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Armature Plush - The Sufferer

:bulletred: :bulletred: please do not repost him on tumblr! I already have a tumblr and he's already posted there: [link] :bulletred: :bulletred: (there are also additional shots of him there!)

As promised, the full photo set.

Like all of my dolls, everything you see was made by me (the boots, the red trim is embroidery thread that i braided into a rope) and all patterns were made by me. The doll is fully posable and stands at 7 inches tall. The hood and cloak can be removed - all clothing is made like real clothing (just tiny)and dressed over a naked body. Nothing is sewn onto the body or made directly from the clothing fabric.

the teeth and horns are sculpted from poly clay.

This guy's a pesonal plush so he's not from my commission list. New commissioned dolls going up soon!
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.... Can I have one?
sea-fox-sea's avatar
such good 
brittny-the-wolf's avatar
you are amazing and i love you :'3 XD
MonsterCat05's avatar
so awesome how do you even do this?
bihm's avatar
this is nothing but amature
pupukachoo's avatar
"armature", it means it has a frame work skeleton inside of it. there's an r in the word.
bihm's avatar
ha I didnt notice that :'' D
also I meant to say anything not nothing omg
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Hey. I would like to ask what do you use to style the hair of your beautiful dolls? And also how do you stick them to head? X) :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg, this is so awesome ;w; so cute and all
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This is literally the cutest plush I've ever seen. He looks sooo perfect good job :D
Kat-Havens's avatar
Cute nice work.
RifkaMarie's avatar
Dammit! I love your dolls!
Bellavee's avatar
that is an INSANE amount of detail, ohmygosh! :heart:
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This is so awesome. ^~^
jessid13's avatar
Awesome! Again, I wish I had the skill to make something like this. I love your work! :D
elegantgeisha's avatar
Your plushies are amazing!
MMHinman's avatar
i got creep out when i first saw this guy.. but now that i look back, he's so adorable^^
AnticiaJK's avatar
I REALLY like this guy! The design is lovely and you did wonderfully on the sewing, the outfit is awesome too! And not only that but the pictures themselves are charming too, this setting gives such a tale-like feeling, I would love to see a story illustrated this way (either animation, comic or storybook), it's just too good not to do it, haha.
rac4593's avatar
Awesome doll,

I hope you take no offense in this, but through the dolls are great, the quality
of your photos is so grainy. It feels like it does the craft no justice...
Maybe you should consider it deserves a better camera.
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yes, I am aware, but my good camera is currently in another state and I'm having to make-do with my iphone. I did the best I could with the photographic supplies at hand (which is literally nothing. no proper lighting or camera). Trust me, when I either get my supplies back (or get new ones, i'm in a temp living arrangement) I will be using them.
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Do you mind me asking what you use for the hair? Feedback would be great!
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like I don't even follow this comic at all, I don't know WHO you just made BUT YOU MADE HIM LOOK HELLA GOOD. I don't even know what I'm looking at and I want one! you are amazing!
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