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So I have a coupon for Michael's.  So I go and buy a nice biiig sketchbook with it, we're talking 125 sheets of 11x14 goodness.  Why such a huge sketchbook, you ask?

Well, I'm always complaining about: "Waaugh, I ran out of paper so I couldn't draw the feet!", so I decided to just go up a size and see if that helps...

So what's the first thing I do?  I go: "Hey, I'll draw Unit 7, except HUEG..." ...and I immediately draw it so friggin' huge I can only fit half of it on the paper...

11x14 inch paper.

WTF is wrong with me? :XD:

..another issue is that 11x14 is too big for my scanner.  I guess I'll get the digital camera to make it work.

In other news:  Here… is a drawing of the Xi Gundam, and here is a… scratchbuild/kitbash model of it.  

It's one of the Gundams from one of those novels that I've heard of but will probably never read, because, honestly, I don't want to read about Hathaway Noa... because watching him in Char's Counterattack made me want to smack him very, very hard.  But that's besides the point.  The point is that it's a mean looking Gundam.  It's spiky, it's pointy... it's got sharp child-unfriendly corners.  Some think it's hideous, I think it's badass.

Now, um... why can't the Gundams in the animes look like that?  Well, the Zeta Gundam was mean looking, thing's face was actually kinda scary (and it ran on dead people)... but other than Zeta, most of the anime Gundams reverted back to clown-car-colored non threatening toyetic designs. I mean, Strike Freedom?  It has wings! It's got ten thousand models and toys of it! It's piloted by Kira "They call me Jesus Yamato even though the real Jesus was far more badass* than me" Yamato. Yaaawn.**

*Yes, Jesus (Christ, not Yamato) is a badass.  I'm not joking. I'm not being irreverent. If you read the Bible, and not just go off what people tell you that people told them that were in turn told to them by other people, you might get what I'm saying. More on this later.
**I watched like... 2 minutes of SEED Destiny and it was boring as hell, despite being the launch of the OMG SUPER POWERFUL STRIKE FREEDOM!  Also, there's just something really weird about Kira's character design that creeps me out... it's probably the eyes... and the way they draw his lips.
Besides, Strike Freedom?  I liked it more when it was called Nu Gundam. And piloted by Amuro, who was half as whiny and pushed an asteroid away from Earth using pure willpower (being a psychic with a giant robot made for psychics sure comes in handy) and did it all without having a gigantic ass backpack and Wings of Light and Super Hyper Mega METEOR BFG9000x4 X-STREAM CANNONZ SYSTEM.

Wow, I managed to talk about buying sketchbooks, scanner woes, Jesus Yamato, Jesus Christ, Gundams, and mecha design in one journal entry.  That's gotta be a record.
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Submitted on
May 29, 2008