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'You tortured my heart beyond recognition' by Puppypancake 'You tortured my heart beyond recognition' :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 0 0 Dead horse by Puppypancake Dead horse :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 0 0 Morgan horse by Puppypancake Morgan horse :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 0 0 I love you by Puppypancake I love you :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 0 0 Amaya (oc) by Puppypancake Amaya (oc) :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 2 0 Matryoshka cosplay  by Puppypancake Matryoshka cosplay :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 0 0 homestuck by Puppypancake homestuck :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 1 0 Amaya Kasagashi by Puppypancake Amaya Kasagashi :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 2 0 naruto ninetails seal by Puppypancake naruto ninetails seal :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 1 2 Until Deat by Puppypancake Until Deat :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 3 4 cat by Puppypancake cat :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 1 2 Faroe island (one of my oc's) by Puppypancake Faroe island (one of my oc's) :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 2 2 i love prussia by Puppypancake i love prussia :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 1 2 cool drawing with :damuro: by Puppypancake cool drawing with :damuro: :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 0 1 rivaille by Puppypancake rivaille :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 0 0 Tiger by Puppypancake Tiger :iconpuppypancake:Puppypancake 1 8


Anatomy of horse by Demondes Anatomy of horse :icondemondes:Demondes 234 16 Morgan by ellastasia Morgan :iconellastasia:ellastasia 495 124
Mature content
Mephisto Pheles x reader: ~By the principal(lemon) :iconeva006:eva006 280 118
Night passion by P-ChanAndP-Kun Night passion :iconp-chanandp-kun:P-ChanAndP-Kun 95 21
*Karneval* Gareki x Circus!Reader *Finale*
*Lemon Warning*
When everyone returned to the ship, Hirato handed you over to Gareki who carried you to your room. He kicked open the door and led you on your bed. Your clothes were all muddy and torn and your smooth skin had cuts an gashes on it from where the thorns had scratched you. He took a bowl of warm water and a cloth and began dabbing all the wounds that were visible. The pain of your wounds being cleansed awoke you, you slowly opened your eyes and were greeted with a pair of piercing blue ones. 
"G.....Gar..Gareki.." Without thinking, you reached up and touched his cheek and stoked it lightly, he placed his hand on top of yours and brought it back to your side before squeezing it gently.
"You're going to be okay, you just used more magic than you should have, you need to rest now."
"No" You sat up slowly, "I'm fine now, I don't need to rest, in fact, I need to start getting ready for the parade." You began to remove your covers to get out of bed but Gareki got hold of y
:iconfairymintbunny:fairymintbunny 54 5
[ Blush ]
[ Blush ]
{ Makoto Tachibana x Reader }
“[Name]! You there?” a voice called to you from outside your bedroom window.
Groaning, you rolled over in bed, placing your pillow over your head to block his voice.
Why did he always do this? What was the point of coming to your house to wake you up so early?! It was the weekend for goodness’ sake!
From downstairs you heard your door open, only to be shut rather loudly again. You could hear the pattering of his feet making their way up to your room. “[Name], you better not be sleeping!” he called. “It’s almost two in the afternoon!”
Okay so scratch the ‘waking you up early’ part. Still, who does he think he is? Because making sure to wake you up sure wasn’t part of his job, Haruka, maybe, you definitely not.
Frowning, you sat up. “I’m not sleeping anymore,” you grumbled as he leaned against your doorframe. “No thanks to you.”
Sighing, he shook
:iconsecret-of-the-seas:secret-of-the-seas 685 134
Wolfsbane Part One :wolf!PrussiaXReader:
                           Wolfsbane: Part One
You sighed as you stepped out into the rain, using the stacks of newspapers in your hand as an umbrella. It wasn't a shocker when they quickly became soaked through, and all it really did was weigh down your head a bit. Part of you said to stay in the store, but you knew you had to get home and continue to unpack.
You had just moved to Germany from (country of origin) to get on your own two feet. Of course, your parents had been adamant about strapping you to a chair and making you stay at home, but you had been just as determined to leave the nest and show them that you could make it on your own. Why you picked Germany, you didn't really know. All you knew was that as soon as you had seen the ad for a cheap little one story house in one of the suburbs of Berlin online, you knew that it was the place
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 255 37
Headaches (Spencer Reid X Reader)
WARNING: Contains sexual themes/content
"Hey Morgan, have you seen Reid?" You asked the tall, muscular man.
"You missing your boyfriend already?" Morgan teased.
"He's not my boyfriend!" You said while a blush crept up on your face. Derek rolled his eyes.
"Whatever. And Pretty Boy called in sick today." Morgan replied. You nodded, and continued over to Hotch, where you two discussed your current case.
~After Work~
After work had ended for the day, you stopped at the local grocery store to pick up something for dinner. You decided on a sandwich, and then you saw the chicken soup. You thought of Reid, and on impulse bought some to take to him. You paid for your groceries and drove to his apartment. You knocked on the door, but didn't hear a response. You tried the door and to your surprise it was unlocked. You entered cautiously; afraid something had happened. What FBI agent leaves their front door unlocked?
"Reid?" You called softly as you entered the apartment; container of soup in hand
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 644 105
TamakiXReader Anything for you
“Handsome men can't be hurt by water." - Tamaki Suou
    “They’re hiding something!” the twins announced in unison to the rest of the host club. Honey gasped and turned to look at the twins in surprise, the fork that he had moved towards his mouth with a piece of cake on it froze. Mori merely glanced up and slowly lowered Honey’s hand down to the plate once again. Kyoya chuckled and continued to write in his notebook. “Nonsense,” Kyoya replied and glanced up at the twins. The light reflected on the Shadow King’s glasses caused his eyes to be unseen. “Boss is always sneaking around! He’s bad at it too!” Hikaru announced with a glare towards the host whom didn’t seem to believe him. Kaoru smiled and wrapped an arm around his brother’s shoulder. “Our lord seems to be a lot more jumpy as of lately also,” Kaoru pointed out smoothly. Honey nodded his head in agreement and held up Usa-ch
:iconpokemonsoulsm:pokemonsoulsm 460 110
Friendly Competition (Soul Eater BoysxReader)
Friendly Competition
SoulxBlack StarxReaderxDeath the Kid
Request for VioletHeartCruz

It all started when you were enrolled into the DWMA by your father after he realized the potential you had as a weapon. You had never had a meister, but you were able to only transform certain bits of yourself at a time, using only an arm to fire out soul wavelengths at targets you’d set up in an old apartment building that was scheduled for demolition long ago.
Your first day at the school, you were assigned to meet with the founder’s son: Death the Kid. You bit your lip, glancing once more at the schedule in your hand. “He’s late,” you muttered as the students filtered in through the large doors of the school. The bell was going to ring in five minutes and your “guide” of sorts still hadn’t arrived.
A blue haired boy rushed past you, a tall, raven-haired girl who you assumed to be his partner chasing after him. Just behind that interestin
:iconvengefulamber:vengefulamber 200 102
Rivaille WASHITO RICOOOOOOOOO!!!! by KoNaChan95 Rivaille WASHITO RICOOOOOOOOO!!!! :iconkonachan95:KoNaChan95 207 17
Mature content
Never A White Flag #5 |PrussiaxSpyReaderxGermany| :iconparsoncarter:parsoncarter 47 7
PANDA HERO by Ettelle PANDA HERO :iconettelle:Ettelle 609 78 Romano Seme Stamp by Marly-Ery Romano Seme Stamp :iconmarly-ery:Marly-Ery 184 88
Seven minutes in Heaven intro
How had you got here? You were sitting in a circle with several other countries. Most of them were drunk, or just stupidly happy, for some reason unknown. You sighed, now you remembered. America had dragged you over to his house for a 'party'. This usually meant everyone would eat burgers and listen to really loud techno. It wasn't your cup of tea to be brutally honest. You would've much rather have stayed at home, cuddled up with a book, but no, 'the hero' had to drag you over for a party...You didn't even want to be here. You had literally got yourself some lunch when he burst through the door and picked you up and slung you over his shoulder. He hadn't even said 'hello' or given you time to get dressed properly. You had hit his shoulder until your fists hurt but he didn't feel any of it, of course he wouldn't, not with muscles like that. You weren't even in smart clothes. You were wearing a pair of (f/c) skinny jeans, a (sf/c) t-shirt with (f/ch) on it and a pair of knee length,(c)
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 972 796


Has been years since I have been on here. I miss the art here. hopefully i can post my art i have been up to....
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hello people i'm Kiwi and I LOVE anime!!! People I know (excpt for my best friends) think i'm weird. but oh well. also im 13.


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