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I've put off writing a journal, but I think now would be a good time to start one.

This is because I am now starting a new part of my life, my College life! Well at college I am studying Biology, Psychology, Computing and most importanty for Deviantart, Photography !!!!

Today I kinda had my first proper lesson in Photography (the one other lesson i've had was a quick introduction). Today we were all given a 'scavanger hunt' to do. Basicly in groups of three we went out and took photo's of some things that we were told on paper. For example: Take a picture of two left feet. Hence the photo i've just posted of Two left boots. Unfortunatly, the camera our group borrowed to to this played up and took ages to start taking photo's again.

But I really enjoyed the lesson today, I'll feeling positive of the lessons to come !
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Time to start the Journal by Pure-Visual, journal