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Doctor Hoo - T-SHIRTS A GO

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: AVAILABLE AS A PRINT HERE: [link] :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

ITS A PRINT NOW! :) thank you for the patience and soryr it took so long.

T-shirt information as follows:

Finally I can really say it! Hey everyone, this design is available on a shirt on threadless now so if you like it head on over and grab yourself up one! Follow this link here :bulletred: [link] :bulletred:

and go snag them up while they're hot! thanks to everyone to voted!!

In the past week i've been sent two pictures of "doctor hoo" by two different artists (one of which being [link] ! which is just too cute for words) so I wanted to give it a go and try my hand at it.

This doesn't even look like I drew it. I've never done anything in this style before.

Oh he's so cute as owls.
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Hey there, I love this design! I have the coffee mug and hoodie from Threadless <3. Thank you for creating this for us; it's my favourite of all my Doctor Who paraphernalia! 

Which is why I would like to humbly request that you consider doing an update that includes the recent Doctors, because it really is my favourite design and I would love to sport the full 'set' of doctors.

Thank you Xx
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HAHAH!!! nOOO WAY! I have two of your T-shirts!!! My ma bought me 1-11 and 1-12 for my birthday and Hannukah yeaaars ago. Oh my goodness I never expected to find this here and what do you know? I love this design so much and I love wearing the T-shirts time to time. I adore both birds and Doctor Who and I think this is a absolutely brilliant and clever take on the title "Doctor Who". It's brilliant. I know a lot of others say they have the same thing as well but I do too and I love it.
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OMG!!! THIS IS SOOOOO GUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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I've got this as a shirt! Would love an updated version with all 13 Doctors :)
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The eighth owl basically sums up me
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…I never thought I'd see the day, the doctors became owls…but here it is…and it's amazing.
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it's really good!!!
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this one is real cool!  :) 
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Just wanted to let you know that your image is being used by a cushion shop on Amazon -…
As a DA artist myself I would want to know if someone was possibly using my work without permission.
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I like 8's color scheme.
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The DT (10th) is just so beautifully perfect! So spot on! ^.^
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I love this piece - which is why I recognized it when I saw it on etsy:…

I'm going to assume it's not authorized unless told otherwise.  I notice a lot of comments like this, so I also wanted to say that I'm sorry so many people think they can sell your work for their profit without your permission.

Thank you for sharing your art!
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Someone is selling your art on a mousepad on (… )

He's done this to one of my friends too, so I'm looking through all his listings, and found your art. 
Figured I would let you know. :(

It's a cute art by the way, and I hope that this person is brought to justice. 
Also!! To report for infringement, here's a link. I hope it helps. (… )
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Their faces X'3 I love their expressions haha
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Hey awesome!! :D I have this shirt and I love it!! Bought it for my sister too! Cool to see the original art!
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Hey, I just saw this as a mousepad here:… . I wanted to make sure you were aware of this/getting the royalties before I bought one.
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please don't buy it, that's a bootleg. 
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Not a problem. Best of luck getting it removed/getting reimbursed.
So I'm searching etsy and I'm assuming this isn't you…

looks like they've stole other artist's work too. I appreciate you sharing your lovely art with us. I wish there weren't people who took advantage of lovely artists sharing their work with a non-obstructive watermark.
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Someone's asking people to edit this so he can give it to his girlfriend:
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