August. Due to this, I haven't had much time for my usual personal projects. So I figured why not upload some of the work I've been making for my job :)

This piece was my first real project for them which hit the online store. It is a GUI elements pack designed for touchscreen interfaces, but of course it could be used for any purpose really.

*Note: we now give human names to all of our products, hence the name Dean :)

And here is a link to the actual store product page:…

AGAIN, I am not in charge of the price tag so please stop telling me I'm over-priced!
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I love this design. It's sweet.
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Any chance you can create an interface package for me?
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$499.99 Bucks? 
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Yup. Outrageous isn't it?
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have a need for Deana graphics only (not the Crestron vtt file). Have e-mailed, called and left messages and posted on Facebook and so far no response from Morgan. Can u help? BTW, your graphics the best.
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Hey man. The link in the description takes you to the store page for just the element pack itself. I can't help any further as I don't own them anymore.
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I know the link takes me to the store. The store sells the graphics inside the vtt file. You need the Crestron software to open, which, I don't have. I've tried contacting Morgan in various ways and no response. Are u still employed by him? Do u have any graphics he doesn't own that u might be willing to sell?
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I'm no longer employed by him, no. I'm not sure what's contained in the actual product on the site but I see what you mean. As for other graphics, I'd be willing to design you a unique pack if you wish? Email me via if you'd like to discuss it more :)
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Very nice work!
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Thanks dude :) Aye, the price is pretty ridiculous, but it's not my doing so can't help you I'm afraid :(
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I want to know which software make this,Fireworks or photoshop or AI? Thanks,boy.
and I really want to learn how to make the beautifu interface,Is there some tutorial online?Thank you very very much.
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Very nice Pureav. Crispy, I want to eat this.
Minor-Eight's avatar
Really sexy and sleek! Fav+
PureAV's avatar
Thanks a lot man! :)
PureAV's avatar
Thanks a lot :)
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Nicely done.
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very nice color, awesome!
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Thanks man! ^_^
Thanksss cheesey
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