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006 Charizard

Charizard has always been my favorite. Ever since red. :)


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simply amazing!
jollywrecker92's avatar
One of the best semi-realistic Charizards I've seen in a while, I love the pebbling on his shoulders and horns! The sunken in portions beneath his eyes make him look much more reptilian, and that tail! The burnt appearance you gave it is amazing! :D
mikealen93's avatar
nice I love the detail of the wings
CuteSkitty's avatar
looks cool!
you did a really good job on charizard´s wings and scales.
also his expression makes me feel a little scared xD
great job! :D
PuppiesAndSunshine's avatar
Thank you, I probably spent the most time on the wings. :XD:
altus-ignis's avatar
this is amazing !
is more than I was expecting
excellent job !
Zusuriki's avatar
aaaawesome x3!! The tail is really nice :3
xXBlackHeartWolfXx's avatar
Charizard was my favorite too, even though I never watched or played pokemon xD

Nice work in the shading :D
PuppiesAndSunshine's avatar
Ya I remember seeing the design when pokemon first came out. They had one card in this comic book store that was selling for 40 bucks at the time. I wanted it so badly. :P
xXBlackHeartWolfXx's avatar
lol I have a little charizard plushie that came with candy or something but I only liked him because he was a dragon xD
Zhifay's avatar
So you are saying he is your favorite from the start. But then how come you didn't put him in your favorite pokemon meme? You made a ninetales there for the fire, and pidgeot for flying, so how is it?:?:iconcuriosityplz:
PuppiesAndSunshine's avatar
Oh haha. He is my favorite of the starters. :P
Zhifay's avatar
Nice saving! ;)
jordano11597's avatar
omg u draw realy awsome, i wish i drew like u!!!! :D :D :D
PuppiesAndSunshine's avatar
Aww thank you. I just practice a lot a lot a lot. :XD:
jordano11597's avatar
ur welcome!!!! XD haha
FrightFox's avatar
Oh gosh, this is amazing! Charizard is one of my favorite Pokemon, and you do it justice!
CosmiCatArt's avatar
I agree with Xexros! It makes him look like molten lava! Like the temperature of his body is so intense that he's actually bubbling and boiling! The wings are beautiful too! Gosh, I just love the way you interpret Poke'mon! I think that's what makes fanart awesome; seeing how other look at the same subject!
PuppiesAndSunshine's avatar
Ya I love looking at how other interpret fanart. Thank you. :)
CalicoGoldfish's avatar
Wow, this Charizard is really cool looking! I love the bumpy texture you added to him C:
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