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Doctor Hoo - wallpaper

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: AVAILABLE AS A PRINT HERE: [link] :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

ITS A PRINT NOW! :) thank you for the patience and soryr it took so long.


Well, i've seen a few wallpaper versions floating around and I made this very simplistic one for myself. Thought I'd share it. to keep with the feel of the original piece I decided to contrast the rough brush strokes against black as well as to make certain the focus stayed on our little space-time owls.

Feel free to use, one size only I'm afraid (sorry! but it should be able to fit most resolutions if you set it to)

also if you like this design be sure to head over to threadless and ask them to reprint it! :bulletblue: :bulletblue: [link]

the reprint request option is just under the sizes of course :)

and, yes, i'll eventually get a print of the gouache painting out (not the vector one done for the shirt) sorry its taken me so long, i'm just always so frazled. I need to find a good online printing service.... Not really sure of where to look though! hmm...

Anyway, please enjoy :) sorry to ramble.
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I love the Tenth doctor out of them all!
Where's all the Hoo-dini jokes? I think I've fainted. 
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Very clever. :)
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So cute!  
Little Pixel Heart  Mini Tardis  Little Pixel Heart 
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i actully put it on my wallpaper
maxer906's avatar
how many thumbs up for the new doctor? 
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10th so skiny :D
piyush-x's avatar
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I came across this beauty by accident and I absolutely love it! Quite awesome!
thatbrony12's avatar
that prety chool
dr-bones-mccoy's avatar
Oh my goodness! This is fantastic! :D
Pixelpanda42's avatar
This is amazing! They actually look like the different doctors
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That is hilarious. I love how you(?) did the Fourth's scarf. Tom Baker was a great Doctor, wouldn't you agree? Although, Tennent was a fair deal better. Did you know: David Tennent is a Shakespearean actor?
RabidElf's avatar
I saw someone with this shirt last week I thought it was several flavors of Brilliant. Very well played!
DoubleHeartedHuman's avatar
LOL! 10th Doctor be lookin like coo-coo!
gingerontheinside's avatar
da coolest fucking thing, that i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the doctors, and owls, i love all of da owls
romba10's avatar
............ hm? that look familiar.... ah! DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!!! XD
ichigoandneko's avatar
Owls and Doctor Who combined in the same picture? PERFECT :squee: I'm using it as a wallpaper for my laptop now, thank you so much!
Reyai-Bloodrose's avatar
I love the Eccleston owl! XD
Such a serious look on his face!
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