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Voodoo Nights

Comparison side-by-side shot:

:bulletred: [link] :bulletred:


Continuing the tradition from this summer, I repaint over my old stuff to make me like it a little more without going crazy and deleting it!

as always, sorry if you like the older better, but I do what I want with my work and this is a fun way to see what I can do with simple paintovers.


original drawing from 2004, ballpoint on sketch paper.
original colors in Open Canvas

new colors in Photoshop CS3
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love your work
Nagneto's avatar
This is gorgeous.
WildWhimzyAngel's avatar
Creepily awesome! A voodoo vampire shaman-- honestly I've never heard of that.

I especially love the eyes of the cats in the back.
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Yoshi7Link's avatar
One of my all time favourites. Your style is totally unique and just utterly brilliant.
RipVanWinkle123's avatar
Cool,Awesome,Beautiful,but i think that blue eyes are better than red eyes.
Sweety-Wanda's avatar
Thet's a really well done work! <3
Pansito's avatar
I KNEW I have seen this before!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! YAAAYY!!!!
BloodValkyrie's avatar
I'm in love with this image! This guy is so sexy! I want to be his love interest! :D
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You are an amazing tallent and I've been following your art for a long time. You're one of my favorite artists on all of deviant art. Truly an inspiration.
Velexstrza's avatar
Oh my god..this
waffflebat's avatar
NinjaDragon3's avatar
It looks amazing!!!!!!:D :D :D The detail is outstanding and the mood of the picture is so dark and creepy! I LOVE THIS!!!! Goodness when I find a picture as good as this I never know what to say.:P
MissNicka's avatar
Who is this character?
DystopianUtahraptor's avatar
This is Rip Van Winkle from the anime Hellsing
Pythosart's avatar
Wow! Those colors really set the mood off.

Love the cats.
BlueChord's avatar
I remembered this one from so long ago. Creepy as ever, love all the eyes.
dratini-chan's avatar
Still one of my favourite pieces =) I remember this is the one that made me Deviant stalk you so many years ago hehe
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