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Cubie Christmas

Another wallpaper on cubiemotions.. but this time, its Christmas! Now u can have Rudolph, the Grinch, caroler, Santa's helper elf, Santa, Jack Skellington, Sally (uhurmm) and snowman altogether on your screen. =D

I know Its still early to be wishing you people Merry Christmas but I'm already in a Christmas mood so, what the heck. ;-)

I hope u like it. Do leave me your C&C. I would appreciate em very much.


* Pls use the download button for 1024x768 and 1280x800 version.

** Comment update. PLS READ!! **
I've seen my work posted on other sites both altered and unaltered. They give me credits, which I'm thankful but however, please do notify me here if you are going to post/use my work, together with the link. You have permission to alter this work for other stuffs (eg: forum skin, theme, etc) if credits are given to me but do not, i repeat DO NOT alter this work to another wallpaper and repost it as your own. Please do not change any contents in the image!

You have absolutely no permission to MAKE MONEY out of this work altered/unaltered. If anyone has seen my work in sites that ask you to pay for it no matter in what form (themes, screensaver, mobile theme, etc), pls kindly alert me. Thank you
© 2007 - 2021 puppyee
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Really! Do you love shirt? Buy it now before lose it forever. I like The Grinch Christmas and Christmas t-shirt. Limited edition and available on our store in a few days.

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Great work! :) 

I've used it as my profile cover on Fb and I've attached the link of this page! ;) [link]

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where i can find the icons of the wall? do they exist or have you drawed personally in the wall? looks pretty cool :) HNY btw ;)
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Uhrm, these icons are illustrated personally.. thanks for the compliment :)
HNY ;)
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I love you work!

I added this piece to my Tumblr. [link]
Of course i attached a link to this and your profile page.

It's wonderful
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Many thanks! ;)
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I love it! :)
I want christmas now!! :)
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*sings "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~~~"*

There. early Christmas for u. :D heh
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Hey I just wanted to let you know that I have cropped Jack from this and made it into an Icon. [link] I've given you credit but if you'd still like me to take down I will =]

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Fantastic work indeed!
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Cool stuff.
Might use this as a wallpaper for my phone.
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Thanks. Glad u like it ;D
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What a woooooonderful wallpaper, it simply rocks!!
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Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Thaaaaaaaaaanks! Merry Christmas!! :P
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i absolutely love this! ♥it has all my favourite christmas movies. :)
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Heeee. I'm glad u love it. Merry Christmas to you =)
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wohooo, love cute...
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haha nice concepts :D
Happy Holidays!
Awesome! great idea!
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