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Hello guys!

I wanna start off by saying sorry for such a long pause and silence on this gallery/page.  It is expected of my drawings account, but photos I wouldn't have thought would be as silent.  However, with mixes of work going crazy, work becoming non existent, and then finding new work that I have been focusing on - This page has gone to the sidelines.  

At the same time photography has not taken a back seat.  I started as a whim to look into a site I heard of on a YouTube video by BayleeJay and did initial tests on it.  Knowing I had some bad luck with Zazzle and CafePress; I wanted to try and make a true go at this place called Society6 as it is aimed at Artists.  So I made a store and started posting works on there.  Mostly a mix of newer over the older - thus you can still of course get prints here of images you like here. 

The title of this entity I made as "SpiritBridge" which was a reference to that of Japanese culture of a winding bridge which is meant to confuse and deter bad spirits. I took the name more literally in original designs and then revamped in the last year or so with a more minimalist logo design style. You will see this newer design of logo on the linked pages.  And yes I said that in the plural text as after creating the store I went on a whim of creating a Facebook Page for the project.  Which then in the last few months I was suggested by my closest BFF to make a tumblr for it.   That same friend has also taken to using tumblr as a primary posting site for artwork and I am still in the air on the idea of moving my drawings to tumblr still.  

So now SpiritBridge has become a 3 site entity and had taken off on Facebook as having a nice little bit of traffic, tho not groundbreaking or viral status.  And with that this particular page has started to find itself gathering dust.  I don't have any plan to continue or resume posting here on this account simply because the current 3 sites are actually quite alot for me to keep up to date as it is and to make sure they keep current with content.  And as I noted in bit ago.. my art DeviantART will remain and I hope to get back to drawing sometime soon.

But if you wish to see newer photos by me and even more-so have a chance to keep updated on my photography as well as a chance to get art prints of my works under the SpiritBridge canopy; please check out the below links!  I will have also peppered some linking in the above text, but the best way to really focus on the links I feel is a nice list below:

Tumblr Icon
Society 6 Icon
youtube Icon

I hope you join me on this fun little adventure and even support me by purchasing prints on the Society6 store as well as on DeviantArt though this page of the currently posted items for sale as prints.  And thank you to everyone for the likes, and favorites, and llamas!

Thank You!!!
Sorry for the ghostly calm.  I haven't added much creatively to my other DeviantART account and not really thought to check up as much on this one either.  I will need to go thru photos to see if any more from Arkansas I wanted to put up and go thru the Great Lakes ones from last month so I can post any ones from there. Granted that most of them I feel didn't have much to them due to the day being really quite gloomy.

I went to Florida and took a total of like.. maybe 2-3 actual photos... on my phone... of the area.  It was overall a very new experience and was surrounded with lot of different other moments and firsts that really I think made me not think as often to get the good camera out to take a photo.   It literally sat in a closet with my luggage the entire week I was in Florida and my phone was more close and ready to shoot if I needed to grab any shots fast to help with pixelated memories.  

The best week I think I could ever really recall in my current memory and yet at the end when I was leaving and once I arrived back in Milwaukee; it was also the saddest moment I can recall having as well.  At the same time over the few week after I think I hit a deeper pit of feeling anxious from work and general events.   

So as a whole the trip was amazing for me and yet I know that unlike my usual plans where I can always go back a year later (aka Arkansas) and get shots of things I didn't get before.... I probably won't know if i'll get to go to Florida again for quite a while.  I do know if I do get to go again that I will drive so I can fully adventure beyond my beaten path and that I will need a SunPass cuz they have toll roads like no-ones business there. XD

I'll try to grab the tiny few I did from my phone, but I don't think they can be prints due to resolution size. 
incase anyone missed it, I posted some photos from my trip to Arkansas earlier in June.  Prints are available for some too if you wanna support me thru DA Prints .

Tossing about the idea of revamping the Spirit-Bride Zazzle account.  What is everyone's views on Zazzle and DeviantART? Is DA prints something you use and trust, do you prefer Zazzle, or is there another print/merch site you love that I dunno bout.  Basically I only know of DA, Zazzle, and Cafepress.  BigCartel is a bit much for my current situation as it requires me to still have a dedicated printer. 

Thoughts are always welcome.  might take me a bit to reply back as I flip thru my 2 DA accounts on and off. hehe  But I shall see and reply as needed of course! 

August will be a big month for me as I take my first trip outside of my safe route and head to Florida to visit :iconrunty: for the first time ever.  We are even going to see Weird Al in concert too as a kinda fun birthday adventure for her!  Should be fun and new for me!
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Been poking at my photo sort bin folder as the drive it's on is already well in the red aka almost full.  Imma digital hoarder and I don't wanna delete things.  So I might have to go buy a buncha 32G flash drives to put things on when it gets filled. :smirking: 

As I am going thru photos though, I'm finding a bunch from 2013's Green Bay Garden's visit I don't recall even posting anyplace.  So i'll start putting a few up here and there as we go.  Got a few more stashed in.... stash.... :omfg: Revamp   for later upload this week or so. 

Side-note;  make sure you keep your eyes on the right of my images, I try to offer a selection of them for prints!  So you can buy a print, if you want, of your favorite photograph!  It would really help me out as I go thru the next few months with reduced hours at work and the holiday's coming up.  I appreciate every sale I get, but just as much appreciate the love I get for the photos I post here!  So many people faving and giving me llama pets. Llama Love 
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So, I was thinking of Poll widget and then see it's a premium feature, which is fine cuz i'll do it this way.  Be more fun anywho!

SO!  Yes I been... AFK for a  "while" {frigginforever!}.  Mostly from work and being lazy.  So i'm tossing about the idea of making Youtube Videos of old Rail Lines that are abandoned or just been taken out, but the idea includes rendered Simulator video of the line recreated.  This is tuff but not impossible.  Well it wasn't about a year ago when my Microsoft Train Simulator program worked.  Since upgrading to Win8... not so good.

So i've been digging my drives to find already installed versions in hope they would work.. and they dont.  But during my dig I found alot of just photos.  Some are ones I took and never posted.  Some where put on websites and such I had in 2003, some I uploaded to DA but on my celixdog04 account.  And we all know just how amazingly horrid nav-ing between photos and art is on that account sometimes.  

So my question that I want anyone who wants to answer is....  

"Would you wanna see like some flashback photos?"

Comment below yes or no. :meow:  Basically will range from just not great photo quality or just really not planned composition and such.  I used to have a huge habit of just randomly taking photos with my film camera (Pentax K1000) of just whatever.  And it sometimes pays off, especially now days when I see some images and know that what I took a pic of.. is no longer there.  So lemme know!  

I'll try poking some on here as examples too.  I got kinda a nice surprise photoshoot last weekend as I took photos of an old rail bridge that might be in danger as the WI Hwy 26 Bypass just south of HWY 60 is nearing closer to the bridge and I dunno the states plans for it.  Still active on Union Pacific lines.  And while taking photos nice and close to bridge a train came thru with a Southern Pacific Engine on it.  I think the photos will looks epic! :D  personal opinion of course.  Again I try not to flood ya guys with JUST railroad stuff cuz I know some people arent as into train things. ^-^ V
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took me a little longer than i'd liked, but the YouTube video is up of the CN trains! Taken same time as I took this piccy!
told ya I could see you! by puppy-dreams

Go check it out directly:

or go to my YouTube Channel and Subscribe to know when I post more videos. They arent always regular, but I do like making vidis to share from time to time. :D (Big Grin) 
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It's been a hot while huh?  

Was out today and got some photographs and still had some from the Great Lakes I had to share.   And in the time it took me to upload the ones I did, I got like 11 messages of people faving them!  I always am amazed how I can upload on this page and people will have fav'd it before I even finish processing it.  

Thank You guy so much for that!!!

You are never required or obligated to do so, but if you see a photo you like that has prints activated... feel free to purchase a print!  Even the smallest sized print helps me in some way financially and makes me feel more appreciative of folks out there who like my "silly little images" I post.  Which will always be at sporadic moments I will admit.  It all depends on what I have taken, how I feel bout them, and if I am feeling ambitious to get posting them all! 

Also, correct me if i'm wrong, I think DeviantART has the ability for you to ask or suggest a image of mine to be a print if you want; so again if that is the case suggest it.  I dunno what everyone likes or wants photography wise as is, let alone for a printed Photo they will purchase.... If you see a image you must have!! Suggest it for print, if DA lets ya, and I'll try to get on that as soon as I can. :D (Big Grin) 

I'm slowly poking my website work that is in deed quite behind and I have video to edit as noted in one of today's uploads of two Canadian National Trains in a sleepy little Wisconsin town.  And when that video is edited, rendered, and live on YouTube; I will let ya'll know!  Pixel Promise! Wink/Razz
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The first Railroad photo has been put up.  I get anxious about posting train photos as I sometimes feel that it's such a vastly specific subject that few in a group really have the interest.  And I feel that the goal of this account to bridge the gap from here to then with pixels sometimes should be focused on landscape and more captured scenes. 

Industrial Railroad based images seem at times to be more direct and depending on the person could be a flashback in time or awe into a thought of rust, dirt, and cold metal.  

I however as noted in the first image, have always felt this amazing moment of Awe and have somehow in my life developed this ability to feel almost ripped from reality when I am within the breeze of the railroad; or to be honest anything with historical and past life to it.  The railroad to me is both a look at a sad, tragic past that is currently being erased daily by progress and the idealized flow of economy and the lacked flow of community and more so of outreach connecting the country.

Railroads once covered the USA and connected every little town, you could ride a train from Chicago or Milwaukee and get to Texas going in a straight line hitting every little town on the way.  Today the only operating passenger service on rail will require you to go well out of your way in a east or west direction prior to connecting to a train going to Texas.  I feel this is due to the fame of air travel and the decline of rail lines that still connect the same way.

So again such thoughts tend to disappoint me, yet create a inner burning desire to follow this past, find traces and sometimes I strike gold and my entire being is awaked to the finding of a depot or area of rail last used over 100 years ago.

And as for today's railroads, the sounds and sights are still amazing and I know most of those in the USA are running on old rail routes and are also sometimes run by century old railroads who where fortunate enough to power thru the years and become large entities able to traverse the country and I envy those workers who get to see the USA from a view most of us never will from the roadway or air.

My attempts to not get too wordy failed, but the basic statement is that while I was not sure about posting railroad photos... I feel if I can feel this awe, maybe others will as well and want to buy prints or products to bring home that awe to their day to day life and environment. 

If you enjoy the rail photos please let me know and feel free to support me with print purchases or on my YouTube Channel or other places...  If you prefer Landscapes and more organic imagery.. I promise not to go to crazy with the train photos. Sweating a little... 

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Last Year in June I took my vacation from work for a week and experimented on a ambitious route to go to Arkansas via Route 66. I stated on the route in Chicago, IL and was to continue until I reached Joplin, MO.

The trip itself started later than expected and I found the old route 66 hard to find once I got into Chicago. My plan to make it there in the early morning to avoid traffic turned into me being there as traffic started to get bad. 

In the end I added a extra hotel stay in St Charles, MO; saw tornado damage in person for a story 2 days prior; and felt rushed most of the week due to time crunches.  I took video from the trip to document as I went and by the time I got past St Louis, MO I had left it to just pictures.

Today I just uploaded a video with clips I did take and haven't uploaded yet!

So go check out the video; I think it turned out well except for the one editing flub during the clips in Chicago which I didn't edited out me grabbing the camera.  And the fact I can't monetize it due to the music; though Royalty Free; is still identified as copyright held. Somehow I will find music I can use that fits my feel of the video and is totally royalty free.  

Enjoy the video; I hope over the next week or so to get some more photos up; including ones taken on the trip.  There is 1 photo for sure already in the gallery that I took in Arkansas.

Dripping Springs Falls by puppy-dreams

2014 is here....  what will it bring... no one knows. Soul La 

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Have a great holidays and New Year!

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