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Valter Age Progression

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rewarded myself by doing some personal art since I've got a lot done on commissions today ;;v;; always wanted to do something like this!~ 

Species: Street dog
Current age: 24
Father - unknown | abondoned his family
Mother - Freya Roskam | had Valter when she was 19 years old

(from left to right)

Age 7-10
Young happy-go-lucky kiddo always getting into trouble, loves to play rough, naive to most of the world. Not being raised right in the best environment for a kid his age but he keeps himself occupied.

Age 15-18
Around the time he turned 12 his mother wanted him out of the house. In an argument his left ear was shot with a shotgun resulting in an injury he tries to hide under hats and hoodies. Living on the streets he wound up running with a few gangs getting involved in drug trafficking and tagging.

Age 23-28 current age
He now runs one of the most dangerous and well known gangs in his city and traffics the biggest shipments in the country. He also partakes in tagging the biggest buildings in the city and hasn't been caught yet. His personality is broken at this point and shows signs of insanity.

Age 36+
A guess as to what Valter would look like in the later years. Scars riddle his body from up close fights and close calls with rivals but he still reigns over his home city and some. He is also less ashamed to show his missing ear but refuses to throw out his old bandanna.  
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NinthEclipseHobbyist Digital Artist
Awh poor guy. Makes me wonder how he’d end up if he was raised differently. He looks so innocent back then
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XinnreHobbyist Digital Artist
Omygosh! The accuracy. I loved how you portrayed the age, you’ve done so well aidhosdh
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God I love this character so much.  Would read all the things about him
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ClovetArtHobbyist General Artist
Awh that's so adorable holy hell. HE WAS SO INNOCENT!!!
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GothamGuardDogHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
This is going to sound a bit odd but pup ive watched your art progress for a year or two and i adore your style i adore this so much i cant wait to see how you progress more in the art world i look up to you in the"fursona" art world ive been on and off with my art but your one person i adore i come back and fav religiously ;; ive been on an emotional coaster with your art over the past year or so i wouldnt change it i hope to commission you one day uvu"
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puppkinHobbyist Digital Artist
Bsjxjshsjsksk aww gosh wow ;v; that means so much u have no idea <3 I never really think of my art as something so inspiring to other people in that way but I'm so honored to hear that ahhh~ thank you so much for the beautiful comment what a wonderful way to start the morning quq 
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GothamGuardDogHobbyist Digital Artist
Djdnsjskdndn no problem!! It’s true I’ve just been an anxious reck to comment I sat down next to my mate I typed it out hit send I almost died xD I’m glad it was a great way to start the morning I’m sorry for the late reply busy stresssful day today ;; but thank you for taking time out of your day to respond and your art really does inspire I’ve meet other furries who I’ve recaminded you and your mate to even to watch my best friend who is just now getting into the furry world I told her about you and how you’ve put a smile on my face with art and some of your commission pieces for an example I showered her a couple piece and she like gushed over it we fangirled together xDD but I hope one day to have your skill thank you again and it was my honor to see your improvements!!
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