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Blackbird Angel

For once, I decided to use a stock image in my art!
is from the lovely ladies at :iconlisajen-stock:
Thank you so much for letting me use your lovely photo to make art!

I know the sword is bendy.
Other than that? Crit or comments? please?
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Aug 16, 2011, 12:06:10 PM
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Very nice artwork indeed :)
Puppy-eater's avatar
Wess4u's avatar
Most welcome :)
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Sweet, looks great :aww: Wings could use to be a bit bigger in my opinion, but the shading is really good :D
AnonDesu's avatar
Ooh, water colors!

You don't see a lot of traditional art on these days. Glad to find one :3

Besides, nothing wrong with a bendy sword. Swords can bend. The only thing off is how dull it comes across as. I'm no visual artist, but maybe keeping one edge unpainted to make for a shiny light effect would help?

Great job overall, though :3
Puppy-eater's avatar
Hmm, I think you're right about the sword. I may be able to lift some colour from it.

Thank you for your lovely comment :heart:
AnonDesu's avatar
Sure thing :P

Can you lift color once you've put it down? :V
Puppy-eater's avatar
With watercolour, you can. It's difficult, but possible.
AnonDesu's avatar
Huh :V That's awesome :V

Do you do that with eraser or what :V
Puppy-eater's avatar
Erm, no. What you have to do is, you get the paint really wet, and lift it with a towel/cloth.
Kind of like getting a stain out of your clothes but more delicate.
AnonDesu's avatar
And that's the point where it turns out I have no idea what I'm talking about :P

Good luck with doing that if you ever have to. It sounds complicated :V
Jackal-Sandwich's avatar
Great as always
Almost looks like a new style?
Puppy-eater's avatar
I'm just trying to make things a bit more realistic~
glad you like it :hug:
kittykittyhunter's avatar
Whoa. Her expression is incredible.
Puppy-eater's avatar
Thank you for your lovely comment. It means a lot :heart:
DypheAnna's avatar
Woooow... I really like this.
Puppy-eater's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad :D
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