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   Hey there!! Before I finish writing the Omegaverse stories I have planned, I am doing a quick little guide about what this is and what everything is about. So here we go~!    

What is Omegaverse?

   Omegaverse is a AU(alternate universe) in which males can get pregnant. It isn't always the most popular AU, but it is still used by others. In this system, there are three main roles: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

How do you know which you are?

    First, at birth, the doctors will announce the gender(male or female). In some verses, you can pay to have a test done to determine whether the baby is an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. In others, you just have to wait until they are about 12-24 years old to find this out. So in a way, you have two genders. The male/female gender and the Alpha,Beta,Omega gender.

What do the three roles do?


The Alphas are the more aggressive ones out of everyone. They are the larger and stronger ones, the dominate ones in bed. They are the males or females pumped full of testosterone. The females would differently from the males though. While the males already have a penis, females don't. Everything is different for the Alpha females. They have a small chance of getting pregnant at all, but they can impregnate. Where the female's clitoris is, once she gets aroused, a retractable penis is there instead. Since she has a very small chance of actually conceiving a child, her womb would be smaller or not even there at all. In some verses, she does go through some stages in pregnancy to help her Omega. The hormones the Omega releases help the Alpha.The female Alphas already small breasts would grow so she could help feed the newborn child. For males, it is a bit different. Alpha males can't have their breasts grow like the females, but they still help their Omega out. In almost all of the verses, there is a lot of semen being released. Some verses have knotting, which basically means the Alpha's penis enlarges at the base to lock inside the Omega, giving them a better chance at breeding and producing offspring. All Alphas have larger penises and are the ones to fight over an Omega.


Betas are the normal, everyday guy. They can still breed with other Betas, but they cannot breed with Omegas or get them pregnant. With a female and male Beta, they can reproduce that way. Sometimes even a female Alpha and a female Beta would be able to reproduce.


Omegas are the softer and more gentle of these roles. They are the nurturing parents who raise their children and they are the only ones in here who can get pregnant besides Beta females. The female Omegas use their systems as normal, getting pregnant that way and then nurturing the child like they should. But for the males, it is very different. All Omegas go through heats, it all depends on the author how often they go into heats. During this time, they are most fertile. But the pre-heat is what the males have to go through. Since they only have one hole, their rectum, that is also doubling as protection for the female parts. During pre-heat, the parts start to grow after they empty their rectum completely. The reason they do it is so nothing gets stuck in the uterus. But Omegas are the smaller ones with less muscle and smaller penises if they are male. They love to take care of children and all that parenting stuff.

What is a heat?

    A heat is the time when the Omega is most fertile and ready to mate, or just hide away until the heat is over. If they have an Alpha mate, they will never leave their side unless they need to get their Omega food or water. Mainly, they have sex and then rest. They keep a watchful eye over their Omega, listening to them and caring for them. But in bed, they still are the dominate ones. If an Omega has no mate, that could be dangerous to even leave the house. They could get raped and forced into all of this, even if they protest and try to run. So they basically lock themselves in a room and use many toys to get through this. A good part about this heat is that the Omega will self-lubricate, which means they only need to prep the Omega a bit more have sex. During these heats, the hormones in an Omega go all crazy. A strong scent is released during the heats, causing the Alphas to smell it and chase after the Omega. If there is already an Alpha with that Omega, they will fight the other Alphas off. Some public buildings have small rooms in their basements for any Omegas who suddenly fall into the heat and need help. In some verses, there are pills to stop the heats from happening and some verses have washes that help cover the scent up. There is a pad-like item for the male Omegas to help stop the leaking from the lubrication when they are in public. 

How does pregnancy work?

    Pregnancy is about the same as in the real world. For Betas at least. For the Omegas, everything sort of changes and flips their world around especially one who has never had a child before. The male Omegas chest will grow to around an a-cup to help feed their child. The Omegas will most likely be happy about having a child. The Alpha will become more and more protective of not just their Omega but also the small child growing inside of the Omega. 

How does birth work?

    For female Omegas and Betas, it works just as real life should. For male Omegas is where it gets complicated. Since their uterus is not in the normal position, there will most likely be a c-section, or Cesarean section. Basically they cut their body open and go into the womb, pulling the baby out that way. There are anesthetics that can be used to help numb the pain.

Where do they mate?

    It all depends on the setting of the story and how cruel or nice the Alpha could be. The Omega may build a nest in a closet or small room to mate there. They may even mate in public places or in a car or something. It really all depends on what you are writing or where you are at in the story.

What is a nest?

    A nest is usually a place where an Omega can be comfortable, whether if he is in heat or just having a bad day. It can be a closet or a couch, a small room or a bed. It will usually be filled with soft things, the most smelling like his/her mate if they have one. It usually makes them feel comfortable in all times, even if they feel they are about to murder someone. With Omegas being the small fragile creatures they are, it can help them rest. As they get closer to their delivery date, they will most likely spend more and more time in their nest with their Alpha.

Are there other ways to tell the difference between the three main roles?

    There is a way that is much simpler to tell apart the main three. You give them a doll as a child and observe how they treat and take care of the doll.


Alphas would most likely carry their doll everywhere with them, growling at anyone who threatened to touch it or even come too close to it. The protectiveness of the doll shows that they are a possible Alpha. Of course, they would leave the doll aside when the time to fight came.


Betas would most likely treat the doll like any three-year-old child would. They would probably let it get dirty and get snot and food crumbs on it. They would also lose it somewhere on accident.


Omegas would be loving and caring with their dolls, as if they were small children. They would make sure to "feed"them, bathe them, and do everything as if they were real children. They would never leave their dolls alone and carry them everywhere, making sure to be gentle with them and never leaving them alone.

Do all Alphas act alike?

    No, they all act differently. Every one can act differently. This guide just has the normal traits of that group.

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eggsthetic's avatar

Eyo can two omegas breed

StormLover08's avatar

Does a class depend at all on parentage? Can two Betas have an Alpha? Can two Alphas mate? Could they make a beta or omega.

can a female alpha impregnate a female omega?

That depends on who's writing the story but most of the time a female alpha can impregnate a female omega.

Mythical-Luz's avatar

This stuff weirds me the hell out. it's like.. Wolf mating.. With a wolf hierarchy system, which mind you, isn't even accurate and stereotypes how wolf packs actually work. And I'd know, I love wolves so I've studied every damn thing about those animals. Plus all the other problems that undertone this kind of AU. This stuff is just weird. Y'all can have your kinks or whatever but keep it away from the mainstream media.

0xRayx0's avatar


I know this is a pretty old post but I have a few questions!

1. Can 2 male Alphas mate?

2. And can one of the said alphas get pregnant?

3. Do Alphas have heats?

Thanks that's all!

Alphas can not get each other pregnant because they do not have wombs like an Omega or female Beta does which makes it impossible for them to get pregnant.

Alphas do go into a "heat" but its not like an Omegas type of heat. They basically fo wild and are h**ny and their heats do not happen the same time an Omegas heat happens. A heat for an Omega is like a period for a girl, only instead they produce pheromones and need their Alpha to calm them down.

  1. Most likely, not, because Alphas want to be on top and dominates the other which was why it's better for Alphas to have Omegas as their partner. But an exception can be made if both Alphas wants to produce an Alpha kid in 90% of rate success (According to some plots). Or it could be when they are female alpha or male alpha (though they most likely will fight over who'll top the other, cuz their still alphas). It really depends.

  2. Female Alphas might get pregnant because according from the info, they can still get pregnant. But I don't know for the Alpha Male, but I think there's only a low possibility of it happening.

  3. Yeah, Alpha might also have heats. If an Alpha smells an Omega in heat, they will surely lost control and have a high possibility of them raping the poor Omega who's in heat. But maybe no if you mean heat as in like the heat Omega experience.

This information basically are much more like my own opinions and understanding after encountering a lot of Omegaverse AU. And everything really depends on your own preferences as long as your the one writing it because at the end, it's still an AU.

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So males have ass periods? Lmao that must hurt like hell

SKULLHUNTER19's avatar

My Omega OC Is 15 she wants to hideout during her heat she doesn't have an Alpha yet, and I don't thinks it's appropriate for her to masturbate yet, what can she do instead of playing with herself?

She also has IHS




I created it

This causes her heat to last for 3 weeks and her scent is so intense it attracts adults

I can only think of one solutions and it's using a suppressant which is either a medicine or a syringe Omegas use whenever they are in heat that's similar to pain killers but it also have the function of reducing the heat they give off. This usually prescribe by doctors after testing their patient as an Omega.

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okay hold on, but will a relationship between a female alpha and a male alpha works tho?

It can but they usually don't work out do to them both being dominant and stubborn so alphs tend to butt head and fight but sometimes you find the rare alpha x alpha couples that work out cause one is willing to step down a little and let the other take charge in things.

ok ive been wondering this for a long time., male omegas have penises and sperm comes out. can a male omega impregnate someone or is their sperm infertile. lmao i feel like this has a really obvious answer but... haha i dont know

I think it depends on the author because in blood link there is an omega whose parents are both omegas but it's still considered abnormal in his universe

i regret reading blood link

wow what a wonderful concept i would have to fall under omegas as i would love to be able to get pregant even as a male!

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Umm.. Sexuality is different from gender..

leaapofaith's avatar
Can markings happen between an alpha and beta?

Oh I think so, because marking means they are already taken and signifies "He's/She's mine already". This totally depends on the plot you write.

No I dont think so

Hello! I had this question for a while now and could you tell me if female alpha can get male omega pregnant?

Sorry my English sucks

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