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halcyonPilot Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2008
i can't believe I found this! I remember when I first found dA, I saw this. I thought(and still do) this was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!! This was my first real exposure to techno, and was addicted from the start!! :love:

psion005 Featured By Owner May 17, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trippy stuff, nice samples :thumbsup:

luminarylegacy33 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
I don't like that rabbit shaking its pink butt in my face, but this is addictive :dance:
Nari-The-Death-God Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2004  Student General Artist
OMFG this kiks ass to mars (who is laughing at us BTW)
half-dark Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004
I'm gonna favorite this dispite my avid fear and hate of bunnies. this is because 1, it totaly rocks and kicks ass and 2, it actualy REVEALS THE BUNNIES FOR THE EVIL SCUM THEY ARE!!
bogstrock Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004
man.....what did u use for this animation?
crazy guy...:)))
pur9e Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2004
in the desc
trancetime Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2003
Cool yet disturbing...
moongate Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
wow now this is somthing very amazing and impresive!
er0k Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2003
shit this is nice, the rabbit is nicely animated, very nicely animated in fact..can't say i like the controls, but i don' think i could of done better. i do like the perspective on the volume knob though.

and i couldn't hear anything for some reason? all the animations worked smothly...but no musik. oh well..still hel of a flash movie.
pur9e Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2003
Yeah I actually think it's pretty clunky myself, I tried to combine some crap that just didn't work out. Never heard of anyone not being able to hear the audio....
sojaco Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2003
what the hell....
hey dude really amazing... unbelievable but what about the pitch shift?
Do you know "Funki Porcini"? He`s Amon Tobin too... also great music.
pur9e Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2003
Pitch shift? Are you being facetious? Since DA upgraded, certain elements of my flash movies stopped working and I have *no* idea why. That thing on the right is a volume control and in the past, you could scratch the animation like a record. No longer.

And yes, part of this is a video file. Actually there are three or four, I forget.

Funki porcini I am not familiar with but if he's mentioned in same breath with tobin I shall look him up immediately.
sojaco Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2003`s a video file you imported in Flash right?
centaura Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2003
Cool, great rabbit! :) (Smile)
bazza Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2003
inspirational and truly unique
kabaalk Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2003
...this scared me a i played with it for near 20 minutes.......i am confused now....
faderillaz Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2003  Hobbyist Artist
Is that 3D animation? It hipnotize me!!!
If it's not, I say again, you're really great animator!!!!!!!
cyclotron Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2003
love it, great work, really nice 3d model and the dancing to the music. GREAT IDEA! keep up the great work!
ecolindo Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2003




- you are a wonderful flash artist, and now you are in my devwatch!
hexx Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2003
Love it...its nice....flash rocks by the way.
mikey-is-me Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003   Digital Artist
Sorry, but IT IS!

Especially love his reflection in the record
riotcomix Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2003
Haha, that's cool. Love the 3D effect of the dancing bunny :) (Smile) .
fetology101 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2003
In the words of the burglars in 'Home Alone', this is: "Very G."

Your'e the man with the flash animation. And the remixin. And just....stuff in general.
evilnstuff Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2003
This is super man! Totally original, completly like nothing I have ever seen - and even better - it's interactive!!!! Wow! Got anymore like this?
kindreadth Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003
Well what the hell should we say? You know you're shit is top notch. Why comment? J/k
Excellent as always and dude you need to hook me up with a list of artists to go buy &/or download. I haven't heard of half the tunes you put up in your deviations.
Anyway keep it coming....the shit is just too cool.
thekrazypixy Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003
*claps*yay! another job well well well done. i love whatching that bunny's reflection , details details ... love it! and yeah im a person who will come back again to watch it over again.
defmunky Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003
haha, i love these little interactive flashes. this must have taken a long time to get everything set up and got all of the bugs worked out of it. i love that tricky song. *scratchy scratch* love the reflection and the interaction with the bunny. werd. definately a +fav this stuff takes forever to do. yah remixes :) (Smile) i've played with fruity loops a bit, but my attention span isn't too great with programs i don't know that well. major kudos on this bro. yah, people don't comment because they just watch and continue surfing sometimes. either that, or they don't feel like waiting, assbags. thanks for uploading bro :D (Big Grin)
sartori09 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mr. Ville 's gotta one of the coolest creation i've seen. Great track selection. Tricky's fits 72 rpm really well.

Odd thing looks almost like a SANE creation from our favorite mad scientist....hmmmmmmm.........

tgee Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oustanding work, great tunes as well
thppt Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003
wow. more of a good thing.. this is great and I always love to click on the buttons to make differant thing happen. Im a child. The reflections on the record make it look so real also like the spot light. You have a teriffic style that I could see marketable.
ninjatech Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003
purge...with every succeeding release you put out on this site you make myself more and more glad that i added you to my watch.
meorz Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003
so incredibly awsome... smooth and sweet..
chdani Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003
gotta love that rabbit
sphish Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003
zimmydrawer7 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003
ag-plus Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003   Digital Artist
Loving the smoothness and unique animation.
Great job!
tea Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Hahahahahaha Sweet!
nebu Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
wooooo hooooo da bunny is back..I soooooooo love this guy. Awesome interaction hun. I had fun doing the scratching on the Only thing I wish you had encluded the original music you used, he was so funky with that one too!! You rock darlin!! +fav

And yes I will be back to show my son =P (Razz)
jen-r8r Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003   General Artist
great stuff pur9e! lovein' the bunny! :D (Big Grin)
ladyvirago Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003
That's pretty awesome :) (Smile) . Took me 6 mins to dl with 56k but worth it. I can't believe how smooth and nicely it flows. You did a great job with putting this together. I love it. I'm glad my sweety faved it. I rarely check out flash on DA but maybe I will now :) (Smile) .

I like how the bunny is pink too. It's cute and creepy.
kilgore-trout Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Professional Photographer
wicked tracks Jamming to mah stereo

goin to see amon tobin in a few weeks ;) (Wink) he's part of this years Jazz Festival, so im rather anticipating his set

---as for the piece already know i luv your work :) (Smile)
but the user functionality in this piece is slick...& im kinda amazed at the size of it????so small

whats your trick???
.....cause their hella kewl
gaiat Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003
O_o o_O O_O
jellybat Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Professional Photographer
fayde Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
this is absolutely wicked... very nicely put together. love all the tracks :D (Big Grin)
lordjax Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003
Fucking dope animation. Killer coding +favlove word
lucidia Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
w0000000000000000000t! *loves the rabbit in any incarnation*

you r0x0r
opioid Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Professional General Artist
synti Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003
This is THE best flash EVER! I love the model! Great musci! I love the interactivity. Background, color and the motion is just top-notch. Instant favorite! +fav
kablakistan Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003

(12:22:24) handofweasel: it's up
(12:22:45) handofweasel: [link]
(12:23:13) MOONUNITKABLAK: s'pose you're impatient for me to see and comment, eh?
(12:23:30) handofweasel: well it's about the coolest thing I have ever made
(12:23:34) handofweasel: technically
(12:23:43) handofweasel: I can't believe I got all that shit into one megabyte
(12:24:15) MOONUNITKABLAK: i really think the low viewing is cause of the surfing effect
(12:24:27) handofweasel: what?
(12:24:32) MOONUNITKABLAK: peeps don't want to load it
(12:24:35) handofweasel: ohhh
(12:24:36) MOONUNITKABLAK: don't have flash or whatever
(12:24:42) MOONUNITKABLAK: have modems
(12:24:46) handofweasel: hmm
(12:24:58) (Cool) handofweasel: I wonder if it counts a view at that interm page part
(12:25:03) handofweasel: that's probably it
(12:25:10) MOONUNITKABLAK: ?
(12:25:16) MOONUNITKABLAK: not just the preview?
(12:25:29) handofweasel: the part where it shows a medium thumbnail and the description
(12:25:39) handofweasel: the "non fullview"
(12:25:40) MOONUNITKABLAK: and i have to shut any other sound off to hear it
(12:25:52) handofweasel: well you should have to
(12:25:59) handofweasel: it's a full entertainment package
(12:26:43) handofweasel: there isn't any way possible for me to wrest control of other programs' sound with flash code
(12:26:45) MOONUNITKABLAK: you can't scratch on teh tunes though
(12:26:49) handofweasel: no
(12:26:52) handofweasel: it would sound like shit
(12:27:17) MOONUNITKABLAK: be cool if the needle were on the record and he had to step over it
(12:27:38) (Cool) MOONUNITKABLAK: all these new tricky and massive tracks
(12:27:55) handofweasel: the massive's new the tricky is not
(12:28:00) MOONUNITKABLAK: liek the rpm change a lot
(12:28:05) handofweasel: w00t
(12:28:33) handofweasel: that render you are looking at took my computer about 40 hours
(12:28:39) handofweasel: for 160 frames
(12:29:02) MOONUNITKABLAK: can i paste this im in as my comment?
(12:29:04) handofweasel: of course the quality's a bit better at 160 megabytes too
(12:29:14) handofweasel: haha
(12:29:30) handofweasel: let me see....
(12:29:33) MOONUNITKABLAK: you think i am kidding
(12:29:35) handofweasel: who did I insult last
(12:29:37) MOONUNITKABLAK: it woudl be cool
(12:29:46) MOONUNITKABLAK: just from the it's up part
(12:29:59) handofweasel: sure
(12:30:03) handofweasel: why not
(12:30:07) handofweasel: who fucken cares
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