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It's been a long while! While there are plenty of reasons and excuses why it took this long, but I do not feel any would be good enough for the wait. And I give my deepest apologies about that, and as my guilt grew longer, I kept putting it out more, thinking that it should be bigger and grander due to the time you had to wait, putting more stress on myself. And I am sorry.

However! Thanks to the big help of men0ni, as an early christmas present, THESE PUPUKOS ARE THE WINNERS! I am not able to provide the promised official art of them, but they may be considered as official Pupukos from this day forward. Congratulations, and thank you everyone for joining the raffle! There were absolutely BEAUTIFUL designs, and I couldn't be happier about the imagination Pupukos have brought to you!


These have no particular order, you're all even with your beautiful babies!

Karne - Pupuko MYO by caneqqy
By caneqqy

A beautiful and unique idea while executed in harmonious design fitting the theme! Especially the limbs slightly mimicing without going overboard about how muscles would look is a very nice touch.

Pupuko's core material:  Flesh
Pupuko's elements: Earth/Void
Pupuko's personality: Many expect him to be evil or messed up in one way or another due to the grotesque look of his tail, but Karne is as easy-going and gullible as they come. 
He doesn't really do much on his own accord and spends most his time resting, but complies with orders instantaneously without any complaints. Karne's a friendly fellow, and finds himself easily approachable (which is mostly false for obvious reasons). He also thinks he's way cooler than what he actually is, and tells people stories about how he was born from the flesh of a fallen legendary hero - most believe that his beginnings are at the local butcher shop though, as that's where he was first seen.
Karne has also a fear of dogs and other carnivorous animals, as some have tried to eat his tail several times in the past.

Pupuko MYO Contest [Dragon] by LostTideLover
By LostTideLover

Adorable with michievous look, who couldn't be wooed by the french-girl poses of this fellow. The idea of dragonfruit is portrayed greatly and easily recognizable.

Pupuko's core material:  Dragon Fruit
Pupuko's elements: Earth/Water
Pupuko's personality:  Bubbly and outgoing, will often rest their head on their hands and randomly stare at others lovingly as if they were the most precious thing on the planet. Has a tendency to seem like they're flirting when really that's just how they are. Will also often pose or lay down randomly as if they were a figure in a glamorous painting. draw me like one of your french girls

Pupuko MYO entry - PUROL by AMeraki
By AMeraki

Unique idea portrayed beautifully with equally unique silhouette, with soft color scheme to match the cuteness.

Pupuko's core material: Jellyfish
Pupuko's elements: Void/Water
Pupuko's personality:
She is a precious girl, really emotional and sensible. Good listener and can give a lot of precious advice. 
She's a crybaby and gets drunk really easily (just the smell can makes her head spin. She usually stays near the water).
It's an huge collector of jellyfish, her lair is full of aquariums with many kinds of jellyfish inside. Can sing really well. 
When she enters the sea, in few minutes she finds herself surrounded by any kind of fish.
Loves Water (Ocean is her first love); Children; Shiny things
Hates: Violence; Blood; Pollution

Pupuko MYO entry: Onagadori by Samorrin
By Samorrin

Harmonious colors with a good eye for the idea. The tail especially is beautiful! Easy to connect to the animal it's based on without it being on your face.
Pupuko's core material: Onagadori Rooster
Pupuko's elements: (Void/Air)
Pupuko's personality
•Elegant charmer
•Well mannered
•Takes care of his animals kindly
•Gets lost easily
•Too self confident
• Will fight you if needed (DON'T TOUCH HIS CHICKENS)

By xXAlfaX

Absolutely adorable charmer, with extra points to the small unique detail of clothes. Who could let this happy fellow pass?
Pupuko's core material: Cockateil
Pupuko's elements: Air/Earth
Pupuko's personalityThis little guy loves to be at the center of attention and reamining alone for too long might upset him.
Icarus is known for his beautiful voice and love for colorful things such as scarfs,hats,flowers and glittery stuff.
He can take many jokes without getting mad at you,but you MUST leave his antennae alone. They're his pride and joy and touching them means ruin them!

Pupuko Myo Contest by Lantttu
By Lantttu

Absolute fluffball which charmes everyone who sees them. Fits the flower they're based on from head to toe.
Pupuko's core material: Peony flower
Pupuko's elements: Earth/Void
Pupuko's personality: Deep down bubbly and enthusiastic, specially about his hobbies, which include, surprise, a lot of flowers. Has a certain reservedness to him as well, specially around people. Bit of a social awkwardness, you could say. Doesn't dislike company of others per se, but prefers his personal time. Early bird, every morning he must make sure that his tail is visually in the most perfect condition, haha.

Ursula - Pupuko by Adalgeuse
By Adalgeuse

Interesting deep sea take, the tail radiates eerie power with a hint of glamour. Utilizing the luminescence in the wing is also a neat idea.
Pupuko's core material: Deep sea lanternfish
Pupuko's elements: Void /water
Pupuko's personality
- Likes to explore new places. Like caves, dungeons and so on.
- Collects pretty things in her nest from her exploration trips. Usually pretty rocks, minerals, dried plants, insects shells or seashells. She brings little treasures to friends and family too.
- She loves to swim and is an excellent swimmer.
- While exploring the caverns and other dark places she usually lights up her palms and fingertips only. But in a solid dark space, she loves to light up her whole body to see better.
- After using her lights for longer periods of time, she needs to recharge. Usually, she sleeps or eats a lot, depending on where she is.
- Carries usually a bag with lots of needed items relevant to the cavern exploring. Including emergency lights, just in case.

- Doesn't shy away from the company of others, but doesn't mind being alone either. She loves to share her favorite places only with her nearest and dearest.
- Loves to do party tricks with the glowy parts of her body. Like lighting up in patterns.
- Doesn't like to sunbathe, nor spend too much time in the sun.
- Tends to be nocturnal, but if asked, she will show up to events during the daytime too.

MYO Pupuko entry by Peurankasvo
By Peurankasvo

Down to earth design but still very unique. The whole design seems fresh and and just pleasant, and the markings fit the marimo balls!
Pupuko's core material: Marimo moss ball
Pupuko's elements: Earth/Water
Pupuko's personality:
"Curiosity killed the cat,
But satisfaction brought it back." 

Mosi is extremely curious little pupuko, wanting to know the secrets to everything possible - the dessert he just ate, or to the whole unknown universe. He is a big dreamer, keeps his head above clouds and often gets lost in his own, wild imagination. Mosi takes joy in the tiniest things: he loves when wind waves his fur, how ducks swim so peacefully on a calm lake and how good a refreshing ice cream tastes on a hot summer day. Mosi, still living in his small pond where he was born, spends most of his days just floating around and staring at the sky, daydreaming of all the wonderful adventures he might some day have. 
Water is something Mosi highly enjoys - both swimming and just splashing around. He likes moisture in general, and he absolutely hates the feeling of his fur and especially moss ball tail being dry. He also likes to dive head first in fresh, damp moss. That usually leads to minor injuries and usage of bandages, but Mosi doesn't really mind having a bruise or two as long as he's having a good time.

Pupuko MYO - Precious by Sankko
By Sankko

Interesting element idea, with simple yet but royal colors. Especially the faint glitter in the body is nice idea.
Pupuko's core material: Precious elements (melted)
Pupuko's elements: Earth/Fire
Pupuko's personality: Lonely / timid / reserved / deppressed / paranoid
Born from the melting of an old wedding ring filled with regrets, dissapointments and heartaches. Shunned and bullied by his own kind from the first moment of his life, he sought shelter and company from the world of humans instead but grew bitter over the years for being abused, taken advantage of, time and time again by those who only wanted him to find them gold, more gold, always more and more gold. Once hopeful to find his place in this world full of wonder, now wary of all interaction with any living creatures and lost his will to even exist. He's made a home in an old mine where he can feel faint sense of relief in solitude close to the small amounts of gold, silver and platinum left in the abandoned shafts - never feeling happy or even satisifed with these coniditions but terrified of going out to seek places more abundant of precious metals.

Pupuko MYO Entry by Zoey-Hoshi
By Zoey-Hoshi

Very elegant design, and just by seeing it it makes you think of a sweet dancer. The marking is very unique, and the features added fit the theme.
Pupuko's core material: Stardust 
Pupuko's elements: Void/Air
Pupuko's personality: Quiet, gentle, elegant, a little stuck up about looks, likes to look after and care for others, likes to be excited and do new things. A little oblivious to certain things such as accidentally hurting someone's feelings or being a little selfish but never means to do such things

Pupuko MYO - Orchid by men0ni
By men0ni

Unique body shape combined with a beautiful tail, and soft markings that fit the flower without going too complicated, letting the flower itself stand out.
Pupuko's core material: Orchid
Pupuko's elements:  Earth / Water
Pupuko's personalityChiiiill man.... Sit down and look at the sky. Isn't it pretty? 

Have you ever known creature that is overly chill? So chill, that it makes you stressed of how something can be so chill and without stress. 
That's Orchid there you are looking at. And he is good at making others feel anxious. Not in purpose though, it just happens.

His natural facial expression makes him look like he has smoked something. Some say he is lazy, some suspect him of being touched in the head. There's no rush anywhere in life of Orchid. He prefers to sit down and enjoy view, or in very rare cases make Crystal so angry that they are close wanting to choke him. Those two seem to have friendly relationship of 27% friendship is magic and 73% why am I even friends with this guy. Shortly, he is chubby fluffy flower hippie pupu - friend of anyone who sits down to chat'n'chill with him.


If you had a pupuko that did not win, you can buy it for 30e. BE PRAPRED that you might have to change some things from your design!
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